CBS Renews The Big Bang Theory for Three (!!!) More Seasons

By Tim Surette

Mar 12, 2014

The Big Bang Theory's universe is expanding. And expanding. And expanding! Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard will be around for a long time, as CBS has renewed the hit comedy for three (THREE!!!) more seasons. That means The Big Bang Theory will be on the air through the 2016-2017 season and reach one of television's great benchmarks: the god-like Season 10. 

A three-season renewal is extremely rare in the TV business, but not so uncommon for the ratings juggernaut The Big Bang Theory. CBS gave the show a three-season renewal back in 2011, which brought it all the way to the current seventh season. That just goes to show how important The Big Bang Theory is to CBS. The series is averaging 19.79 million viewers and a 6.1 rating among adults 18-49, according to the network. Wow.

As part of the deal, The Big Bang Theory's cast can expect a big bump in salary, too. They currently each make $350,000 an episode, but with all the money the show is bringing in for CBS, they could find themselves making a ridiculous amount of cash soon. Do NOT be scared to ask Johnny Galecki to buy you a drink next time you see him.

TRIVIA TIME! Can you name the three other live-action comedies to reach Season 10 since the year 2000? (They specifically hit Season 10 after 2000, but not before.) The answer is in the comments!

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  • armandloconte May 24, 2014

    The show has over 10 million viewers each week, so why wouldn't they renew it? It's never been on the bubble so cbs will renew as long as they can. I don't see any reason for them to stop unless the actors had enough. But with the money they are making they would be unwise to do so.

  • LeahLefler Mar 20, 2014

    how I met your mother, 2.5 men, Sunny in Philly?

  • randomjean Mar 16, 2014

    sooo.. i cant figure out the ans to the trivia Q (not watching enough comedies apparently)..
    what are the shows hitting 10 seasons post 2000? i just checked and seinfeld only has 9 seasons.. is it friends, fraiser, and two and a half men? did i miss out anything? do all the 3 shows consider as live-action comedy?

  • hennarosa Mar 15, 2014

    i'm sorry, I love this show but this is sooo bad nowadays :( and though i think kaley cuoco is funny and everything, Penny is pretty much the most annoying character of all the show's I'm watching ATM (and it's a LOT of shows.), the "i'm pretty blonde who's always drunk"-bit is getting old.

  • Glennen Mar 14, 2014

    another sitcom to reach 10+ seasons: The great Married with... Children :)

  • crystakke Mar 14, 2014

    Friends and Frasier. Two and a Half Men doesn't count for me. I stopped watching that when Charlie left. And it's more like Three full grown guys now, or something. There's no was Jake is half a man. Is he still on the show?

  • the-tester Mar 14, 2014

    Jake was replaced with lesbian Jenny (Amber Tamblyn), who is hillarious and made show funny again for me.

  • rabbani1200 Mar 13, 2014

    bring on more seasons. in a world of shitty shows being born every second i am happy to watch this show for another 3 years. turn up the comedy a bit and keep the character development and they will be fine.

  • Wiseguy70005 Mar 13, 2014

    But who can name the other nine live-action sitcoms that have reached ten years in TV history?
    Hint: Three sitcoms hit the tenth season in each of the 1960s, 1980s and 1990s.

  • CharmedOneP391 Mar 13, 2014

    Always Sunny in Philly will also mark season 10 later this year. news for the cast

  • AdityaKartikaP Mar 13, 2014

    Stop acting all surprised. TBBT is a juggernaut, plain and simple. What sitcom tropes they will exploit next? The inevitable pregnancy plot? Watch out, Penny.,,

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