The Fish Guts Displacement

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Quotes (2)

  • (Sheldon and Amy are sitting on a couch in her living room.)
    Sheldon: Are you prepared to receive your punishment?
    Amy: (nods approvingly) One second. I want to put on some music (takes a remote).
    Sheldon: Why?
    Amy: I don't want to disturb the people next door while you discipline me (turns on R & B music).
    Sheldon: (is surprised by the choice of the music) Very well, then (taps on his thighs) Get over my knee. Let's begin.
    (Amy bends over Sheldon's thighs and Sheldon prepares his palm for spanking her butt. Then, he spanks her.)
    Amy: (happily) Oh, my.
    Sheldon: (stops) Excuse me. You're not supposed to be enjoying this.
    Amy: Then maybe you should spank me harder.
    Sheldon: Maybe I will (spanks her harder).
    Amy: (happily) Ooh!

  • Mr. Rostenkowski: Do you know how to shoot craps?
    Howard: No. I'm no stranger to dice games, though. I was the Temple Beth-El Hebrew School Yahtzee champion.
    Mr. Rostenkowski: (pauses) Mazel tov.

Notes (1)

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