The Big Gay Sketch Show

LOGO (ended 2010)
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  • TBGSS is a combination sketch comedy show of traditional and music-based sketches, pop culture parodies and recurring characters, all from a unique LGBT perspective. Created by Rosie O'Donnell, and Directed by Amanda Bearse.

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  • S 3 : Ep 8

    A Beyonce music video, a farter disrupts yoga class, and Arnaldo helps horny men move.

    Aired 6/18/10

  • S 3 : Ep 8

    Episode 22

    Aired 6/15/10

  • S 3 : Ep 7

    Sappho's Lips performs

    Aired 6/11/10

  • S 3 : Ep 7

    Episode 21

    Aired 6/8/10

  • S 3 : Ep 6

    Suze Orman advice, Obsessive-compulsive TV host, and Assembling an IKEA bookcase

    Aired 5/25/10

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    • Female Wal-Mart Greeter: Elaine, can you please not treat the customers so rough? Elaine Stritch: The audience gets the show they deserve.

    • Elaine Stritch: What's your next line? Female Customer: Where are the batteries? Elaine Stritch: Good. How'd that feel? Ed: Uh, they're in the hardware section, aisle 20. Female Customer: Thanks. Elaine Stritch: Go pick yourself up a pair of pantyhose and some heels. Don't hide your light under a bushel, you're not doing anybody any favors!

    • Elaine Stritch: How are you today? Female Customer: We're fine. Elaine Stritch: WRONG! Go out and come back in again. I don't believe you. Female Customer: You want me to go out of the store and come back in again? Elaine Stritch: Yeah. Is there an echo in here? Once more and sell it to the back row! WRONG! Do it again!

    • Female Wal-Mart Greeter: How about just try, um, "How are you today?" Elaine Stritch: Love it. What's my motivation? Female Wal-Mart Greeter: Your motivation? Elaine Stritch: Yeah. "How are you today?" AHH! That was crap! That was awful! I didn't even buy it myself. You see, I got a built-in B.S. detector.

    • Female Wal-Mart Greeter: Ed, this is Elaine Stitch. It's her first day as a... it's her first day as a Wal-Mart greeter. Elaine Stritch: WRONG! It's Elaine Stritch. Or "STRITCHER!," as Noel Coward used to say.

    • Erica Ash: I knew I was gay when I fell in love with the gym teacher. Nicol Paone: I knew I was gay after I went to my first Lilith Fair concert. Erica: I love being gay. Nicol: Oh yeah, being gay's a totally valid lifestyle. (Erica and Nicol lean in to kiss each other) Erica: I'm sorry. I'm so not gay. Nicol: And I'm even less gay than she is. Erica: It's in my contract, I don't kiss other women. Nicol: And I don't kiss black people.

    • Kate McKinnon: I knew I was gay when I would stay up and watch Saturday Night Live, put on a wifebeater and lift weights. Also, I'd masturbate to Gillian Anderson in The X-Files. ...That's when my mom found out.

    • Jonny McGovern: I knew I was gay when everyone at school was beating me up and calling me gay. They beat the crap out of me. That's when I knew.

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    • Recurring sketches: "LOGO at Nite presents... " (first appearance) "LOGO Lifetips with Chad Michael and Michael Chad" (first appearance) "Elaine Stritch" (first appearance)

    • Recurring sketches: "LOGO at Nite presents... " (second appearance) "LOGO Lifetips with Chad Michael and Michael Chad" (second appearance) Svetlana and her mother (first appearance) Chicago-Style Pilates with LaTanya (first appearance) Fitzwilliam and his father (first appearance)

    • Recurring sketches: "LOGO at Nite presents... " (third appearance) "Hazel, the PFLAG mom" (first appearance) "Lorna Doones" (first appearance) "Sappho's Lips featuring Pepperstein Whalesong and Cayuga Lake" (first appearance)

    • Recurring sketches: "LOGO Lifetips with Chad Michael and Michael Chad" (fourth appearance) "Ron Odyssey" (first appearance) "Gay Werewolf" (first appearance)

    • Recurring sketches/characters: Jonny McGovern and Stephen Guarino in "LOGO Lifetips with Chad Michael and Michael Chad" (5th appearance) Michael Serrato as "Hazel, the PFLAG mom" (2nd appearance) Kate McKinnon and Julie Goldman as "Pepperstein Whalesong and Cayuga Lake, a.k.a., Sappho's Lips" (2nd appearance) Nicole Paone as "Lorna Doones" (2nd appearance) Jonny McGovern as "Tranny Chocolate Puddin'" (1st appearance)

    • Recurring sketches: "Gay Werewolf" (second appearance) "Fitzwilliam" (second appearance)

    • Recurring sketches: "Svetlana" (second appearance) "Naldo" (first appearance) "Rosie and Chastity's end heckle" (first appearance)

    • This episode was introduced by castmember Paolo Andino in Spanish. Andino is a first generation Cuban-American.

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    Trivia (8)

    • "The Pocket Gay sketch featured in this episode was mentioned on the April 24, 2007 episode of E!'s clip show, The Soup. In that episode, host Joel McHale cited the similarity between TBGSS sketch "The Pocket Gay to The Soup's reccuring character, "Little Gay (which had debuted a year prior) and jokingly threatened a lawsuit.

    • Castmember Erica Ash appears only in the beginning sketch in a small role that occurred before the opening credits.

    • This proved to be Michael Serrato and Dion Flynn's final episode.

    • Two years after this episode originally aired in 2008, NBC's sketch comedy series, Saturday Night Live, aired an episode on May 15, 2010 which featured a Sally Field/Boniva parody ad, similar to the one featured in this episode (which starred Kate McKinnon as Sally). In the SNL sketch, Sally Field (played by castmember Kristen Wiig) hawked a product called "Preniva."

    • This episode featured a parody commercial of Jenny Craig co-spokeswomen, Kirstie Alley and Valerie Bertinelli. Ironically, the same week this episode aired, Jenny Craig announced that it was dropping Kirstie Alley as their spokesperson and replacing her with Queen Latifah.

    • Ozzy Osbourne can be seen briefly in the audience at the end of the episode. His wife, Sharon, guest starred in this episode.

    • Two years prior to this episode airing, NBC's sketch comedy series, Saturday Night Live, aired an episode on February 23, 2008, which first featured a sketch similar to the "Feminique" ad sketch featured in this episode. In the SNL ad, the product was called "Annuale," and allowed women to have their periods only once a year with hilarious side-effects. Both sketches were based on a real-life product called, "Seasonale," which allows women to have their period every three months (only 4 times a year), instead of monthly.

    • Recurring sketches/characters: Rosie O'Donnell's end heckle (16th appearance) Colman Domingo as May Angelou (7th appearance) Paolo Andinio as Naldo (4th appearance) Stephen Guarinio as Svetlana (4th appearance)

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    Allusions (36)

    • Nick at Nite The recurring sketch, "LOGO at Nite presents... ", is a parody of Nick at Nite, a block of progamming in which the children's cable channel, Nickeloden, presents classic TV sitcoms during the evening hours. In this recurring sketch, the classic TV sitcoms are presented with a gay twist.

    • The More You Know The segments, When I Knew, is an allusion to the Public Service Announcements used by NBC titled, "The More You Know," including use of the trademark rainbow and star.

    • Mommie Dearest During the Naomi Campbell sketch, Naomi tells her maid, "I told you no wire hangers, Flora," at which point Naomi beats Flora. This is an allusion to the 1981 film, Mommie Dearest (based on the book of the same name by Christina Crawford), in which Faye Dunaway playing Joan Crawford utters the film's most memorable lines, "No Wire Hangers Ever!" as she proceeds to beat her daughter with a wire hanger.

    • During the 1983 Gay Pride sketch, allusions were made to Flashdance, the 1983 dance film starring Jennifer Beals; Dynasty, the popular 1980's primetime soap opera; and Mickey, the hit 1982 pop song by Toni Basil.

    • Nanny 911 and Supernanny The "Tranny 911" sketch is a parody of the hit reality series, Nanny 911 and Supernanny, which both feature proper English nannies helping American families deal with their unruly children. The title of the sketch, "Tranny 911" is a play on words of the series, Nanny 911, while a look-a-like of Jo Frost, the nanny and star of Supernanny, is seen at the beginning of the sketch, saying, "Bloody Hell!" when she is unable to handle an unruly child.

    • Girls Gone Wild The Oscar Wilde sketch, "Girls Gone Wilde" (with an E) is an allusion to the popular DVD series, Girls Gone Wild, produced by Joe Francis, in which young adult women flash their breasts and body parts to cameras during spring break and other party-heavy scenes.

    • The New Adventures of Old Christine During the "Tranny 911" sketch, the announcer refers to "The Adventures of Old Dirty Sanchez." This is an allusion to the popular CBS series, The New Adventures of Old Christine, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

    • During the "Tranny 911" sketch, Tranny Nanny Chocolate Puddin' calls Madison, "you little bride o' chucky." This is an allusion to the 1998 comedy-horror film, Bride of Chucky, the third sequel in the popular, Child's Play film series.

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  • I love this show, it is a funny show with some really great skits!

    By Alx48, Mar 27, 2008