NBC's 2014-2015 Schedule: The Blacklist Busts Up the Thursday Comedy Block, and Where's Parks and Rec?

By AdamBryant

May 11, 2014

When they're done with that peach, Red Reddington and that tiny dog are going to eat NBC's Thursday-night comedy block for dinner.

The network has unveiled its schedule for the 2014-2015 season, which will cut its storied comedy block in half and eventually make room for its biggest freshman hit of the 2013-2014 season, The Blacklist.

Although The Blacklist will keep its post-The Voice slot on Mondays at the start of the fall season, it will eventually be replaced by the new Katherine Heigl-fronted drama State of Affairs on November 17. The Blacklist, which will also get the post-Super Bowl slot in 2015, will then move to Thursdays at 9pm in February, where it will lead into freshman spy thriller Allegiance at 10pm. (Allegiance will replace Parenthood, which will air a 13-episode final season this fall).

One of the casualties of NBC's Thursday comedy cutback is Parks and Recreation, which despite being renewed for a seventh season isn't currently scheduled. Instead, NBC will air an hour of The Biggest Loser at 8pm, followed by freshman comedies Bad Judge and A to Z at 9pm. Marry Me, another freshman comedy, will be paired with returning comedy About a Boy after The Voice's Tuesday edition.

New drama The Mysteries of Laura, starring Debra Messing as a homicide detective, will kick off a Wednesday-night procedural block that also includes Law & Order: SVU and Chicago Fire. Both SVU and Chicago Fire will return to their current time slots of 9pm and 10pm, respectively. 

NBC will also debut new comic book drama Constantine on Fridays at 10pm, following Grimm at 9pm.

New series Odyssey, the Krysten Ritter-starring Mission Control, the Elisha Cuthbert-starring One Big HappyMr. Robinson, and Tina Fey and Robert Carlock's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, as well as event series Emerald City, Aquarius, and Heroes: Reborn have yet to be scheduled. A.D., a miniseries from The Bible producer Mark Burnett, will begin on Easter Sunday 2015. Hannibal is expected to return for Season 3 in the spring.

Check out the network's full schedule below.

New shows are listed in ALL CAPS


8pm-10pm – The Voice
10pm-11pm – The BlacklistSTATE OF AFFAIRS (beginning November 17)


8-9pm – The Voice
9-9:30pm – MARRY ME
9:30-10pm – About a Boy
10-11pm – Chicago Fire


9-10pm – Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
10-11pm – Chicago P.D.


8-9pm – The Biggest Loser
9-9:30pm – BAD JUDGE / The Blacklist from 9-10pm beginning February 5
9:30-10pm – A to Z
10-11pm – Parenthood / ALLEGIANCE


8-9pm – Dateline NBC
9-10pm – Grimm


7-8:20pm – Football Night in America
8:20-11:30pm – Sunday Night Football

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  • TrevPlatt May 14, 2014

    Does anyone know if the following shows are still going to be made:
    The Slap, Mr. Robinson and Under the Gun?
    I'd like to cross them off my list if they've been cancelled.

  • Huglyone May 14, 2014

    Law and Order , but this good dam TV show never ends ???
    Who the hell still sees this ???
    The story is always the same for 18 years , dam how is this possible ...
    It must be like JAG 20 million people saw it but when we asked about the episode no one as seen it ...
    Something smells bad about all of this!!!!!

  • kou_shun_u May 13, 2014

    ugh I hate it when they move tv show days. Especially when they move everything to the same day. Can't channels just happily rule other days of the week?

    And no Blacklist from midNov-Feb? Do they want riots on the streets?

  • JetixMasterDan May 12, 2014

    Am I sppoto want to watch this schedule. Sorry, but outside of Sunday Night Football, nothing attracts my interest. About A Boy is a good show, but it's Tuesday night time slot buries it for me, especially is Marvel's Agent Carter ends up airing in that slot, which I think it will.

  • No1Slayerette May 12, 2014

    To me, this schedule looks a lot greater than the sum of it's parts, which you can take what you want from.

    I'd say Thursday still looks pretty bleak even without the comedy block, but assuming The Blacklist remains a mega-hit it's a good anchor for the night, and could nicely set-up State of Affairs as its Monday replacement with the right advertising.

    Basically the network has just enough flagship reality and drama series that pull in steady ratings to build it's new (and not so impressive) series around that at this point the only real problem I can see is potentially The Mysteries of Laura on Wednesday, which may clash tonally with the other dramas on that night to say the least.

  • AmyTeves May 12, 2014

    I miss Dracula already. I guess I am in the minority. None of these new shows sound all that interesting right now except maybe Constantine.

  • torque_smacky May 12, 2014

    Wow. Only one thing is coming to mind right now, looking at this.


  • IndianaMom May 12, 2014

    SVU is the only show on the list that I watch. I might try Debra Messing's new show. Then I'll complain until Parks and Rec comes back,

  • Mate May 11, 2014

    It is about time. Now had they only done this years ago they wouldn't have had the issue with Community and Parks and Rec that they did. How big of a deal was it to move the comedy from Thursday? Not a big deal at all. So now you have one of the stronger shows that NBC has for some reason in The Biggest Loser going up against a declining BBT and you have Blacklist destroying whatever the other networks have at 9. This was a smart move by a network that waved bye bye to smart a long time ago. But as they say, even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

    However, State of Affairs isn't going to be saved by The Voice. It looks like a Shondra Rhimes version of Zero Dark Thirty except you replace the gorgeous and talented Jessica Chastain with Katherine Heigl, who really hasn't been good in anything in the past what half of a decade.

    And they are going to need something for Wednesday at 8pm because The Mysteries of Laura looks like it is going to last about an episode. I seriously can't conceive how that made it out of the Pilot and someone said, yea, sure, I believe Debra Messing as a tough cop.

    Kind of a smart decision with Constantine. But I feel that the two shows maybe too close in similarity for Grimm fans to stick around for another hour.

  • CoryBarker1 May 11, 2014

    I actually think this is the best schedule they could have put together. The Blacklist is going to slay on Thursdays. The shows don't look great, but they make sense for a network that's on the way back.

  • TatraFan May 12, 2014

    After this season Blacklist's convoluted and moronic storytelling will sink it.

  • ben45tpy May 11, 2014

    They're slow learners but they eventually took your advice Cory.

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