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NBC (ended 1975)
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  • S 46 : Ep 1

    Laughing with the Presidents

    Aired 11/23/96

  • S 45 : Ep 3

    Bob Hope: Memories of World War II

    Aired 8/5/95

  • S 45 : Ep 2

    Bob Hope's Young Comedians: A New Generation of Laughs

    Aired 3/25/95

  • S 45 : Ep 1

    Bob Hope's Christmas Show: Hopes For the Holidays

    Aired 12/14/94

  • S 44 : Ep 3

    Bob Hope's Young Comedians Making America Laugh

    Aired 8/27/94

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  • The Bob Hope Show hosted by Bob Hope, debuted on April 9, 1950. During the 1952-1953 season, NBC rotated with other variety shows in a Sunday night block known as "The Colgate Comedy Hour" (Sept. 1950 to Dec. 1955). Also known as, "The Chevy Show with Bob Hope." When the first special debuted in October of 1950 it was the most expensive television program made up to that point - costing an astronomical $1,500 a minute to produce. Bob Hope had his own television show and radio show at the same time. For the next three seasons, The Bob Hope Show was broadcast once a month on Tuesday nights, giving Milton Berle a week off. Bob ended his radio show in April, 1956. Bob Hope also had another show by a similar name, "The Bob Hope Show (All Star Revue)". In addition, he performed in "Specials" for many years. It is the longest running variety program in television's history with a record of 45 years of televised entertainment.moreless

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    • (controversial joke exchange between Bob and English musical comedy star Jack Buchanan. Churchill was arriving the following day and the joke was found by the press to be in bad taste.) Bob Hope: Don't you think we should have some fish and chips? Jack Buchanan: Not me, old boy. I'm just here for the chips. Bob Hope: Well, you'd better hurry. Churchill gets here tomorrow and he's likely to get 'em all before you have your chance.

    • Bob Hope: My Uncle was in the Navy. You may remember him - Admiral Tuna, the Chicken of the Sea.

    • (Last night Bob explained it was the first show of the season for him.) Bob Hope: Welcome to the late, late start. (He was on for Revlon instead of Buick.) In September I underwent surgery and had a sponsor removed from my back.

    • Bob Hope: You know when the Russian cosmonauts landed, Khrushchev kissed them. When our astronauts land, President Kennedy only shakes their hands. We may be behind in the space race, but at least we know what we're whistling at. But there was a wonderful Christmas spirit in Washington this year ... the Kennedys held a drive to raise money to buy toys for needy Republicans.

    • Bob Hope: Hello, advisers, Here I am at Bien Hoa. That's Vietnamese for "DUCK!" Nice to be here in Sniper Valley. You all remember Vietnam? It's that place Huntley and Brinkley are always talking about. We're on our way to Saigon and I hope we do as well as Henry Cabot Lodge. He got out. And I understand the enemy is very close, but with my act they always are. This is terrible country for a coward. Can you imagine not knowing which way to run? You've heard of the NBC peacock? You're looking at the Far Eastern chicken.

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    • This was Bob Hope's first video camera television appearance.

    • Sponsored by Frigidaire, Dinah Shore, Douglas Fairbanks, Beatrice Lillie, Hal LeRoy, Maurice Rocco, the Mexico City Boys Choir, and the Jack Cole Dancers joined Bob in New York for his network television debut on Easter Sunday April 9, 1950 on NBC 5:30-7pm Eastern.

    • On Bob Hope's Radio Program on September 20, 1950 Wedneday 9:30pm WJZ he held the National Kids Day Variety Show, with Bing Crosby, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, others. (Recorded)

    • From October 5, 1950 through November 4, 1950; Joined by a troupe of entertainers, Bob Hope entertains US troops stationed in Asia and Alaska. On October 5, 1950 Bob Hope leaves for Korea to entertain the US troops. Bob Hope's Tuesday night NBC radio show was recorded in Toyko (to an audience of US troops) on October 31, 1950. On November 4, 1950, Bob Hope returns home after tour of Japan, Korea, and Alaska.

    • From October 5th, 1950 through November 4th, 1950; Joined by a troupe of entertainers, Bob Hope entertained US troops stationed in Asia and Alaska. However on October 31st, 1950 - Bob Hope's Tuesday night NBC radio show was recorded in Toyko (to an audience of US troops). On November 4th, 1950 Bob Hope returns home after touring Japan, Korea, and Alaska.

    • This is Bob's first television Christmas special.

    • Bob Hope guests on television for The 1951 Red Cross Fund Campaign on February 27, 1951, also appearing is President Truman, George C. Marshall, Brig. Gen. David Sarnoff, Roland Harriman, Jack Allison, Fred Waring, Ed Sullivan, Perry Como along with Kate Smith who sings "The Marine Hymn".

    • Frank "Sugar Chile" Robinson was born to play the piano, the youngest of six children he was a natural and heralded as a child prodigy. He was discovered by pianist and bandleader Frankie Carle in 1945. He starred and sang the song from the 1946 MGM film "No Leave, No Love," which also starred Van Johnson, Guy Lombardo, Keenan Wynn, and British actress Patricia Kirkwood. While touring with the Lionel Hampton Band he was asked to perform for the White House and President Harry Truman. In 1949 he had a hit song "Numbers Boogie" which reached #4 on the Billboard R&B Chart and his version of Louis Jordan's hit "Caldonia" got as high as #14. During the Christmas season of 1950, Capitol released "Christmas Boogie"/"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" which put him on the map in Europe. The following year he went on the road with the Count Basie Band and Billie Holliday completing his tour with an appearance on The Bob Hope Show in 1951.

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    • The cost of Bob's first special was $135,000 which included fees for talent, rehearsal expenses and payment for the hour and a half on the air. By comparison, the cost of bringing the musical "South Pacific" to Broadway was $180,000. Bob's salary was $40,000.

    • Bob Hope stars in the film The Lemon Drop Kid released March 8th, 1951.

    • On February 20th , 1951 Bob Hope's Radio Program guests were Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Marilyn Maxwell.

    • On February 27th, 1951 Bob Hope's Radio Program guests were Marlon Brando, Robert Surtees, Judy Holiday, Stanley Kramer, Walt Disney, James Stewart, Joseph Mankewitz, and Bette Davis.

    • Bob Hope announces the LOOK Award winners. Recorded on February 19, 1951, from Hollywood, Calif.

    • At the close of Bob Hope's show, there was a credit line "This Is A Bob Hope Production." Therefore, the level of taste, a low one, can be laid, I suppose, only on Mr. Hope's own doorstep. Hope's, weakness for the anatomical joke is well known and I guess there isn't much you can do about it. But on his last show he extended the joke a little too far for comfort, according to the press.

    • Fred MacMurray recalled with Bob how they were together 20 years ago in the musical comedy "Roberta" at the New Amsterdam. Bob was trying to climb the ladder and Fred was a little below him appearing as a saxophone player when he was spotted and offered a movie test. He borrowed Bob's hat and cane for the test and clicked. Bob had to wait a few years.

    • Don Larsen received $6,000 for being on Bob Hope's TV show after he pitched his perfect game in 1956.

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  • Only one man has ever achieved the worldwide success of most influential and popular entertainer of the 20th Century and that would be Bob Hope.

    By AprilFox, Oct 13, 2008

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