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    Fond memories of Bob and the gang

    By revbucky, Jul 16, 2008

    When I was growing up, my family and I would gather around the TV on Saturday nights to watch the Bob Newhart Show. We loved the chemistry between the characters and the off-beat humor of Bob Newhart. Suzanne Pleshette was the perfect choice to play Bob's wife. The two of them were so convincing that I thought they were really married. It's not everyday you such a perfect blend of characters. We also enjoyed the music from the show. I can still hear the theme song in my mind 30 years later. We also learned the importance of staying clam when dealing with difficult people and/or situations. Bob was the consummate psychologist. Thank you CBS for the memories.moreless

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    By irishthanhy, Apr 21, 2008

    I loved watching reruns of this as a child. Bob Newhart has been my favorite comedian for as long as I can remember. What's the best about Mr. Newhart is the fact that even in his comedy routine he often times played the strait man which is exactly what he does on his shows. I especially love when he's talking to someone on the phone (like the cold open for the first season episode 'Not With My Sister You Don't) in a manner reminiscent of his great phone skits ('Abe Lincoln vs. Madison Avenue' is my favorite). I think anything Bob Newhart ever does is going to be absolutely fantastic (take his "Mad TV" skit...the otherwise mediocre show took on a whole new level of awesome).

    Of course, while Bob Newhart was amazing, I think what I like most about this show was how great every actor on this show was, right down to his patients (Michelle, the girl with the nonsupporting father, was always a favorite of mine). It's a pity shows like this aren't shown on TV Land anymore.moreless

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  • 8.9

    A great discovery and a fantastic comedy series...Hi, Bob!

    By jamoon2006, Jan 09, 2008

    I was surprised with the Season 1 DVD set this Christmas and I gave it a whirl. It's one of the best surprises I've had in a while! I was familiar with Bob Newhart's comedy (his telephone routines, including a call with Abe Lincoln's press agent) and I consider him to be one of the best stand-up comics of all time. Well, he's also a great sitcom performer and he makes the seamless transition to TV.

    Unlike a lot of "star" vehicles, Newhart usually ends up playing straight man to the characters around him, and he has a great cast of players to bounce off of. My favorite so far has to be Howard, the perpetually jet-lagged navigator from next door, but the gang at the office (Jerry and Carol) get in more than their share of laughs. And I have a huge crush now on 70's era-Suzanne Pleshette. If there's a better "TV wife," I haven't seen her yet.

    I loved Season 1 so much, I picked up Season 2 also. This has become my new favorite to unwind and laugh after work. Thanks, Bob...laughter really is the best medicine!moreless

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  • 9.7

    this was the show of my time

    By bender21345, Nov 26, 2007

    the show is about a sensible non chalontte balding phyciatrist named robert hartly and his sweet young yet demanding wife emily.

    then there is there wacky and unintentoinaly insensitive airplane pilot howard who cannot help his utter stupidity.

    most of the episodes are about emily doing somthing wrong to upset bob and they eventualy have to do somthing about it.

    some other episodes would be about there friends going out on dates and then ruiing it for them selves so join these 5 friends on a show to remember I know i will so watch the bob newhart show on TV land or buy the first four seasons on DVDmoreless

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  • 9.3

    Funny from start to finish.

    By IndianaMom, Aug 17, 2006

    The creators of this show came up with a perfect character to showcase the talents of Bob Newhart. Bob Hartley's profession and needy friends gave Bob Newhart ample opportunity to display his special brand of dry comedy. Bob and the creators made a choice that the Hartleys would not have kids. I'm glad they did, because that would have made it a different kind of show...maybe just another family sitcom. As it was, the relationship between Bob and Emily was great. The bedroom scenes were some of the best. They would have the best dialogs while lying in bed. Bob Newhart would reprise those scenes in the classic last episode of his later show, Newhart. This show never went downhill or jumped the shark. It was at the top of it's game from start to finish.moreless

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  • 9.6

    One of the reasons my sense of humor is so dry.

    By Spamemm, Apr 28, 2006

    This show was over by the time I started watching it, however where I grew up it was on every week night. My appetite could not be satisfied for this show! I have been waiting for it to come on DVD for many years now, and it's about time that it's here. The great part about this show is the cast. Bob surrounded himself with such a great cast this show couldn't lose. To this day every time Howard barges into the room I have to laugh. Bob's sense of humor and comedic timing was (still is) so great that I'm sure he was instrumental in the careers of many comics today. On the show he was always funny being the straight man, but when he laughed out loud (such as in the few episodes where he was drunk, or with the Peeper) the moment was so rare that it was hilarious! I love this show, and it will be great for the next generations as well.moreless

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  • 9.5

    A classic and a trendsetter, not to be missed!

    By bonefactory, Jan 19, 2006

    This is one TV's greats. Bob Newhart shows why he is the master of intelligent comedy. Newhart is a Chicago psychologist who uses group therapy. After watching a few episode it is easy to see how this show succeeded with seven seasons.

    Many who did not see the show originally may quickly say it's 70's look makes it dated. Not true, in fact this show is possibly a great treadsetter. The show capitolizes on the setup were all characters seem to be on an underline quest to drive the main character insane.

    The Bob Newhart Show is also a great character-based show. Some shows have their stories drive the characters, but I find it more enjoyable when the characters drive the stories. This is what this show had; not one great character, not two, but all were great. This show is a true king among kings.moreless

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  • 9.3

    A classic, straight up.

    By DigsySlattery, Aug 15, 2005

    This is the NewsRadio of the 70s. Underappreciated, a great ensemble cast, well-developed characters, and some of the most crazy comedic bits I've seen. Lorenzo Music and David Davis created quite possibly the best premise around a comedian ever: the straight-man/deadpan humor of Bob Newhart with the sheer insanity of his patients, friends, and family. The genius of this show, though, is that as normal as Bob Hartley appears, he really is just as crazy as his peers. Such moments as Bob becoming afraid of death and Bob trying to be spontaneous are hysterical. Too bad this can't be seen on TV right now.


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  • 8.5

    Classic Situation Comedy

    By gophone, Jul 20, 2005

    The Bob Newhart Show was part of the great CBS Saturday night line-up. This still is one of the classic situation comedies of its era and still stands up to the test. This show was a masterpiece of adult humor. Who would have thought the struggles of a psychologist and his loony patients would make such a great comedy half hour. It was Bob’s deadpan reactions to all the craziness around him that made the show a work of genius. The Bob Newhart Show was written by Charlotte Brown, Dick Clair and his wife Jenna McMahon, and others, great directing by Peter Baldwin James Burrows and many others.

    Who could forget such a cast. Suzanne Pleshette was perfect as Bob's lovely and always supportive wife, Emily. Bob and Suzanne had great chemistry and played off each other great. Marcia Wallace as Carol, the always wise cracking secretary. Peter Borenz as Bobs friend and Orthodontist Jerry Robinson, and Bill Daily, as navigator and next door neighbor Howard Borden.

    For the six years that "The Bob Newhart Show" ran on CBS-TV and it never received one Emmy nomination from either Bob Newhart or the rest of the cast. This was one of the 5 greatest comedy shows produced in the US, and The did it all without one swear word or hint of bathroom humor.


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