The Bob Newhart Show

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Quotes (105)

  • Joan Radford: "Now, do either of you smoke?" Bob: "No, we think it's a filthy and disgusting habit." Joan Radford: "I'm sorry to hear that I left my cigarettes at home and I'd really like one."

  • Larry: Hi, I'm Larry and this is my brother Darryl, and my other brother Darryl.

  • Howard: (as the "Fear of Flying" group is getting on the elevator after their session) You know, it's funny how everybody's afraid to go up in an airplane, but nobody's afraid to get in an elevator, which is held up by one, thin little cable. (the whole group leaves the elevator and runs for the stairs)

  • Bob: Remember when I asked you where you wanted to go on our honeymoon-Hawaii, Acapulco-did flying have anything to do with the fact that you chose Gary, Indiana?

  • Bob: Emily, what happened to all the bourbon? Emily: Oh, I put it in the chicken. Bob: Would you like a glass of chicken, Howard?

  • Bob: When you love somebody, it's all right to tell them they're being stupid.

  • Howard: There was a girl in class who was planning to be a doctor when she grew up, but when I finished my speech she changed her mind. Now she wants to be an airline stewardess. I feel real good about that.

  • Jerry: Psychology just isn't one of your glamour jobs. Like astronaut, orthodontist. Bob: Jerry, a giant step for mankind is more important than "Please rinse and spit."

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Notes (208)

  • Emily was only a substitute teacher here.

  • The Hartley's apartment number was 424, not 523 in this episode.

  • Near the end of the episode, Bob goes to the elevator. And Larry and the 2 Daryls from the Newhart show appear.

  • There is a very funny flash-back to Bill Daily's days as Major Roger Healy on I Dream of Jeannie.

  • "Hi, Bob"-ometer: The first three "Hi, Bob" greetings in the series are in this episode, from Emily, Howard, and Jerry.

  • The Bob Newhart Show was featured in a July 2006 episode of I Love the 70s Part 2.

  • The teaser to this episode was taken from the original pilot.

  • This is King Moody's first of two unrelated appearances on The Bob Newhart Show. He will play Ken Willett, a member of Bob's group, later in the first season in the episode, "His Busiest Season."

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Trivia (25)

  • Bob's mother's name was Eleanor in this episode. In later episodes, Bob's mother's name is Martha and his sister's name is Ellen (similar to Eleanor).

  • Notice how the steps to the Hartley's front door have changed from three to two.

  • The closing credits for this episode were taken from the original pilot. The picture credit for Peter Bonerz was not part of this episode. Also, the shot of Bob's office in closing scene #2 was of the original set from the unaired pilot.

  • Goof: In the scene where Bob and Cynthia meet, just about the time Cynthia leaves the room, what appears to be a coat rack with a coat hanging on it moves into the shot on the right side of the screen, even though the camera does not move.

  • A waitress is listed in the closing credits, but no waitress appears in the episode.

  • At the start of this episode, Howard and Carol don't seem to know each other. However, in an earlier episode, "Anything Happen While I Was Gone?", both attended a party to watch slides of Bob and Emily's Mexican vaction. Howard even hit on Carol at the party.

  • This episode was obviously filmed back at the beginning of the series. Notice how the steps to the front door have changed back to three from two. Also, Emily and Carol have their old hair styles.

  • Howard said he was never in Bob's office before. He was in Bob's office in episode one, Fly the Unfriendly Skies.

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Allusions (48)

  • Title: "Fly the Unfriendly Skies" The title of this episode is a twist on the popular United Airlines slogan of the time, "Fly the friendly skies of United".

  • The episode title is a take off on the classic TV show Father Knows Best.

  • Title: "Bob and Emily and Howard and Carol and Jerry" The title is a take-off of the 1969 movie, Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice.

  • The title is a take-off of the phrase, The Crash of '29, referring to the stock market crash that triggered the Great Depression of 1929.

  • Title: "The Man With the Golden Wrist" The episode title is inspired by the movie The Man With the Golden Arm.

  • Allusion: Bob: You don’t have to be polite. It was horrible. It was probably the worst program ever on television. Howard: No it wasn’t! The fourth episode of My Mother the Car was. My Mother the Car aired on NBC during the 1965-1966 season. It is notorious for being a short-lived show built on a flimsy premise.

  • Title: "Old Man Rivers" The episode title is a takeoff on "Ol' Man River", the best-known song from the Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstein II musical "Show Boat". The play originally opened on Broadway in 1927 and has had three movie versions since.

  • The episode title derives from a famous novel and two movies called "Mutiny On The Bounty". Based on a historic mutiny on April 28, 1789, the novel by Nordhoff and Hall was published in 1932. The 1935 movie version won an Academy Award for Best Picture. The 1962 version starred Marlon Brando.

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