The Bold and the Beautiful

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  • Bridget's Poem To Brooke

    "Out among the lullabies, Where you and I began... You touched my heart, and dried my eyes... You took me by the hand. And, thus, we traveled down the years... Past obstacle and strife... From child, to girl, to woman... Through the tangled web of life. But holding court with angels... We prevailed, the race was run... And never have I felt so close... To man...or God...or anyone."

    - Corinthians, Chapter 13.

  • (Sally causes a scene as the wedding ceremony begins) Sally: (To Brooke) Oh what a sweet picture, I gotta get a shot of this, say cheese honey. It's an adorable shot it's gonna look wonderful in the wedding album; a room full of sheep and the she-wolf right next to them, the one who pulled the wool over all of their eyes. Matron of Honor? My Aunt Fanny!

  • Amber: (To Ridge) How do you think she would like her fillet of betrayal? With a little incest sauce and some divorce on the side?

  • (Shanelle Workman is introduced in her first scene as Gaby, knocking on the front door to the Forrester mansion.) Stephanie: Gaby. Gaby: Hi, Mrs. Forrester. I -- I just got back into town and I thought I'd surprise my mom and tell her all about -- oh, my gosh. Your arm. Are you okay? What happened? Stephanie: Oh, I dislocated -- I'm fine. Come in, come in. Gaby: So, anyway, I can't wait to tell my mom all about Stanford. I mean, everything I saw and everything I did. She's going to be so happy. Is she done for the evening? I would love to drive her home. I mean, if that's okay, of course.

  • Eric: Stephanie stop now, this conversation is not going to be about Brooke. Stephanie: What the hell should it be about? The weather?

  • Stephanie: You're trying to steal your second son-in-law. Brooke: I am not after my daughter's husband, I would sooner have an affair with you. Stephanie: I'd sooner douse myself in gasoline.

  • Stephanie: I saw the looks on your faces, desire, yearning. Brooke: No, that's what you want Stephanie. You want me to play the whore. Well I just wont do it. Stephanie: Oh, you wont sleep with her husband? Why not? You slept with the first one! How many husbands haven't you slept with?

  • Eric: The whole point of telling you this is that it's over, there will be no other shoe to drop. Stephanie: When Brooke drops a shoe, the pantyhose are not far behind

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Notes (240)

  • Joanna Johnson was hired at the very last minute. The role of Caroline Spencer was found to be extremely difficult to cast.

  • The original title for the show was Rags and it was planned to be set in Chicago. The setting was only changed to Los Angeles when it was felt it would be easier filming location scenes as the studio is based in Hollywood.

  • The character of Caroline Spencer was originally planned to be only a short-term role, but the writers fell in love with the character and made her a permanent fixture. It was only then that her father Bill Spencer was created and James Storm was hired.

  • Nancy Sloan had to go through eleven different auditions before she finally won the role of Katie Logan.

  • There is only a seven year age difference between John McCook and Ronn Moss, father and son, Eric and Ridge Forrester. Executive Producer, William J. Bell, actually had John dye parts of his hair grey to make him look older.

  • The role of Stephanie Forrester was created for Susan Seaforth Hayes, however when she turned the part down, it was passed to an old Days of our Lives co-star, Susan Flannery.

  • Ethan Wayne has a very famous bloodline; he is the son of Hollywood legend John Wayne.

  • Carrie Mitchum is the grand-daughter of Robert Mitchum.

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Trivia (19)

  • All the characters dressed as famous historical personalities for the ball: Grant as Napoleon, Brooke as Josephine, Thorne as Mark Antony, Taylor as Cleopatra, Enrique as Robin Hood, Claudia as Maid Marian, Eric as Henry VIII, Stephanie as his queen, Sally as Marie Antoinette, Clarke as Romeo, Lauren as Juliet, Hunter as Merlin, Ridge as Zorro, Rick as a page and Bridget as an angel.

  • Tilly mentions the name Dale to Stephanie. Dale is Becky's brother who was seen in one episode in 1999 when a pregnant Amber went to Furnace Creek to give birth to her baby.

  • Michael Tylo (Sherman) is the real life husband of Hunter Tylo (Taylor).

  • It is mentioned in this episode that Amber can't swim.

  • Amber tells CJ that the last time she heard from Tawny was in a postcard from a place named Harmony. Andrea Evans, who played Tawny, is now on the televison show Passions, which takes place in the town of Harmony.

  • Aaron Lustig (Tim) previously played the same character on "The Young and the Restless". This is another cross over between the two shows.

  • Blood types are no guarantee of paternity without an accompanying DNA test. Also, this episode states that Ridge is type B (+ or -), but in 1998, it was stated that Ridge was NOT type B (+ or -). Since the blood type for all the Forrester children was known by each of them when Rick needed a kidney transplant in 1998 (everyone matched back then BUT Rick, who was B- like Brooke), it's a clear continuity error that no one in the Forrester family has ever glommed on to the fact that Ridge's blood doesn't match.

  • Now let me get this straight? There is a tiny piece of apple pie in a huge pan - that it was obviously not baked in because there is not trace of the rest of the pie - and it was hot when it arrived at Ridge's office? Hmm something's not right here, what say?

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Allusions (5)

  • Rick Forrester: Chris O'Donnell. Yeah. He's a nice guy.
    Chris O'Donnell is a well-known actor who has appeared in Vertical Limit, Batman & Robin and Scent of a Woman.

  • Ashley mentions to Donna that she recognises her and wonders if they once met in Genoa City. This is a passing reference to the fact that Jennifer Gareis previously portrayed the character of Grace Turner on The Young and the Restless.

  • This episode features a clip from The Young and the Restless.

  • Katie asks Stephen where he flew in from, to which he responds that his plane came in from Dallas. This is a passing reference to the fact that Patrick Duffy previously starred on super soap Dallas where he portrayed Bobby Ewing from 1978-1985 with a further stint from 1986-1991.

  • During Pam and Donna's argument, they take quotes from the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz.