The Book of Boo

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Quotes (4)

  • Eeyore: Got to admit, getting a little spooked does give you a charge, long as it's with your friends.

  • Eeyore: Never been much good at the whole Halloween thing, I guess.

  • Piglet: Don't you think g-ghosts are scary, Eeyore? Eeyore: Ghosts, goblins, gargoyles, ghouls. Bunch of words that start with "G," as far as I can tell.

  • Piglet: Boo! I'm ragweed. Tigger: And what's so scary about that? Piglet: I'm allergic?

Trivia (3)

  • Featured Songs: "I Wanna Be Scary," "Nothin' Much Scares Me" and "The Hundred Acre Halloween"

  • Theme: Spooky Story

  • The Characters' Costumes: Pooh - Little Red Riding Hood Tigger - The Wolf Eeyore - Flower Kanga - Witch Kessie - Bat Owl - Wizard Piglet - Mountain Rabbit - Ladybug Roo - Ghost Piglet wins the scariest costume contest after his costume becomes covered in leaves and he scares Eeyore. Eeyore initially chooses to not wear a costume, but dons one after getting scared by Piglet.