The Booth at the End

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  • The Man: Do you know what can happen when someone makes a deal with me?
    Bobby: No.
    The Man: Anything.

  • Dillon: I just want to be able to enjoy my life.
    The Man: You'd need to live forever to do that?
    Dillon: Haven't figured it out so far.

  • The Man: But if you want to get what you want, you have to be honest with me.
    Dillon: I told you the truth.
    The Man: The words are true. Honesty is... a little more complicated.

  • Maria: But to change, to remake the world...? No, that'd be too much. Uh, breaking of the world.
    The Man: You understand, no matter what you choose to get, you will be breaking the world. That's what we do. We take the world and we crack it.

  • Cheryl: It doesn't make any sense.
    The Man: It doesn't have to.
    Cheryl: I'm not really sure how I do this.
    The Man: You'll sort it out.
    Cheryl: How would I even know if I'm doing it right?
    The Man: I think you'll know.
    Cheryl: I really don't think that I will.
    The Man: Cheryl, you certainly won't be the first person to find a good reason to torture someone.
    Cheryl: My baby girl can't be a reason for that.
    The Man: There you go. Now you know.

  • The Man: There are things I do not know about this world. About people, about how things will turn out. But I do know this. There are consequences. When you start changing the world, you don't know when the changes are going to stop. See?
    Bobby: He doesn't want to change the whole world. Just his dad.
    The Man: You think changing a man is any small thing?

  • The Man: Like I said, you have to tell me why you want this thing.
    Dillon: It's not that big a deal, man. Look, I've got a crappy life. I want a better one.
    The Man: People build lives every day without having to live forever.
    Dillon: Well, I don't have any training so I'm going to need the time.
    The Man: To get it right?
    Dillon: Yeah.

  • The Man: Tell me what went wrong with Heather.
    Henry: We weren't meant for each other.
    The Man: What does that mean?
    Henry: We just fell out of love.
    The Man: When did that happen?
    Henry: She never loved me.
    The Man: How do you fall out of something that never was?

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  • International Airdates:
    UK: November 12, 2012 on FX

  • For the show's second season, the series became an exclusive Hulu release.

  • International Airdates:
    UK: November 13, 2012 on FX

  • International Airdates:
    UK: November 14, 2012 on FX

  • International Airdates:
    UK: November 15, 2012 on FX

  • International Airdates:
    UK: November 16, 2012 on FX