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    Realistic, not unrealistic, classic.

    By sgtoftheguard, Sep 25, 2014

    This show has been made fun of by critics and others as a silly tv show, as the family is too good to be true. However, any one who has watched all the episodes can identify with this tv family, as one that resembles their own family. The kids are constantely arguing, teasing, and competing with each other. Not the unrealistic, ideal family that it's detractors dismiss. Recurring themes, such as Jan being the middle child, in the shadow of Marcia,, and Bobby being insecure about his lack of height, show that this show did a remarkable job identifying with it's audience. Not an easy task for many shows.moreless

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    By Felice39, Nov 03, 2013


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    The Brady Brats!

    By daniellemccullers3, Oct 23, 2013

    My mother thought this was a stupid show when I was little. I loved this show, and now I have a chance to watch this show again, right here on I think it's wonderful. This show is about a woman with three girls, and a man with three boys, come together and get married, and the kids goes through all sorts of changes trying to get used to one another and become a family. A wonderful show to watch for anyone!moreless

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    My all time favorite sitcom!

    By highwayangel1, May 29, 2013

    LOVE TBB!!! They don't make TV like this anymore. Now, it all "reality Back in the 70s, television played a more important role in our daily lives because there were fewer things in competition with in. No internet, No PCs. No video games. No cable tv. America got its entertainment from regular network television. And the Brady Bunch was an important part of the ABC prime time lineup in the early 70s. One little known fact is that Robert Reid resented doing the was trained in the classics and thought the show type cast him. He also wanted the show to be more realistic and often fought with Creator/Producer, Sherwood Schwartz over scripts and story lines. In fact, Reed boycotted the show's last episode ("The Hair Brained Scheme") over a dispute with Schwartz. No one knew at the time that the show was to be cancelled before its 6th season. Had it been renewed by ABC, Reid would have been replaced or written out of the show! In summary, I LOVE this show and could watch it 24/7/moreless

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    Oldie but Goodie

    By gracielove, Nov 09, 2012

    Now it is stupid. Back when it wasn't so jaded, good show.

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    Get this off my TV!

    By Jaykeson, Oct 27, 2012

    I had to put up with this extremely bad show for years (the constant repeats that is, as this show ended on TV about a decade before I was born).

    I was basically the only person in my whole family who strongly despised it (most people I know love this show). However, there is always someone who disagrees isn't there? Well I am one of them. Almost every time it came on TV, I wanted to get up and leave the room. I just couldn't handle it.

    I think it is one of the lamest and corniest shows that has ever been created.

    I am a fan of many classic TV shows (Get Smart, Bewitched, I Dream Of Jeannie, The Addams Family - just to name a few), but sorry to the many legions of Brady fans, I just can't take this one.moreless

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    Warmer memories there are not

    By JenPutnoky, Oct 19, 2012

    I was barely 4 y/o when the series ended but still vaguely remember watching it in prime time as it was also one of my mother's favorite shows. Not long after the show went into syndication where I was able to watch it on our first little "color" tv (it was more like a green tint lol) after school each day. I remember fondly as one reader mentioned in another post that The Brady Bunch and my Fisher Price Little People are probably the most inherent childhood memories and attachments. Up there with Mom Mom's pot roast and Na Na's homemade chicken soup. So though to some this is just a kitschy little piece of Americana TV that certainly my kids generation (all young adults now) just may not quite get, I do get it. Right down to the funky horror show of fashion that was the '70s to the funky avocado greens and muted oranges on all of our kitchen and living room walls. It is innocent, family value fun. One of my biggest disappointments will always be how in real life Rob Reed refused to do the very last episode in which Greg graduates HS. In the end Carol throws a blurb out about how "its a shame that your father had to miss it due to traveling for business". Whenever I see that episode and hear that line I think to myself how for 5 seasons we got to know Mike Brady as a phenomenal dad who would have NEVER have missed one of his children's big milestones as HS graduation. That was a bummer way to end such an amazing series. I still watch the Brady Bunch online and am always searching for syndication on TV networks. I am one Gen X'er who is still crazy about The Bradys!moreless

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    All Time Best Faminly Show

    By MichaelPugsle, Jul 18, 2012

    Lots of fun has been poked at the Brady's for their "plastic" lifestyle and values. However, these are the kind of shows that should be shown. This show was awash with values and principles. So much has changed since then. But this is how a family should be. How kids were and should be. These kids were nice, polite and courteous. These are things that need to be reinfornced more today. We should be safe from ourselves but we are not. The previous generation and mine screwed up. Now kids kill kids. Instead of helping old ladies they rob and beat them. This is not white society or culture. Sorry but it it not. Integrating minorities is a good thing but do so by elevating them to our standards not lowering ours so they can compete. We've lowered the professional and educational standards to the point that there are no more highly educated professionals in many vocations. They are trained to do a certain job only. Vocational training without the general education of the past. No everyone will never be equal. You cannot pass legislation and make it so. There is no such thing as functional equality. There is only equality under the law as should be. Give all the same opportunity. But don't give the best students a curriculum designed for qualifying less intellectual individuals.moreless

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    I watched a few shows...

    By T_VFan, Apr 30, 2012

    and I always enjoyed them! Why, you ask?! Well, because this family had a funny theme to each show! I loved how the ladies dress... it was so classic and the hairdos were definitely trendy for the 90's. They all "acted out" well and ALWAYS had a positive attitude from what I remember in each episode. A real safe family show to watch.

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    The Brady Bunch season 3 episode 12 Getting Davy Jones

    By nyzki, Mar 01, 2012

    well upon perusing your site for old TV show, i happend to come across this one. But when i went to look for this particular Brady bunch episode. It did not have it listed. What gives I wanted to watch this particular episode which was near and dear to my heart, Since with the recent passing of David Jones. It would have been nice to relive that moment again when Marcia gets to meet him in person all over again. I am not real pleased with your site if you cant deliver on one episode then why do you have all the other episodes listed.moreless

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