The Brady Bunch

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  • Bobby: Wow, I'd love to go on a honeymoon! What should I take? Greg: A girl, dummy!

  • Carol: A few years ago, I thought it was the end of the world. Mike: Now it's just the beginning. For both of us. Carol: Uh-uh. For all of us. Mike: Right. The whole blooming Brady Bunch!

  • Greg: I’m going back to bed. Peter: Aren’t you going with us? Greg: Not me, I’m too old to go on a honeymoon. Bobby: Dad’s older than you are and he’s going.

  • Mike: How would you girls like to come along with us? Jan: On your honeymoon? Carol: That’s right. Cindy: Oh, bright. I’ve never been on a honeymoon. Jan: Neither have I, and I am older than you are.

  • Pringle: Oh, Mr. Brady, you have signed this Mr. Brady, Mrs. Brady and family. Mike: Hmm, I forgot. It’s force of habit. Kids aren’t with us. Pringle: But you did ask for the honeymoon suite. Carol: Oh, it’s quite alright Mr. Pringle. You see … Mike: (interrupts her) It’s quite alright darling. No need to explain. It’s obvious that this gentleman doesn’t dig the modern generation.

  • Peter: (to Carol, refers to Mike) This morning he put 21 spoons sugar into the coffee Mike: You’re exaggerating. Bobby: (refers to Mike) But he didn’t forget his pants.

  • Carol: (stressed, hair undone, in the middle of using make up) How could you girls sit there and say I look beautiful? Cindy: Because we love you.

  • Carol: (phoning with Mike) Cindy thought, there are real butterflies in my stomach. Mike: You’re lucky if you only get butterflies. I’ve got six flying saucers in mine.

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Notes (386)

  • In this episode, Mike Brady mentions the TV title in telling Carol, "The whole blooming Brady Bunch."

  • Florence Henderson later played Grandma Brady in the Brady Bunch Movie (1995).

  • Gene Hackman was the original choice for Mike Brady, but he was unknown at the time.

  • Joyce Bulifant was the original choice for Carol Brady, but Florence Henderson was the better choice.

  • This is the first of two episodes where there is no short ending epiloge to the episode after all the nine squares of the Brady family fill up the screen, as shown in the opening and closing credits, to indicate that the episode is about to end.

  • We never revealed what Mike's late wife's or Carol's late husband's names are throughout the series.

  • The house where Mike, the boys, and Alice live in this episode, does not affect continuity throughout the rest of the series. This is referenced in "To Move or Not to Move" when Bobby mentioned they lived no place else but 4222 Clinton Way.

  • This is the only episode in which Carol's daughters refer to Mike Brady by his first name.

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Trivia (290)

  • If anyone wonders why Cindy's hairstyle here as pigtails is so much like that of Buffy Davis played by Anissa Jones in the 1966 TV sitcom Family Affair, or vice versa, it's because Cindy copied off of Buffy.

  • Tiger couldn't have opened the window with the automatic switch because the car is not running!

  • The most unbelievable part of this episode is Mike and Carol coming back to the house to bring all of the kids on their honeymoon.

  • Fans of another 70's TV show may recognize the minister who marries Mike and Carol: that's actor Dabbs Greer, who played the Reverend Alden for ten seasons on "Little House on the Prairie". 21 years after this episode Mr Greer would return to play the same part as the minister who marries Bobby to his college sweetheart in the pilot episode of the 1990 reunion show The Bradys.

  • This is the only episode that shows the girls' cat, Fluffy.

  • If Carol's first husband had the last name of Martin, then Marcia's birth name must have been Marcia Martin.

  • Towards the end of the wedding they show a seen where Tiger the dog is chasing Fluffy the cat across several tables with refreshments and food for the wedding reception. If you look closely you can see strings attached to the tables to cause them to shake in order for the cake and plates to fall off.

  • This is the only episode in which Mike and his boys talk about the boys' mother. Throughout the rest of the series, they never talk about her.

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Allusions (42)

  • The title of this episode was taken from the 1933 song "Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore" written by Joe Young, Johnny Burke, and Harold Spina. Coincidentally, more than four years after the episode aired, a Martin Scorsese-directed movie was released with the same title as this episode.  The title of that movie may also have been based on that song.

  • Carol sings "O Come All Ye Faithful"

  • This episode is just like All in the Family when Mike, Gloria and Archie argue over what sex the doctor should operate on Mike's appendix.

  • When Carol was counting the trays and what's on them, she and later Mike, sing to the tune of "Twelve Days Of Christmas."

  • The title of this episode is a take on the slogan "54-40 or Fight!".  The slogan came from what is known as The Oregon Boundary Dispute which took place in the early to mid eighteen-forties between the United States, Great Britain and Mexico over control of the Pacific Northwest Territory of North America.  American citizens wanted the US government to annex the territory from other nations or go to war with them to claim it.  The slogan is derived from the area's line of latitude which is 54 40.

  • Alice: That's like asking Garcia if he's got any messages. This comes from "A Message to Garcia", an 1899 literary work by Elbert Hubbard which, with over 40 million copies published, had a larger circulation than any other literary venture has ever attained during the lifetime of an author.

  • There actually is a reference to Dustin Hoffman in this episode. It happens when Greg asks Marcia what her she finds attractive in a man.

  • In this episode, Marcia's braces are on. Then, next they are off. Then they're on. It goes on the whole episode

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