The Brady Kids

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    One of the worst animation series of the 1970\\\'s/It\\\'s like watching \\\"The Archies\\\" with different names.

    By GeorgeJobson, Oct 10, 2006

    I saw \\\"The Brady Kids\\\" when i was a kid and I didn\\\'t get much out of that series. This cartoon should not have been made. It\\\'s the early 1970\\\'s where the Saturday morning television is dominated with one bad cartoon after another being either molded after Scooby-Doo or the Archies. And it\\\'s not shocking that it came from Filmation, the same cartoon studio as \\\"The Archies.\\\" You can see the comparsions between the Brady kids and the Archies. They sing in a bnd, they hang out at the malt shop. Which explains a cameo from Pop Tate fro the Archies. The amination is bad, so bad that it will make you turn away or change the channel. The characters had to wear the same clothes from one episode to another. Filmation isn\\\'t the cartoon studio famous for it fashion statements.I like Jan\\\'s glasses. Probaby the only good thing that came out of the series.moreless

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    No originality, nothing storywise--a sign of the times on 1970s Saturday morning.

    By Uncatoon, May 20, 2006

    "The Brady Kids" was a completely disposable cartoon version of the "Brady Bunch" TV show, which while striving to be a family sitcom turned out to littered with the atypical Tiger Beat toyboys (the Brady brothers) and Mary Sues (the sisters) defying all credulity by trying to launch singing careers. This carried over to the cartoon, which bore all the hallmarks of a Filmation production: the movements of the Bradys when they, uh, sang, were the exact duplicate movements the Archies did four years earlier.

    Such unoriginality seemed atypical of Saturday morning TV in 1972--the Osmonds and the Jackson Five had their own cartoons, the Chan Clan, the Bedrock Rockers ("Flintstone Comedy Hour") and Josie contributed to unimaginative pop music (and worse animation). But that the Brady Kids would actually mimic the movements of a previous cartoon seemed the ultimate nadir.moreless

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    Meet 3 sisters now meet their brothers. Gregs the leader and a good man for the job... There is another boy by the name of Peter the youngest one is Bobby...

    By FileChick, Jun 23, 2005

    Cartoon version of my favorite sitcom of all time.... Loved the theme song .....Hated the stupid cartoonish fake stuff such as moptop and ping and pong the Pandas.....Not many people remember the cartoon because it was on such a short time and it wasn't very good but for kids like myself anything with the Brady Bunch was kewl.

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