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  • Mr. Pesky: You're not old enough to see those kinds of movies. Maggie: But then why is Aldrin get to go? Mrs. Pesky: Because Aldrin's older than you, dear. Aldrin: (Talks like a baby) And little Maggie might get scared! Maggie: Well, I think I'm old enough to handle The Flyinator. Aldin: As if! Flyinator 3 has rated FM for Flying Mature. I'm not even allowed to see it without mom and dad coming with me. Maggie: (Talks like a baby) Because little Aldrin might get scared! Aldrin: Hey! That's my bit. Back off!

  • Little Kid: I want my mommy! (Holds onto his mother) Mother: I want my mommy! (Holds onto her mother) Grandmother: Why is the television so loud?

  • Flyinator: I'll see you in Heck.

  • Pupert: Is the Prancing Princess fancy? You bet. She's really neat. Is the Prancing Princess prancy? You bet. She can't be beat.

  • Flyinator: That was just the appetizer.

  • Bernice: Hi my name is Bernice and my theme is libraries. A celebration of the dewey decimal system. We can all read passages from our favorite books. And read really really quiet!

  • Rayna: Everyone in the class get's C's!

  • Dawn:: How could that loser get nominated? Girl #1: I know you are so going to win. Girl #2: Totally and even if you don't we would so transfer with you. Dawn: yeah well I'm not taking any chances get me the worms. 2 other girls whistle Dawn: I need you guys to dig up some dirt.

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Notes (26)

  • This was the third episode produced but aired first.

  • In this episode, the Lord of the Wings is showed like a movie for mature audience, but Peter Jackson's trilogy is for audience of all ages.

  • The Flyinator is a frog, which eats flies and other insects.

  • What Maggie's partner was saying is that the plants create energy when doing photosynthesis.

  • Funball is not a real game. This game was made up for the cartoon.

  • When Dawn is about to give her'll see that the girl with long blonde hair(Dawn's friend) has the same eye shadow color as the red hair girl(also Dawn's friend).

  • This was the first episode produced but aired third

  • This episode was the first episode to air in the uk.

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Trivia (30)

  • Yes, flies do indeed vomit on their food. They cannot chew. After it dissolves in a bath of stomach acids, they suck it up with special mouth parts. "Brundlefly" (Jeff Goldblum) demonstrates this in the remake of The Fly.

  • If you have good memory, you'll notice Mr. and Mrs. Pesky's lines during Maggie's hallucinations of the posters are mixed up. Actually, Mr. Pesky said, "You're not old enough to see those kinds of movies." and Mrs. Pesky actaully said, "Because Aldrin's older than you." Aldrin's line is in its place, though.

  • Don't flies only live for 24 hours then die? And since when do ladybugs hang out with flies?

  • In "Funball", before Aldrin shoots and misses, he wears what he wore throughout the whole game. However, when he misses and says "What?!", he wears what he wore before the game.

  • How come we never know the names of Dawn's two friends.The one with pink eye shadow and the one with blue eye shadow? Why don't they say them?

  • In this episode we learn that Fly's keep germs as pets.

  • Maggie's sister Bella is cute and adorable but when you see Maggie at Bella's age she was positively ugly.

  • Why would you carry your baby pictures around?

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Allusions (28)

  • Rayna: Can you believe Lacey Ladybug actually lived in Beverly Gardens? 90210, baby! Beverly Gardens, 90210 is a takeoff on the famous soap opera Beverly Hills, 90210.

  • Maggie: (Announcing what she'd do for the school dance) You'll flap your wings and buzz your little hearts out to the hip hop stylings of Jay Buzz Z! An obvious parody of world famous singer Jay-Z.

  • "Flyday the 13th" Parody of the famous horror movie Friday the 13th.

  • Title: The Flyinator Parody of the movie The Terminator.

  • "James Bug: Fly Another Day" Another movie parody, this time of James Bond: Die Another Day.

  • "The Lord of the Wings" A play on the famous trilogy of books written by J.R.R. Tokien, and then made into films by Peter Jackson: The Lord of the Rings.

  • "The Last Samurfly" A play on the movie, The Last Samurai. A movie released in 2003 directed by Edward Zwick, its storyline is about an American soldier embracing the samurai culture he was sent to destroy.

  • "I'm molting! I'm molting! Oh, what a world!"

    . Refers to the off-parodied utterance of the Wicked Witch of the West after Dorothy Gale hits her with a pail of water in The Wizard of Oz .

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