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    Experiencing The Chew

    By Hockeyboating, Yesterday

    Experiencing "The Chew"

    1. We requested "free" tickets for three, two months in advance.

    2. We were required to supply unusually detailed information required for "free" tickets.

    3. We were warned by (the ticket police we presume) that we would be ostracized and placed on the dirty guy list if we were unable to attend and did not notify twenty four hours in advance.

    4. We had to respond to a repeated request for guest names which we promptly repeated.

    5. Emails warned repeatedly not to arrive late

    6. We incurred parking, travel and costs for Long Island Railroad and Subways in order to attend on time as ordered.

    7. We arrived at 10:45AM for the 11:00AM entry for the 12:00 O'clock show and waited on line, approximately 16th in line. were then informed by an usher that we were not going to be admitted with our "Group A" confirmed tickets. No management person was sent out to inform the shivering fans of their rejection. We might understand if we were walk-ons or standbys, but not ticket holders.

    9. Just because these were "free" tickets does not give ABC and The Chew, the right to treat us like dirt. How dare you!

    10. We discovered that 8AM show attendees, who already viewed a show, were permitted to stay for the second show, and replace second show ticket holders waiting outside. Shame on you and your poor management decisions.

    11. We planned our day and travel to the city around this show. have attended numerous other shows and on other networks and have never been treated so shabbily. You have also embarrassed us in front of our guest.

    13. As a result, you can keep your "VIP" offer of a future show. Once burned, shame on you, twice burned, shame on me. We do not feel you can be trusted.

    14. You have left such a bad taste for your show that we will no longer watch it and will inform all of our acquaintances and organization members of our experience.

    Arlene and Frank Wolzeinmoreless

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    Feb. 5 episode chili tasting

    By CarleeD64, Feb 05, 2016

    THEY ARE WRONG!!!!!!

    My family has been in Texas, (East Texas to be precise) since 1844 & we DO NOT put beans in chili. Never have, never will. I don't know where you found these yahoos, but they are not true Texans. Just saying...

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    its bullshit i know how could if i want a chef i will buy one all cooking needs to be on pbs

    By AnthonyJohnso16, Feb 03, 2016

    these ashole want get paid to do nothing it sucks just like reality shows suck.

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    Why Why Why

    By kathlaur64, Jan 28, 2016

    Why do they keep Carla? In my opinion, she is too manic and seems so fake. Also, get rid of Mario-he always seems to suck up too much to the celebrities on the show.

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    I love the chew!!

    By Tanyawalker1965, Jan 26, 2016

    All this negative talk about y'all is insane! If the people don't like the show then don't watch it ! I love all of you! I would love to be neighbors with you all! Wow the cook outs during the summer we could have! I think Clintons beard is sexy ! I love Carla and Daphne!, and as far as Mario and Michael I wish I could have them both as my husbands! And yes I've been married for thirty five years! Love the show and the recipies! I give y'all a 10moreless

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    daphne needs to go

    By kathy19, Jan 18, 2016

    Loved watching the show when she was on leave. Shes just soo annoying. I agree with the others about hair touching then goes right to touching the food. She needs to go. I give it a high rating because l do like the rest of the crew.

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    Replace or get rid of Daphne

    By judy3061, Jan 17, 2016

    I am sick of watching Daphne Oz act like a 13 year old girl. She is not nearly as cute as she thinks she is. When she is eating she is constantly licking her fingers like a child. Has no one ever told her that she should have outgrown that many years ago. It is nasty and gross. She has her hands in her hair all while cooking and eating, too.

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    Difficult to Watch Daphne

    By koenigstephany, Jan 13, 2016

    I would never eat Daphne's food. She constantly runs her hands through her hair and then goes directly to contact with food. I am not sure why she is on a cooking show with accomplished chefs. She is also very immature by comparison to her cast mates. I thought the show was better when she was on leave. So, I will find something else to watch. This is not meant to be mean about anyone. It is hard to figure how she got into this mix where she is so out of her league.moreless

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    By genuwineu2, Jan 04, 2016

    People who watch daytime TV must be very lonely and empty if they have time to trash a cooking show while the entire world circles the drain. GET A LIFE AND TAKE A WALK.

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    Changes need to be made.

    By maryweat, Dec 14, 2015

    Love the show when they actually cook. Like it better with daphne oz on leave. She should not come back. Less jokes and chit chat. More cooking. Why have guests if all they do is stand there and talk? Have guests that cook with the chefs (Carla, Mario, Michael and Clinton) helping the guest instead of the chefs cooking with help from the guests. I know I left daphne out on purpose. She does not need to come back. She makes so many mistakes and I think the show runs smoother with her gone. If they want 5 hosts bring some in that isn't scared of the camera and can at least talk without goofing up. I am sure daphne is a good person but just not a good choice for a co-host. would love to see Cat Cora, Guy Fererri (spelling?), Giada De Laurentiis, Anna Olson or Anne Burrell co-host. Any of them would be better then Daphne and could bring so much more to the show.moreless

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