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  • (Outside the hospital where Colvin and Betz were taken after the shooting, Isaac sees Vonda crying in her car. He opens the passenger door and gets inside.)

    Vonda: This is where they brought my father...where I said goodbye to him.

    Isaac: Vonda...don't be scared. I'm not going to let anything ever happen to you.

    Vonda: I'm not scared of anything happening to me, Isaac...I'm terrified that something's gonna happen to you.

  • Betz: (Voiceover) When Teresa Colvin found me, I was twelve years old and acting as a lookout for a couple of local dealers. She was starting a charter program that pulled me and some other kids off the street. She got onto me about my grades. She talked me into joining the P.D. and when I quit, 'cos I thought it was too hard, she found me and dragged my lazy ass back to the Academy.

  • Colvin: I'm putting together a good team. And your boy sniffed something up with Liam.

    Wysocki: Your boy Liam's getting sloppy.

    Colvin: Or your partner has better instincts thank you think.

    Wysocki: Too bad he's a Cub's fan.

  • (After they enter a suspect's house)

    Wysocki: It never ceases to amaze me how well crime pays.

    Evers: Should I get the evidence tech out here?

    Wysocki: No, I'm expecting visitors. (Turning to the TV) Always for the big TVs, these guys. Hey, find the remote. We'll see if the game's on.

    Evers: The game doesn't start 'til one-twenty.

    Wysocki: You mean the Cubs game right, 'cos the 'Sox don't play today?

    Evers: I grew up on the north side...

    Wysocki: I knew it! I knew it! You're a dirty, filthy liar! You're a Cubs fan! I could smell it on ya! You thought you'd weasel your way into my good graces, pretending to be a White Sox fan!

    Evers: What was I supposed to do?

  • (While on a stakeout in the car)

    Evers: Top ten album covers of all time. I'll start. Nirvana's Never Mind. Go.

    (Wysocki simply ignores him. The phone rings.)

    Wysocki: Yeah.

    Dina: It's me.

    Wysocki: You're on speaker.

    Dina: Who else is there?

    Evers: Caleb Evers, ma'am.

    Dina: Hi Caleb. I'm the ex-wife.

    Evers: I'm his soon-to-be ex-partner.

    Dina: Has he told you about his fiance yet?

    Wysocki: Dina, stop being such a redhead.

    Dina: Only twenty-seven years old. Don't you think that's a little young for Jarek, Caleb?

    Evers: (Shaking his head at Wysocki) seems a little young.

    Wysocki: What can I do for ya, Dina?

  • Vonda: (Voiceover) Uncle Jarek's the one who woke me up that night and told me my father had been killed. He hugged me and told me I was his responsibility now. He taught me how to knock down the seven-ten split. Then when I told him I wanted to enrol in the Academy, not only did he not stop me, I know he pulled strings to get me in early.

  • (After Evers and Betz are told to wait outside Alderman Gibbons office while Colvin and Wysocki go in) Evers: You the driver? Betz: Yeah. Evers: Me too...evidently. (The two of them shake hands) Caleb. Betz: Antonio. Nice to meet you.

  • (In Colvin's office) Colvin: A dozen citizen complaints in the last two years, a citation for misplacing your firearm... Worthen: And I eventually located my weapon. It turned out to be under the seat in my vehicle. Colvin: You've really built up quite the resume, Sergeant Worthen. Worthen: You don't judge a guy just by numbers. I've been a good cop a long time. Union Rep: According to union regulations, you don't have any cause to dismiss Sergeant Worthen. So if you're here to give him an official reprimand, then just give it. Colvin: Oh, you misunderstand. I'm here to promote Sergeant Worthen, to Commander. Of mops and brooms. Worthen: Pardon? Colvin: We have a supply closet downtown and recently some mops have gone missing. In your new position, you will report to that supply closet to ensure that no further cleaning equipment is stolen. Worthen: You're pulling me off the street? Colvin: Well, as your union rep points out, I can't fire you so... Worthen: I got fifteen years on you in this department... Union Rep: This isn't police policy. Colvin: It is now. Worthen:'re only coming after me? Colvin: You, and a hundred other oxygen thieves that make the rest of my ten thousand great cops look bad. Worthen: If you think you got questionable rank and file support now, lady, wait 'til I spread the word about this crap! Colvin: I am already starting to spread the word myself. After all, it isn't a deterrent as if other officers hear about it. Worthen: You smug little bitch! This is my life! Colvin: But it's my city now. And I can't take on the rest of it if I can't keep my own backyard clean.

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Notes (49)

  • Technical advisor John Folino goes through every interrogation scene with the cast prior to filming. He gets them to act out both the police and the criminal lines to gain more of an understanding for both, and points out what should and shouldn't be done in terms of actual police interrogation technique, bringing more realism to the show.

  • Prison Break connection: Philip Edward Van Lear (Ellis Hicks) and Christian Stolte (Sergeant Worthen) played Louis Patterson and Keith Stolte respectively. Numerous other Prison Break actors will go on to appear in other episodes of The Chicago Code.

  • Matt Lauria (Caleb Evers) initially had difficulty handcuffing people, often getting their shirt caught in the restraints. He eventually mastered the technique after working on it over the course of several episodes, and with the help of Detective John Folino from the Chicago P.D.

  • Being from Australia, Jason Clarke (Jarek Wysocki) had to work constantly to develop his Chicago accent for the part. He even had a dialogue coach who gave him different words to practice at a time.

  • Twelve precision drivers and six stunt drivers were used during filming of the car-chase scene.

  • Chicago Homicide Detective, John Folino, acts as technical advisor to the show and arranged for the cast to have ride-alongs with Chicago P.D. officers.

  • The police officers, seen in the background throughout the series, are real Chicago P.D. officers. They were included to give an extra level of realism and authenticity to the show.

  • Featured music: "Heartless" by Kanye West

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Trivia (16)

  • As well as being the youngest Superintendent, Teresa Colvin is also the first woman to hold the post.

  • Jarek Wysocki is a White Sox fan while Caleb Evers supports the Chicago Cubs.

  • The song sung by the tenor at the memorial wall is called "The Last Rose Of Summer" by Sir Thomas Moore in the early part of the 19th century.

  • When Wysocki shoves the police officer for turning up twenty minutes late, the camera cuts to another angle. Before the cut, the officer is in line with the center of the patrol car, but after the cut, the officer is closer to Wysocki.

  • When Gibbons is in the hospital with Sims and they are playing Xbox 360, you can see they are playing The Shield, which is a video game version of Shawn Ryan's most popular television show. However, even though they are playing an Xbox 360, The Shield video game was only available for Playstation 2 and PC.

  • David Argyle's book is entitled "Too Many Children Left Behind - Fixing Public Education in America."

  • The last Cabrini-Green building is demolished in this episode. In reality, the last building was demolished on 30 March, 2011.

  • Dennis Mahoney notes the current Mayor of Chicago is Mayor McGinnis. In reality, when this episode aired, the Mayor of Chicago was Richard M. Daley, who held office from 1989-2011, making him the longest ever serving Chicago mayor.

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Allusions (29)

  • Evers: Top ten album covers of all time. I'll start. Nirvana's Never Mind. Go.

    Nirvana was an American rock band formed by Kurt Cobain and Kris Novoselic in 1987. Nevermind is the band's second studio album and was released in 1991. The cover shows a naked baby swimming towards a US dollar bill on a fishhook.

  • Wysocki: The only sane answer to your question is Audrey Hepburn. Any movie she was ever in.

    Audrey Hepburn (4 May 1929 – 20 January 1993) was a Golden Globe and BAFTA Award winning British actress, perhaps best known for her roles in War and Peace (1956), The Unforgiven (1960) and Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961).

  • Evers: For me, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Phoebe Cates climbing out of that swimming pool, bikini top peeling off.

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) is an American teen comedy film starring Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Phoebe Cates, and is based on the 1981 book of the same name.

  • Evers: My favorite is how he held off an angry mob with a hunk of pine – not just any pine, a Carlton Fisk, Chicago White Sox Big Stick Bat. Carlton Fisk is a former Major League Baseball catcher, who played for the Boston Red Sox in 1969, and again between 1971 and 1980, and the Chicago White Sox between 1981 and 1993.

  • Title: "Hog Butcher" The title of this episode refers to Carl Sandburg's 1916 poem "Chicago", the first few lines of which reads: Hog Butcher for the World. Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat, Player with Railroads and the Nation's Freight Handler; Stormy, husky, brawling, City of the Big Shoulders. In the context of this episode, "Hog" is also a pejorative term for a police officer, with "Hog Butcher" referring to the killing of Officer Antonio Betz in the pilot episode.

  • Title: "Gillis, Chase and Babyface" The title of this episode refers to the Chicago-born bank robber and murderer, Lester Joseph Gillis (December 6, 1908 – November 27, 1934), better known as "Baby Face Nelson"; and his California-born associate, John Paul Chase (December 26, 1901 – October 5, 1973). Both men were part of the infamous "John Dillenger" gang which committed numerous robberies across the United States. They were eventually ambushed by the FBI in the town of Barrington, just outside of Chicago, in which Gillis shot and killed two FBI agents, before being shot himself. Chase managed to escape, making it back to California, but he was eventually arrested by the FBI and sentenced to life imprisonment at Alcatraz Federal Prison. He became one of the longest serving inmates there, resident for almost 20 years, from 1934-1954.

  • Evers: Paul Rotherham. Er...moved to England, converted to Islam. Wysocki: Yeah, spends his days listening to Cat Stevens LPs. Doesn't help me much. Yusuf Islam (born Steven Demetre Georgiou), better known by his stage name of Cat Stevens, is an English singer/songwriter who converted to Islam in 1977, adopting his Muslim name the following year. After converting to Islam, he sold all of his musical possessions and concentrated on Muslim pilanphropic causes, but came back to music in 2006, 28 years since he made his last album. He currently goes by the stage name, "Yusuf."

  • Colvin: It was a radical lefist group, right? They grew out of the Days of Rage riots. They bombed the Haymarket police memorial in City Hall. The Days of Rage riots were a series of radical demonstrations taking place in Chicago over three days from 8-11 October, 1969. It was organized by the extremist faction "Weatherman" and was based around John Jacobs' slogan "Bring the war home." The Haymarket police memorial was destroyed on 5 October, prior to the demonstrations. Nobody has ever been arrested for it.

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