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  • The Chris Isaak Show takes an irreverent look at the sexy, outrageous backstage world of rock music. Featuring Chris, his real life band members and an ensemble of oddball characters, the stories offer a fanciful mix of fact and fiction and follow Chris on the road, into the studio and even onto his surfboard as he tries to live an ordinary life - in spite of - his chosen profession. Season Three episodes of The Chris Isaak Show air on Canada's MuchMoreMusic. Check their schedule at: Australia's The Comedy Channel has aired episodes in the past. Check their schedule at: UK fans can catch the show on Channel 4. Though airings don't appear to follow any regular schedule, you can check their current lineup at: Series Notes: There are a lot of quirky bits and dabs in the series that some fans of the show may not necessarily connect with Chris, personally. For example, Chris really does drink Tang, he really does surf, and he really does drive a 1964 Chevy Nova. (It's not red and it's not a convertible, but his own car is very similar to what he drives on the show.) Additionally, his home is in San Francisco, it is modest, and, by his own admission, it's furnished with thrift store bargains. Sharp-eyed viewers will also notice that Chris will occasionally wear multiple tiepins on his neckties, something he was known for doing in the late 1980's and early 1990's, though in those days, he frequently wore them on his jacket lapels. The message on his white Gibson electric guitar "I [heart] Carole L." refers to his first girlfriend, Carole Lowe, who died of cancer in late 1999 or early 2000. (Please follow the link to the Baja Beach Club to read the Sacramento Bee article about Carole and her special message in the Files folder.) The character of Mona was also based on a real woman at the real Bimbo's 365 Club in San Francisco, though in actual fact, she's known as "Dolphina." In the 1930's, several different acts played the venue, and one of them was a magician. He had rigged up a series of mirrors that would project an image of anyone who was lying on a rotating table in the basement up into the fish tank located behind the bar. People would come from all over the world to see "the mermaid in the fishbowl" there. As it's a very well known feature (even to this day) at Bimbo's, the writers (and more than likely, Chris himself,) decided that she should be incorporated into the show. So, the character of "Mona," was born. Her purpose is to keep Chris grounded in the wacky world of rock stardom that he lives in. She's his "conscious," his advisor, his therapist, and the one friend he has on the show who has nothing to do with his profession. On an interesting note... Chris, himself, has taken a turn on the table in the real Bimbo's. Back in the mid-1990's, he donned a pair of swim trunks, jumped on the spinning table, and went for a "virtual swim" in the fishbowl. Season One Notes: A considerable amount of time in season one was spent experimenting with relationships between the various characters as the writers tried to figure out where non-band characters might fit with the pre-established unit that is Chris Isaak and Silvertone. Early on, and all throughout season one, the Chris and Yola connection was obvious, and a clear fan favorite. Though the writers were careful never to cross that personal/professional line with the pair, they established a strong sense of mutual respect and playfulness between them that was irresistible to watch. Additionally, Anson seemed to rely on Chris' counsel more often in the earlier episodes, and would frequently be seen alone with Chris at his home, discussing life's various challenges. After episode #12 "Smackdown" however, the Kenney and Anson chemistry began to evolve, and it hit its stride with episode #15 "Storytime." Kenney was something of an older, wiser version of Anson, and that pseudo father/son relationship gradually began to usurp the mentor/pupil relationship that had been established earlier between Chris and Anson. Anson still relied on Chris throughout the series for words of wisdom, so that relationship never ended, but Anson and Kenney connected on a very different level. Fans seemed to really enjoy this shift, and there's no doubt that some of the best moments in season two capitalized on the rather unique relationship between Kenney and Anson. Per the Northern California Movies Website at: Chris Isaak and Silvertone performed at The Fillmore Theater (1805 Geary Boulevard) in San Francisco on July 12, 2000 in order to obtain actual live concert footage to use in many of the first season episodes. Wherever possible, I've noted where that footage was used throughout the Season One guide. Some of that Fillmore concert was used for Bimbo's concert footage, as well as for many of the tour stops the band made in episode #9, "Tomorrowland." Additionally, the establishing exterior shots of Bimbo's 365 Club are actual shots of the real club at 1025 Columbus Avenue in San Francisco. All the interior scenes at Bimbo's were filmed on the Vancouver set. This Fillmore footage was only used for Season One episodes. Season Two Notes: Where season one established the Chris/Yola connection, season two took a decidedly different direction where the couple was concerned. The writers, almost purposefully, chose "not to go there," with the romance, and opted instead to pair them both up with partners who could offer interesting script challenges. While some fans found that distressing, I, personally thought it was a good decision. Believable sexual and romantic tension is difficult to achieve in episodic Television, and when it's there (seemingly effortlessly) between two very likable characters, it's really best just to leave it alone and let it work its magic. There would have been nowhere else to go once Chris and Yola got together, so keeping them apart throughout season two was the right thing to do. In addition to this shift, the writers also made a few other modifications to the behavior of some characters and the interactions that many of them had with one another. For example, in the first season, Yola was written as a somewhat stereotypical manager; the micromanagement, the image and style consciousness themes, and the ubiquitous bottle of Pepto Bismol in her purse all contributed to the "neurotic manager" model that could have too easily made her a cartoon character. In season two however, Yola was much more confident; her micromanagement and image issues were minimized substantially, while the "on the threshold of an ulcer" tact was eliminated completely. Yola struggled more in season two with easily identifiable "human" issues (dating, conflicts with her mother, parenting issues) than she did in season one, and I think that made her more "real" to fans. The writers also experimented with a Yola/Cody relationship that transcended the sexual encounters the pair shared in season one. Though many fans missed the Yola/Chris relationship, many others (myself included,) found the new Yola/Cody relationship too intriguing to ignore. Both characters grew a great deal in season two, and it was an evolution that they really only could have made together. Roly, as well, seemed to have finally found a niche as a philosopher, a scholar, or a voice of reason for the other characters, often bearing a calm and thoughtful style (frequently humorous,) that served as an interesting contrast to Kenney's smart-ass, somewhat self-absorbed manner. Hershel's kinder, gentler nature was enhanced in season two, and he became surprisingly adept at finding a way to say a lot without uttering a word - conveying much of what he had to say through body language and facial expressions – tough to do when you wear glasses… As for Anson? He was just MORE Anson in season two… (As Chris said in season one's episode 5, "You're ten pounds of Anson in a five-pound sack.") Perhaps the biggest change in season two had to do with the character of Vivian, whose exit from the show was not addressed. Chris simply no longer had anyone to look after his rather extensive costume collection. Though clearly a supporting character, Vivian was a wonderful female foil to Yola and her neurotic behavior. Viv was very much the "anti-Yola," with her calm, levelheaded demeanor and New Age style. Her departure created a larger void for fans than the producers likely anticipated.moreless

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  • Cast & Crew
  • Chris Isaak

    Chris Isaak

  • Kristin Dattilo

    Yola Gaylen

  • Jed Rees

    Anson Drubner

  • Jennifer Calvert

    Vivian (Season One)

  • BobbyJo Moore


  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (35)

    • Quote #1: Jodie to Anson when they meet again in the field after the first day's shooting: "What are you, the choreographer?" Anson: "No, I'm straight, I'm in the band." Quote #2: Jodie to Anson as they're talking in the barn. Anson, happy that Jodie accepted a date with him, begins to dance a bit, and winds up behind Thor, her horse: "Don't stand behind him, he doesn't like it. Especially men." Anson: "Yeah, sure, I'm the same way." Quote #3: Chris to Anson, in Chris' living room after the video shoot, talking about the mystery of women: "It's the mystery. The never-ending mystery that keeps us coming back for more, you know? That thing about ‘em that makes us want ‘em; that drives us crazy for ‘em." Anson: "Jugs." Chris: "It's so great that we have these moments together…" as he helps Anson from his chair and points him toward the door…

    • Anson to Chris, worried that his relationship with Carol is sinful in the eyes of God: "Do you believe in signs?" Chris: "What are we talkin' about here, Anson?" Anson: "Signs, man, like locusts, floods, snakes with two heads, that sorta shit." Chris: "I don't believe in that superstitious stuff, I'm a Catholic."

    • Roly to Chris as private detective Ray collects evidence in Kim's disappearance: "Show him your nut sack, Chris."

    • Chris to Yola after hearing Ordell's chicken commercial: "I don't need a lawyer to do the job of a two-by-four."

    • Quote #1: Chris and Anson discuss Monica's operation: Chris: "Did Monica have her surgery already? Anson: "Yeah, I really gotta thank you for that, man. You really helped me out." Chris: "What kind of surgery did she have?" Anson: "Tits, man." Chris: "Tits, huh? Use the correct nomenclature, you dick." Anson: "Okay, hooters…" Quote #2: Chris and Anson… further discussion about Monica's… uh… enhancement: Anson: "How can bigger not be better when it comes to tits?" Chris: "You don't want a woman Anson, you want a dairy farm."

    • Chris and Yola interviewing Brock for the job as Chris' bodyguard: Yola: "NYPD Anti-Terrorist Unit, wow." Chris: "That's like S.W.A.T., right?" Brock: "That's correct, sir." Chris: "I know a little about that, ‘cuz I was a Webelo."

    • Quote #1: Anson telling Roly about his encounter with Melissa: Anson: "It was like, mystical man. I mean, the clock was bongin' midnight, she's runnin' out the door, and all I've got to remember her by is a pair of panties. Roly: "You know, this sounds like a fairytale." Anson: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. Wait, which one?" Roly: "Rumplestiltskin." Anson: "Rumplestiltskin, yeah." Quote #2: Chris and Malcolm, meeting for the first time to discuss the upcoming stadium tour: Malcolm: "Do you consider yourself a warrior, Chris?" Chris: "Excuse me?" Malcolm: "A warrior." Chris: "Usually, I just write ‘singer' on my resume…"

    • Quote #1: Anson laments his rash to the rest of the band at rehearsal: "This is really bad…" Kenney: "Anson, for the love of God, would you quit lookin' down your pants? That's all there is, accept it." Quote #2: Kenney to Chris as they go through his belongings, preparing for the auditor's visit: "I'm tellin' you, you should hide everything before that auditor comes over here. You gotta look like a monk." Chris: "I am like a monk, Kenney. I'm like a monk with several dozen sequin suits." Quote #3: Anson, to the band assembled in Chris' house for rehearsal. He'd been to the doctor to have his rash tended to, and explains to the band that what he thought was a condition he'd picked up at Svetlana's house, was really a reaction to a laundry detergent sample he'd gotten in the mail: "Yeah, all that Russian shit was just, like, Xenophobia." Roly: "Right... Fear of the warrior princess..."

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    Notes (47)

    • Songs featured in this episode: "Wicked Game" Live concert setting at the Fillmore in San Francisco. "Please" Chris and the director watch the video in Chris' living room. "Don't Leave Me On My Own" Live location performance with the band. "Goin' Nowhere" Mock-video-shoot subject song. "Eyes of Texas" Soundtrack music played during the bar scene with Anson and Jodie.

    • Songs featured in this episode: "I Want Your Love" Live rehearsal setting at Bimbo's. "I'm Not Sleepy" Live rehearsal setting at Bimbo's – Chris teases Yola. "Highway Patrol" Live concert setting at Bimbo's with Junior Brown. "Mama Tried" Chris, Kenney, Roly, and Hersh teasing Anson in the green room at Bimbo's. "Beautiful Homes" Live jam session at Chris' house with Junior Brown. "Don't' Make Me Dream About You" Chris and the band's live lullaby serenade for Yola.

    • Songs featured in this episode: "Wanderin" Live concert setting at Bimbo's. "This Love Will Last" Live concert setting at Bimbo's with Minnie Driver. "La Vie En Rose" Live in the green room at Bimbo's with Minnie Driver. "Eyes of Texas" Live rehearsal setting at Chris' house. (With Chris on the piano.) "Forever Blue" Chris playing live, relaxing at home. "Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing" Live concert setting at the Fillmore.

    • Songs featured in this episode: "7 Lonely Nights" Chris playing live, alone in his living room. "Rocky Mountain Way" Live concert setting at Bimbo's with Joe Walsh. "Wrong to Love You" Live rehearsal setting at Chris' house with Joe Walsh. "Lie to Me" Live concert setting at the Fillmore.

    • Songs featured in this episode: "5:15" Live rehearsal setting at Chris' house with ‘Helen'. "Wicked Game" Live concert setting, performance by ‘Ordell' and his band, ‘Blue Hotel.' "Solitary Man" Live concert setting at Bimbo's with Stevie Nicks. "5:15" Live rehearsal setting at Chris' house with ‘Helen' and ‘Ordell.' "It's Late" Live rehearsal setting at Chris' house with Stevie Nicks. "Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing" ‘Ordell's' chicken spot, (a parody of the song,) heard in Yola's office. "Forever Blue" Anson playing at Chris' house. "Two Hearts" Live concert setting at the Fillmore.

    • Songs featured in this episode: "I Believe" Live concert setting at Bimbo's. "If I Had a Hammer" Live rehearsal setting at Chris' house. "Wild Love" Live concert setting at Bimbo's with ‘Jimmy Vane.' "Super Magic 2000" Live concert setting at Bimbo's. "Don't Leave Me On My Own" Soundtrack music, played in the bar at Bimbo's while Yola and Chris have a chat.

    • Songs featured in this episode: "San Francisco Days" Live concert setting at the Fillmore. "Lie to Me" Rehearsal setting at Bimbo's listening to a recording of the previous night's show. "Falling in Love" Live, playing with Lisa Loeb and Dweezil Zappa – after Leon's party at Bimbo's. "Sink the Bismark" Chris, singing live in the Gay bar as he tries to avoid Tricia Miller. "Gone Ridin'" Live rehearsal setting at Bimbo's – the boys just playing for fun.

    • Songs featured in this episode: "Winter Waves" Soundtrack music as we see Chris, riding the waves near his home in San Francisco – the show opener. "Girls, Girls, Girls" Live concert setting at Bimbo's with Vince Neil. "Graduation Day" Live concert setting with the band performing for the kids at the Catholic school. "Eyes of Texas" Chris and Kenney, visiting a sick boy at the hospital.

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    Trivia (38)

    • 1. In the scene where Chris and video director Brian are watching the video for "Please" in Chris' living room, we see Brian sitting on a chair in front of the TV, holding onto a container of cheese balls, munching away on them as he watches the video. Then the doorbell rings. As Chris gets up to answer it, he takes the cheese balls from Brian and puts them on the bar between the kitchen and the living room. Chris goes to the door and lets Yola in, and the two of them find their way back into the kitchen as they have their conversation. The scene cuts back to Brian, still sitting on his chair in front of the TV, once again holding onto the container of cheese balls... yet asking Chris where the cheese balls got to... However, the perspective of the camera is Chris' from the kitchen, looking across the bar... as we see Brian, holding a can of cheese balls, we can see the can that Chris took from him earlier sitting on the bar... right where he left it to answer the door. 2. The TV that Chris and Brian are watching the "Please" video on in Chris living room is a modern one with a square screen... not the vintage rounded screen with the wooden cabinet we see as the show's opener each week. In actual fact, however, we don't see a Television set in Chris' house much at all throughout any part of the series. The only times in season one that we see a TV set is when the machine is somehow required in the episode. 3. When Bai Ling visits Chris in his room at the hotel, she sits on the love seat in front of his window – across from Nedra's room. The curtains are opened only far enough to reveal the center pane and about half of the pane to the right of that. As their conversation continues, the curtains behind Bai Ling are suddenly opened farther, showing about half the pane to the left of the center pane. 4. Likely NOT a goof, but worth noting... As Bai Ling leaves Chris' room (#6), we see Jean-Baptiste looking out of his bedroom (#8) door, which is at the end of the hall to the right of Chris' room. While it's possible that his room connects the wings of the hotel that cause Chris' room and Nedra's room to run parallel to each other, it's also possible that this could be an error... 5. As Chris talks to Monique on the phone in the closing sequence – after he and Anson watch the NEW video… the image on the TV screen behind him, is a shot of Bai Ling's eye from the "Please" video…

    • 1.  In Chris' guilty dream sequence with Otto, the painting of the rabbit behind Otto in the highchair was also used in Chris' room at the Gallop On Inn where the band shot the "video" in the first episode.

      2.  In this episode, we see that Chris actually has a backyard, not just a patio/balcony area (that can be accessed through the set of French doors in his living room,) though we don't necessarily see how he gains access to the ground from the house. Additionally, we see several shots of the front of the house, which has light-colored siding (possibly gray,) yet as Chris brings the missing Otto his dinner, we see that the back of the house is a dark green.

      3.  It's probably important to note, at this point, that as Chris brings Otto out into the backyard, there is what appears to be a flight of stairs leading up to another balcony/landing area of his house. Unfortunately from the outside shots of the house, we see that there is likely a basement of some sort directly underneath the living room, and that the back of the house seems to sit closer to the ground. (The house appears to have been built on a hill, with the front of the house actually having two stories, while the back of the house doesn't.)  This would mean that the steps leading down from the back of his house aren't exactly accurate... The conclusion? The front exterior shots are not of the same house used for the backyard shots.

    • 1.  In the scene where the band is ragging on Chris for being cheap, Roly is holding a clear glass filled with water. The camera cuts away from Roly and Kenney to Chris who laments the label... When it cuts back to Roly and Kenney, Roly is holding a Styrofoam cup... As the scene continues, Anson finishes the horn arrangements he'd been working on... and Roly is holding the glass once more...

      2.  For the very first time, we get an extremely good view of the exterior of Chris' humble abode. We see from this angle that the house has a chimney; yet, there is no fireplace visible in any of the interior shots of the house. Also, the wall of windows with the French doors and the balcony appears to be at the front of the house... The view from inside looking out in that room is the ocean, and this episode establishes the fact that the front of Chris' house faces the water.

      3.  In an episode that focuses on Chris' "frugal" lifestyle, I had a lot of fun looking for bits and dabs that highlight that lifestyle. For example, as Kenney stops by Chris' house to have a look at Scotty Moore's guitar (which, of course, Chris didn't win...) we see Chris fixing the fence in the front yard. As Kenney approaches, Chris can be seen hammering out a kink in an old nail... while that's frugal enough – we see that he's fixing that nail with a patched hammer... If you look closely, you'll see that the handle has been wrapped with tape close to the hammer head...

      4.  In the jam session with Joe Walsh in Chris' living room, Chris' guitar strap alternates in shots from being on the inside to the outside of the collar of his red shirt...

    • 1.  We discovered from the previous episode that the house faces the ocean and that the French doors in Chris' living room are at the front of the house. From the inside shots we can see what appears to be an open balcony with bamboo blinds, and we get a good view of both (from the inside looking out) for the first time in this episode. However, in the outdoor daylight exterior shots we see that the front of the house is enclosed by glass windows, some of which are opened as plants can be seen dangling out of them as they sit on the ledge.

      In the scene where Anson and Chris are talking in Chris' living room, we see the bamboo blinds hanging on the outside (exterior side) of the ledge, with the plants on the balcony visible from the inside. In the nighttime scene before Ordell calls Chris from jail, we get our first nighttime view of the front of the house. There is a reflection of light in the front window from the neighboring house (far right of screen,) while the blinds – those that are completely closed, that is – appear to hang on the inside of the balcony ledge (as opposed to the outside from the earlier scene.) This would indicate that the interior set for the house does not have a glass-enclosed balcony, while the real house used for the exterior shots in White Rock, does.

      2  Not sure if this is an actual goof, or not, but I thought it was worth noting. In the first performance scene with Stevie Nicks at Bimbo's, Chris is using Ordell's dental floss guitar strap on his white Gibson electric. In the scene with Stevie rehearsing "It's Late" in Chris' house, Ordell's guitar strap is now on one of his Gibson acoustic guitars...

      3.  Again, unsure if this is an actual goof or not, but Chris apparently has a spare bedroom in his house, yet he makes up the sofa for Ordell to sleep on after Chris bails him out of jail. Perhaps his spare bedroom is used for storage, but this one struck me a little odd.

    • 1. There are several scenes where Jimmy can be seen smoking – backstage talking with Chris, rehearsing at Bimbo's, and playing a show with the band. Unfortunately, California passed a law in 1998 that banned smoking in bars and nightclubs...

    • 1.  In the scene with Chris and the band listening to the previous night's show with Lou, there's a moment when Chris, who's attentively listening to the playback, perks up and says, "That thing right there!" as he walks over to a speaker and raps his knuckles on it... Hersh is seen behind Chris, reading an issue of "Billboard," and Lou is busy at the console. That exact same clip – not something similar - was used twice in the scene... and in two different places in the audio playback.

      2.  In the scene where Caroline calls Chris using the video-conferencing feature on his new computer, she expresses surprise at him having such a piece of equipment. Chris declares that the record company had purchased it for him. That statement, whether intentional or not, would indicate that Chris is a bit "techno-phobic," and that the computer is a relatively new addition to his life. However, we saw in the opening scene of the first episode ("Freud's Dilemma,") that Chris had a notebook (laptop) or desktop computer monitor on the desk in his bedroom... This is also the last time you see that particular piece of equipment in Chris' house, until episode 15, "Storytime."

      3.  When Cody pulls into his parking space a few seconds after Yola's pulled into hers, we see that he doesn't pull completely up to the barrier before he opens the door and gets out. (It's actually a bit distracting, as it appears that he's only pulled the car in halfway.) As the two prepare to leave the scene, Cody's car is suddenly completely in the parking space...

      4.  Yola's phone conversation with Viv regarding her dress for Leon's birthday party establishes that the events of this episode occur in December...  (She states that something light and slinky won't really work for a December event) which doesn't match with the weather and the clothing worn by the cast... not even for San Francisco.

      5.  Actor John Destry first appeared in the series in season one's episode 4 "It's the Music, Stupid," as Chris' neighbor, ‘Don' and appeared to live in the house next door to Chris' (on the right side, looking at the house from the street.) He's credited here, again as one of Chris' neighbors, but in this episode, he's ‘Tom,' and again he appears to live in the house immediately to the right of Chris'.

    • 1.  It's unsure whether this is intentional or not, but for the first (and only) time, we see that no act is listed on the Bimbo's marquee during an outside, nighttime shot of the venue.

      2.  This is also the first time that there wasn't a single scene shot at Chris' house in the entire episode.

    • 1.  If we're to believe that the exterior shots from previous episodes are really those of Chris' house, then the scene where Anson jumps onto Chris' balcony from the right side (looking out,) is actually incorrect. There is no physical way for Anson to scale the side of Chris' house to get onto the balcony from the front side of the house. Additionally, the exterior shots show a glass enclosed balcony; a feature that does not exist in the interior scenes.

      2.  According to,, and, there is no such thing as "polisophobia" or a fear of corn. The closest thing I could find to it is Lachanophobia, the fear of vegetables.

      3.  For the first time, Chris acknowledges Mona's "lair," by telling Yola that he was down in "the abyss" when she inquires of him where he'd been. From her reaction, it's difficult to tell whether she understands (exactly) what he's talking about, as he, throughout the entire series, is the only person with whom Mona is ever seen interacting.

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    Allusions (10)

    • Chris: "A lot of the big ones, man, they've been behind the bars. Johnny Cash, James Brown… Hugh Grant…"
      True, all though, Johnny's prison career consisted of just one night in an El Paso, TX jail in 1965 on drug possession charges. He never did serve any real "hard time."

    • Chris: "I know a little about that, ‘cuz I was a Webelo."

      Forgive me if I don't have this exactly right...  But, according to, the home page for the Boy Scouts of America, "Webelos" is a Cub Scout program designed for boys who've finished the third grade, or are 10 years of age.  It's the first transition step from Cub Scout to Boy Scout within the organization.  Please visit the site for more information.

    • Chris: "Why don't you call Jaguar and see if they got any extras."
      As Chris tries to stop the Nova in the opening scene, he tells Yola, "Why don't you call Jaguar and see if they got any extras." In October of 2001, Chris' "Wicked Game" was used in TV spots for the company's X-Type cars.

    • Roly: "Actually, I think she prefers "Pan-sexual."

      The band discuss Sophie's sexual preference, and Roly tries to offer an explanation. But what are "Omni-Sexual" and "Pan-Sexual?"

      According to the Urban Dictionary Website, Pan Sexual and Omni Sexual are defined as:

      Relating to, having, or open to sexual activity of many kinds.

      A sado-masochistic, homo, necro, peda, bestial, with the desire to screw anything:  animal, vegetable, or mineral!

    • Roly: "I tell you Chris, there's something going on around here. Mary Hart's gonna be pullin' a sad face when she tells the world what befell the beloved Isaak on a lonely farm in Nebraska."
      Reference to the TV program, "Entertainment Tonight," and its longtime host, Mary Hart.

    • Chris: "I never miss an Anthony Quinn movie."

      Chris says this to Mona in an effort to show her how supportive and understanding he is of Native Americans.

      As for Quinn, himself? He was an amazingly accomplished actor who found himself type-cast for certain roles. After becoming disheartened with the whole Hollywood scene, Quinn left it to work in Italy for a while. During that time, he had this to say in an interview with the Associated Press: "What could I play there [Hollywood]?  They only think of me as a Mexican, an Indian or a Mafia don."  You can read a wonderfully detailed biography about him at:

    • Chris: "You ever seen a picture of Liza Minelli and David Gest together? They're as happy as a couple of little clams."
      Chris says this to Mona as he argues the logic of an artist dating a manager. Clearly, this was episode was filmed before the couple's breakup in late 2003...

    • Chris: "Hey, how's things going with you and that new boyfriend of yours... Jeb?"
      Yola corrects him with "George." Obviously, a reference to Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his brother, George W...

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