Our Gang

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Quotes (4)

  • Cleveland: Hey super-smurf, where you headed? Rallo: To the Fortress of Solitude, otherwise known as the crapper. Cleveland: Ha! I'm gonna use that one.

  • AK Funk: Hey, it's that lady from school what has the huge ass. Donna: Language! AK Funk: Sorry. It's that lady from school who has the huge ass. Donna: That's better.

  • Cleveland: (welcoming the kids to the house) Come on in, guys. Let me know if you touch something, so I can have it professionally cleaned. Actually, let me start over: Come on in, guys. Don't touch anything!

  • Chris Griffin: Hi, Cleveland. Cleveland: Go back to Quahog! Chris Griffin: Okay.

Allusions (4)

  • Lean On Me Cleveland addressing the troubled students with a baseball bat is taken straight out of the 1989 movie Lean On Me, about a Principal striving to improve an inner-city school.

  • Bowzer The character of Wowzer is a reference to Jon "Bowzer" Bauman from the doo-wop group Sha Na Na.

  • Cleveland: What we have here is a failure to communicate. This is a famous line from the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke, starring Paul Newman.

  • Cleveland: I'm the richest man in Stool Bend. Cleveland's line is a reference to the classic 1946 Frank Capra film It's A Wonderful Life.