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    By tracycooper33, Mar 27, 2015

    Love the show

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    Brenda starts her first day on the job pissing people off. ha ha

    By Valentine_76, May 05, 2011

    Brenda is awesome right from the beginning of this first episode. The doctor is upset that some a**hole requested a doctor to verify that the victim is dead, which Brenda informs him that she is the a**hole that made the request. This first episode introduces us to the people that are going to be in her division P.M.S. I don't remember what the name is; I just remember that part, because she complained to Pope about it. Each and every one of her team members are extremely unhappy about being in the unit and sign transfer requests, which she puts in their face as she assigns them a task involving the murder. Fritz is adorable. I hope they get together, because I want to see more of him.

    There was one thing about Brenda that bothered me; I didn't understand why she through away a perfectly good donut when it appeared that she wanted to eat it?!?!moreless

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    By phillthebest, Dec 31, 2010

    this chapter was very good, at the begining i thought this was going to be another police drama in the tv but after i watched it, i was so amazed with the acting and with the case in general, i think this is a very interesting show and this first chapter is a prove of that, I really enyoed the entire case and how brenda was betrayed by her new team, definitively this is one of the best series begining with a very good cast. P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakesmoreless

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    How the heck did this get 7 million viewers? Was it because of the wacky speech style, uninteresting characters or the overall dullness of the show? In any case, I'd hate to see this show become a success.

    By las6, Nov 24, 2010

    Apparently the budget for this show is so small they couldn't even afford a good scene view for the beginning of the episode. They just cut in straight to the acti.. er.. acting?

    So this is yet another series about police work - this time with nothing that would make it different, only things that make it worse. You don't get interesting visuals, tech or cases like in CSI and you won't get gritty, classy & dark tv like in The Inside. Don't expect any action scenes either.

    What you do get is annoying characters, plotlines that may seem complex, but at least I figured out the plot right when I saw the body. And that was about 2 minutes into the show.

    So is there anything good about this show or this particular episode? Nope, nothing really. Well it only lasts 45 minutes. Reminds me of school in that sense.

    Even though there are only few series airing at summertime, I sure won't be wasting my time on this.moreless

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    Good start so far!

    By JPPT1974, Nov 24, 2010

    It is good that Kyra Sedgwick can finally escape the

    Shadows of being Mrs Kevin Bacon as she holds her own

    As Police Chief Brenda Logan as I love southerners

    She also faces resentment from the all-male police club that her people are under her

    When one of the cops says that how can she come in and outrank me

    JK Simmons of L&O brings in a touch of calm and coolness as Brenda's father figure throughout the show

    Great writing and great acting makes great potential.moreless

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    Brenda has to impress everyone after she crashes onto the scene as the new leader of the homicide team.

    By mharvey10, Nov 24, 2010

    Wow. This is one of the best pilots I have seen in a long time. First, the writing was really good. Although you knew she'd win the respect of her team, the answer to the murder was unexpected. Another thing that really set this apart was how fast Kyra fell into the character of Brenda. Normally, when you look back to early episodes of shows, the actors all seem stiff and weird because they hadn't yet found who they were going to be. But Kyra hit this one from day one. And it's nice to see a girl hold her own in the boys club.moreless

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    good start...

    By xblvr, Jun 23, 2007

    So I have no idea where I was when this series premiered. I remember reading something about it, but had no idea it was as good as it is. Finally someone told me that if I liked CSI then I should like it. So I bought the DVDs and sure enough – liked it from the first episode. There were a few issues with the forensics (like the fact that the iris in a dead body rapidly degrades so finding a photo to match would be really hard) and maybe because I watched CSI I did guess the ending. But good none the less. Glad that I decided to give it a chance.moreless

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    Good beginning for a series with important elements for interesting characters and good plot development.

    By awerlwas, Sep 22, 2006

    Good beginning for a series with important elements for interesting characters and good plot development. It presents interesting characters that will be able to be developed over a long period of time. It has exciting character conflicts within the police departments. The "A" story line of the actual crime was well developed though not original. Though there is major competition with crime drama's at this time, Brenda presents as an usual hero. She has all the strenth needed to be a chief. They have added some entertaining flaws. Though she is extremely organized in her head, her work space is a mess. When off duty she is even messier. She can not stop hiding sweet junky food everywhere. She opens her desk drawer and it has junk food. This gives her an all too human and person side. Her food hiding gives the show some humor and a personal touch. That is the appeal of this series. The characters are real.moreless

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    Prime Suspect becomes The Closer, with its own individual style, y'all!

    By speddoc, Aug 13, 2006

    We're off to a great start with this one. I had to watch it more than once to see it for itself, but three things soon became apparent to me while watching the pilot of The Closer: a) this is a star vehicle with a difference, a great supporting cast; b) LA is a character in the show, not just the backdrop and; c) whoever claims this show isn't drawn in large part from the British series Prime Suspect is fibbing - big time. Good thing all three were major draws for me, enough to keep me coming back for more.

    The episode starts with Brenda arriving at one of LA's too-frequent high profile murders, and entering the male dominated world of the LAPD. She soon makes herself known, and gets her male compatriots' backs up. In their eyes she has two strikes against her: she's an outsider and female, and taking over the investigation from an esteemed colleague who's none to pleased himself. But Brenda soon proves her mettle, and her skill, and slowly wins the grudging regard of her team.

    More than losely based on Helen Mirren's Inspector Jane Tennison, Kyra Sedgwick's Brenda Lee Johnson has been aptly, if unoriginally, described as a steel magnolia. And yes, there are a number of plot points clearly drawn from PS I. But the show is no knock-off of the British classic; rather, they use the premise as a skeleton on which to build a show that's entirely an American police procedural, gritty and witty in equal measures.

    Along the way, The Closer uses to tremendous effect their consulting producer, former LA District Attorney Gil Garcetti. His inside knowledge of the LAPD and the city of Los Angeles take LA from being an arbitrary city setting to a character in the show, with a unique and enticing set of charateristics that the show can plumb for some time to come. This is LA the way a resident knows it, not the mythic LA of entertainment industry myth, and cliche.

    The pilot was a strong indication of the show's promise; now in its second season as I write this, it has more than lived up to the potential shown here, building on its two greatest assets: its ensemble cast lead by Kyra Sedgwick, and LA itself. And if the cases themselves are the simplest part of the show, so what? I watch this show for the people who solve the crimes, not the crimes that are solved. The Closer is perfect summer entertainment, and far better than many of the highly hyped and sadly overrated regular season newcomers earning recent Emmy nominations. This is good, solid, meat-and-potatoes TV. Another portion, please?moreless

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  • 9.5

    Gripping start to what looks to be a promising new crime-drama series. Comparisons to Law & Order: Criminal Intent may be drawn, but this is it's own series. Kyra Sedgwick steals the show as Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson, and there's a great dynamic

    By reillyd, Aug 22, 2005

    The pilot for TNT's new original crime-drama series "The Closer" is a gripping start to what looks to be a promising new crime-drama series.

    The gritty detail involved with this case, and the gruesome nature of the homicide shows what a made for cable television series truly can aspire to. Comparisons to Law & Order: Criminal Intent may be drawn, but this is it's own series.

    Kyra Sedgwick steals the show as Deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson, a beautiful southern detective with real style and a flair for dramatics. What she lacks, however, is good interpersonal skills, and instantly finds herself faced with friction in a new squad whose members don't want her to be there. There's a great dynamic between her and co-stars, that you don't always get in a crime drama -- though solving the case is always in the forefront, there's a great backstory about the relationship between Brenda and her colleagues.

    I suspect this series will have a cult following, and big DVD salesmoreless

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