Series Finale: The Last Word

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    Best Goodbye

    By Sunshine23, Sep 19, 2012

    I love the ending of the episode, i thought it was the perfect way to end the serie!!

    Will miss this show though!

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    Perfect ending!

    By Addic7ed, Aug 16, 2012

    This episode was awesome in every single way. I thought it was going to end up bad for Brenda but instead it went perfectly well. She finally got the bastard and help the kid who gave her exactly what she needed. I'm so gonna miss this show.

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    Kudos, I couldnt have asked for a better Goodbye to Brenda

    By tryptz, Aug 14, 2012

    Episode was well thought as Brendas opus. Rusty hopefully gave Brenad a new view of life. Rusty was well acted. I am glad for a couple of epis I was worried they wanted to end Brenda badly. This was perfect to me

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