The Complete and Utter History of Britain

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  • The one scene Terry Jones and Michael Palin discuss most often when asked about The Complete and Utter History of Britain is the post-Battle of Hastings interview Jones holds with the victorious Normans:

    JONES: When were you sure you were going to win?

    PALIN (as the Norman): Well, you can never be sure of a thing like that, David, but I must say I was pretty confident halfway through the second half, when they were 2,000 down.

    JONES: Now what about that incident?

    PALIN: Oh, you mean when Harold was knocked down? (Normans laugh; Palin quiets them) Well, that was a very nasty business, David, and we're all very sorry about it. But I think it was fair. They certainly gave our lads a bit of a laugh. (Normans laugh)