Denise's Decision

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  • Cliff: Yes, the University of Life. I understand some of its graduates have gone on to move back home with their parents!

  • Denise: ...University of North Dakota at Bismarck...and University of Hawaii." Cliff: I just have one question... I'm sure it's a lovely school, but, um, why North Dakota? Denise: Because I'm the only person I know that will be going there.

  • Cliff: See, you look sad, but I feel sad and pitiful. Rudy: I feel pitifuller.

  • Cliff: I also look pathetic. Rudy: I look patheticker.

  • Rudy: I hate college. Cliff: Did someone tell you you have to go right now?

  • Rudy: College takes everybody away.

  • Vanessa: Did Denise decide on a college while we were gone? Clair: About a dozen times.

  • Denise: I don't know, Grandpa. Hillman is so far away from home. Russell: I know, but after you've been there awhile, it IS home.

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  • At the 1986 Emmys, The Cosby Show was nominated for Best Comedy. In addition, Phylicia Rashad was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy; Malcolm-Jamal Warner for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy; and Lisa Bonet and Keshia Knight Pulliam for Outstanding Supporting Actress. (Keshia was the youngest actress ever to be nominated for an Emmy.)

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  • Goof: Theo and Cliff walk into the kitchen and Cliff sets the basketball on the counter. Theo walks upstairs. When the camera is back on the counter the basketball is gone.