Denise's Friend

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Quotes (5)

  • Cliff: Let's say one of you is pregnant. Theo: (laughing) Well, I know it's not me. Cliff: Okay, let's say you are pregnant. (Theo stops laughing)

  • Cliff: First off, let's get something straight. Dogs get "mad." People get "angry."

  • Denise: Remember when I spent the night at Janet's house a few weeks ago? Well I didn't spend the night at Janet's. I spent the night at Tommy Watkins'. Cliff: How come Mr. and Mrs. Watkins didn't call us? Denise: Because they were on vacation. Are you angry? Cliff: Ask your mother. Denise (turning to Clair): Are you angry? Clair: No. I'm mad.

  • (An example, using Vanessa.) Denise: Let's say Vanessa has been seeing a seventeen-year old boy. Vanessa (mouthing): Seventeen? Denise: What would you do? Clair: We would take Miss Vanessa and have a long, serious talk. (Stares at Vanessa meaningfully and seriously.) Vanessa: But I'm not seeing anyone. Well, there's Robert, but he's only twelve. Can we use examples that don't have me in it please?

  • Theo: If I were pregnant, I would go to my friends. Cliff: If you were pregnant, you would go to Cockroach?!

Notes (6)

  • Look closely when Clair gets up after saying to the kids I'm glad we had this chat, you can see a tip of a camera on the right

  • At the 1986 Young Artist Awards, Lisa Bonet received a nomination for Best Young Actress Starring in a Television Series.

  • For his work in this episode, Jay Sandrich won an Emmy Award for¬†Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series. John Markus was nominated for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series.

  • During the end credits, there is a scene with Cliff talking to a group of young girls at the community center. This scene was cut for syndication. Also cut from the community-center scenes was a line in the original broadcast in which Cliff says to Denise's friend, "So you don't want your parents to know you are sexually active"; the girl's reply, however ("Believe me, they would not understand"), was left in the syndicated version.

  • At the 1986 Golden Globes, Bill Cosby won the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy. The series was also nominated for Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy.

  • Lisa Bonet said that this episode is one of her favorites.