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  • 8.0

    The Oposites Attract Each Other

    By frosty_ice, Jan 28, 2013

    Now, this series is not one of those series which you would think it's great at first sight, mostly because of its animation and premise. Still, the Cramp Twins is a series which itself is quite good. The series tells us the adventures and misadventures of two twins, Wayne and Lucien Cramp, who have nothing in common, not even their appearence.

    While Lucien is a kind-hearted spirit who loves peace and respects nature, along with his good friend Tony, who tells him all sorts of things regarding nature and the animals who live in the swamp behind the twins' house, Wayne is a bully who loves to destroy and smash things and is always looking for an excuse to prank people up (he spends most of his time in the junkyard, talking to the owner, Joe, as he tries to find parts for his crazy mechanical contraptions), not to mention doing his favourite, which is to call Lucien "Girl-Pants".

    Then, we have the boys' mother, who is a clean freak and their dad, who is always nervous about something. Really cool characters, who bring up so many funny situations. Overall the series deserves an 8.moreless

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  • 7.5

    A tolerable show

    By CartoonFreak666, Dec 02, 2012

    This show is not my favorite but it's still tolerable. At least it's not Fanboy and Chum Chum.

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  • 9.5

    A nice show

    By patrickpritt48, Jan 19, 2012

    A good show for everyone

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    A good show

    By Ed-Ventures, Sep 05, 2011

    I have been watching this show since I was young it is very good. The show is about Lucian and Wayne Cramp. Lucian is a nature loving kind person and Wayne is a junk loving evil person who does extreme things and lives dirty. There dad works for a very rich man named Walter Winkle and Walter Winkle's daughter fancies Wayne. Lucian has a small friend called Tony whos aprents live in the swamp. Wayne and Lucians mum is a clean freak she can not have one thing not clean or she goes crazy. The Cramp Twins is a very good show!moreless

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  • 6.0

    Am I the only person here who finds this show at least watchable?

    By Third-Kind, May 14, 2011

    A lot of people say this show is either mediocre or bad. I for one, found this show bordering on mediocre to good. The Cramp Twins focuses on the titular non-identical brothers, Lucien and Wayne Cramp, who live in near a swamp in with their parents. Lucien is a nature-loving neat-freak while Wayne (Fun fact; Wayne's actually voiced by Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob!) is a dirt-loving daredevil. Yes, they're polar opposites. Lucien's best friend is Tony Parsons, a swamp person who unfortunately, seems to be the smallest 10 year old ever. Wayne's enemy (aside from Lucien himself) seems to be Wendy Winkle, a spoilt rich girl who has a massive crush on him.

    The first problem is the art style; why do the some of the characters have different coloured skin? I mean, Wayne's is purple, Mrs Cramp's is yellow and Mr Cramp's is green! And Lucien's skin is normal! I mean, what happened? Did nuclear radiation mutated their skin colour or something? This problem is also around with the background characters.

    The characters vary in likability. I used to like Lucien when I was younger, but now I just think he's an annoying nerd. Wayne has his moments, but overall, he's just cruel. Wendy is annoying as heck and the teacher is pretty cruel as well. Tony seems to be the most truly likable character, as he seems to be one of the smartest in the show. The show also turns to toilet humour to try give us laughs. I recall an episode when Lucien has to spend the entire episode trying to go to the bathroom. Um, no. Toiler humour's not really my thing. Although you may get a laugh out of Wayne sometimes, it's not really enough.

    Overall, this is just a mediocre show. While I do find it watchable, there's loads of better shows out there.moreless

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    By couchpotato97, Apr 28, 2011

    It was the best show and they canceld it.The first time i saw it i loved it.How could it be canceld.The tv cridicts where wrong.I think i was as good as the Simpsons.The cramps where agood family and reguler problems.It was probely canceld because cridicts thought it was bad because they where to loud and voilent.The ony diference between them an a reguler family is the mom because she is a clean freak(It is a term.)and the dad does not have good job.The only problem is Wendy obsesst with Wayne and the mom is a clean freak and the dad has a bad job.moreless

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    CatDog dosn't devire to stay on the air

    By flcl_Wizard, Apr 28, 2011

    One of the most unappreciated of the 4kids shows, Cramp twins is a gentle comedy that follows Lucien and Wayne as they explore art and imagination!

    That's the pitch. In truth, the psychedelic imagery and bizarre plots make this show the closest you'll get to an acid trip without going to Hashbury. Lucien and Wayne are good kids prone to the minor mistakes and learning experiences true to age ten. They are a good antidote to the unrealistically good kids of PBS and the smartalecks infesting other kids' programming. Episode quality can be erratic - the closing Tony's segments and Wendy's episode are often tedious - but the warmth of the three and the weird conceptual art make it all worth while. Deserves a second look.moreless

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  • 6.5

    I love this show!

    By Ballyorca, Feb 28, 2009

    This show is so funny and in my opinion is better than EEnE. It may not be funnier but at least the characters look like actual people. Ed on Ed, Edd n Eddy looks like no human I've ever seen! Anyway, my favourite character is Wayne. You can't help but love him and laugh out loud at every single funny line he makes. Lucien on the other hand is an absolute idiot!!!! he continually tortures Wayne and I love every episode where Wayne wins. He is defenately a whimp, that is all i can say about him. Stupid Lucien, I love you Wayne!!moreless

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    This show stinks!!!!

    By foamy2345, Jan 21, 2009

    I really hate this show.Its horrid!There is absoultley nothing good about it!Lets see:animation.Its horrible!Why are people yellow,green and purple instead of black and white?Do people who made that crappy design consider them self unique and creative artists?Well they shouldnt,cause its stupid!And animation is also too colorfull and serioussly lacks details.People dont even have a nose,just 2 nostriles.Now the plot:its about twins who have nothing in common.The story is mainly set around Lucien,a boring nerd who likes nature and his only friend is Tony,a morbidly small swamp boy,and his brother Wayne,who is mean and stupid and bullies Lucien.Ok,the plot is boring.I couldnt care less about a nerd trying to save lizards and worms.Wayne,on the other hand,plays with junk all day,and there is this spoiled rich girl in pink who is sexually harrassing him.Great plot for a kids show,really.Luciens friend Tony is acctually the only one thats not stupid and annoying.Same goes for Luciens dad.But mom is really annoying neat freak(btw,dexters mom did it first)and always blames Lucien for stuff he didnt do.And the twins have morbidly obese teacher who is also very annoying and mean.But besides bland and annoying characters there is the humor:potty humor,the only one bad writers can come up with.Ok,so the animation stinks,characters stink,humor stinks,and there is no moral for younger children.Dont wach this crappy poor exuse of a cartoons.Its not healthy for your brain cellsmoreless

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