The Crow: Stairway to Heaven

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  • 9.0

    a great show that never got good air time therefore was cancelled! BRING IT BACK!

    By jasonvoorhees50, Apr 16, 2007

    I love the story of the crow! i loved the fact one of my favorite movies! The comics were great as well. In this movie we continue to follow the adventures of Eric Draven as he finds out there was more behind there deaths then what he to get back he must avenge them and kill all the people that were behind there murders. I just remeber watchign this show and thinking it was amazing...and why its on at 11p.m. i wanted it to be prime time! i think many people would have gotten into the show if it was given a chance. One day maybe we will see something like this brought back!moreless

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  • 8.7

    it\'s about a murdered man who comes back to life after having unfinished business, i.e with the murderers.

    By ghostdarTealc, May 08, 2006

    i\'m actually an all-time fan of Mark Dacascos. He\'s really good in here...though i dont realy fancy the long hair...but he looks cool...anyways, i love the story-line, the alter-ego of eric, The Crow, is really a kick-ass. Love him, love the language, love the face, love the whole package. i wish they got The Crow\'s dvd here in Malaysia...*sigh* i wodner why they cancelled the series...

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  • 8.5


    By jkvocalist, Jan 12, 2006

    i was more than a little dubious when i first heard that they were going to do a series of the fantastic (1st) Crow movie.

    After all- the sequels were poor imitations- (eddy Furlong!!....well......HE should be SHOT!)

    Nothing was going to recreate the angst ridden, dark, violent and coolness of the original watering it down for TV audiences seemed like sacrilege.

    but sat through one and was hooked- okay- so it was watered down violence wise- marc playing eric Draven was respectful to the original bringing a part of him to the roll- quality TV

    Entire series on dvd now please. JKmoreless

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    The Crow StairWay To Heaven Is Off The Hook

    By mRjInX2006, Aug 18, 2005

    i seen this show and it's just like the very first crow movie, its o most perfect to me. he looks o most like brendon lee did in the show. but i didnt know it airs on scfi never seen it on there but i saw some episodes and what i saw its off the hook, great action, great love storys.. ya need to see it to beleave it.. but the crow wicked prayer STUNK! i waited and waited to see the movie finnaly did and it sucked.moreless

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