Day 1,370 (1)

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Quotes (7)

  • Abby (to Cooper): We're not perfect. Cooper (to himself): Oh, alert the media.

  • Cooper(about Natalie): I can't wait to tell everyone at school you don't know who the father is. Abby (to Cooper): What?!? Cooper (to Abby): Kidding.

  • Cooper: Quit actin' like a bunny and step up to the plate . Nathan (to Cooper): That's an absurd sentence! Cooper (to Nathan): Absurd or brilliant?

  • Cooper (to God): Please tell me she (Zanni's mother) didn't put a condom in my pocket. (looks in pocket) I said PLEASE!

  • Jack (to Cooper): Did anyone have sex, take drugs, or skip school? Kids (to Jack together): No. Jack (to Kids): Carry on.

  • Zanni (to Cooper): How do you feel about Catholic school girl uniforms and pigtails? Cooper (to Zanni): Strongly in favor?

  • Cooper: It's so neat how teen pregnancies bring families closer together, isn't it?