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    this show is so awesome.

    By enchantedkim, May 05, 2006

    I think that the days was an awesome show and should most definelty be brought back. Also Evan peters was looking so so cute as pubk rock goth type dude. He was an awesome rebellion character. Evan looks ok in invasion but he needs to grow his hair back and become punk rock goth type dude again that was awesome and so so hott. Ok i think this show rocked because it had to deal with teen delemas like pregnacy and not fitting in. See i really dont fit it so i thought it was kewl that they talked about that type of crap. The days was awesome i they should really reconsider bringing it back or at least put evan peters in more role which include him having long hair and being the punk rocker goth type of dude again.i will def like to see that.moreless

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    it was a good show for tyhe 3 episodes that were on

    By kevinb4444, Apr 20, 2006

    I really liked that show, but I guess it would be hard to bring it back since the one kid is on Invasion now. It seems ABC is good about that at least, even though they cancel good shows, they at least re-cast some of the people. The girl from Drew Carey is on Lost now, there is another example. I wish they would put that really hot chick from the Days in another show. I'm suprised it didn't do well it's in the same spot Gray's anatomy is in now, maybe they should have shown it earlier since it was more of a family oriented show.moreless

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    what a fantastic show... very cutting edge, about the lives of a typical family

    By Rocker_Chick17, Oct 20, 2005

    this was one of my fave shows.. it brought some comedic ties to a very realistic situations in life. i have no idea why the took it off the air. i watched it every time it was on. plus the acting was great not to mention the realness to all the situations

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    I loved this show!...i miss it sooo much...

    By ginabeena123, Sep 28, 2005

    I was so upset when they cancelled this show. It was very thoughtful and fun to watch. I miss it alot. The characters were great and the story line was amazing. It was actually fun to watch. Parents didnt't get mad about us watching because nothing completely innapropriate was going on. I definitly think that they made a mistake ending this show. So many people I knew watched this show. As soon as we all started getting hooked, it left the air. I hate when things go wrong on my tv shows. LoL Big mistake cancelling this, thats all i have to say!moreless

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    ys it gone

    By keni16, Sep 19, 2005

    i really loved this show. it was quite funny and i could totally relate to their crazy life. i wish it were still on tv. this was one show that was close to real life not some made up crap that doesnt exist in our world. it was cool that they used the perspective of a teenager cuz adults dont understand them

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    This show is GREAT!!!!

    By omarionluva, Sep 18, 2005

    I couldn't believe they had canceled such an amazing show. If only they had out on a better time slot it would have done great! Hopefully ABC will be smart enough to bring it to dvd for those of us who would like it to continue. Personally this is my favorite show ever!!!

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    I loved this show!!!!!

    By VeronicaMars11, Sep 04, 2005

    I loved this show so much. The Days was an amazing show that should have been given a better time slot! I was so mad when ABC cancelled it!!! I thought maybe ABC Family might pick it up, or even The WB, or UPN. But sadly, none of them wanted to give this amazing show a chance. I am certain that if ABC advertised it more, gave it a better time slot and put it in the fall season, it would be on air at the moment. I love this show and really want it to be released on DVD!!! I would buy it in .00000000005 seconds!!!!moreless

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    This was a really good show. I do not know why it would be taken off the air. It was not given a fair chance.

    By ericak129, Aug 21, 2005

    This show was really good. I was very disappointed to see that it was not returning for another season. It premiered during the summer and it was expected to survive the ratings game. People are not looking for new shows to watch in the summer. Most people are on vacation and really do not care that much about television.

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    get the days on dvd!

    By hihello, Aug 15, 2005

    hey everyone. i think we should petition to let the days be put out on dvd. i would definitely buy it. i know it\'s only 6 episodes but those were some awesome 6 episodes. i love that show and now i\'ll never be able to see it again unless it\'s on dvd.

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