The Days

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Quotes (35)

  • Cooper (refering to his family's problems): One day, this will all make me very, very rich.

  • Abby (to everyone): The only difference between us and the Osbournes is they get paid.

  • Cooper: I am so going on Oprah. Emma: This whole writer thing... is really working for me.

  • Nathan: Nice job, middle child, you killed mom!

  • Jack: Maybe he just went outside. Cooper: We're talking about Nathan, right? Jack: Good point.

  • Jack (to Cooper): I'm coming after you. Cooper (to Jack): Thanks for the warning.

  • Abby (to everyone): We're not perfect. Cooper (to Abby): I'll alert the media.

  • Cooper (to Mr. Marley): This is who I am. This is who I'll be tomorrow, and the day after that, and in five years from now.

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Notes (11)

  • An encore presentation of the first episode aired Thursday, July 22 on ABC. This time it was at 8pm instead of 10pm.

  • The original plot of the series it was supposed to revolve around a dysfunctional suburban Philadelphia family in which both the mother and her teenage daughter become pregnant at about the same time.

  • The series is shot on location in Vancouver, Canada even though it's supposed to take place in Philadelpiha, USA.

  • In a unique twist, ABC will not pay a cash license fee for the series, instead opting to split the value of the advertising inventory with Mindshare, who will cover the entire production budget. Unilever and another undisclosed MindShare client have already made advertising commitments on the project, which includes some limited product placement on camera.

  • The series has no studio and in hindsight they shoot at a real home, and not on a set. For product placement they gut the kitchen out and put in Kenmore applicanes.

  • Originally showrunners John Scott Shepherd and Mike Tollins were told (and assured) The Days was a shoo-in for a slot on ABC's fall schedule, at the last minute the network passed on the series. But it brought it back for the summer.

  • The series didn't undergo a usual development cycle. A pilot was never made for The Days as ABC greenlighted the show on the spot as a summer series.

  • Music Natalie played on the piano was Elton John's "Tiny Dancer."

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Trivia (4)

  • In this episode we find out that Jack graduated Villanova University.

  • Nathan's school is called Pearson Academy.

  • The advertising company where Abby works is called Valentine Fallon.

  • Right before the scene where Abby was having her "dream," it showed Jack walking out of the room, and in the next shot he was in bed beside her.

Allusions (3)

  • Cooper Day: Where's Ashton? I'm getting Punk'd right? Cooper makes a reference to actor Ashton Kutcher and his MTV reality series Punk'd. The show centers around Ashton and his crew playing practical jokes on celebrities by sabotaging them in bizarre everyday circumstances.

  • Abby: "The only difference between us and the Osbournes is they get paid."
    The Osbourne family is a famous celebrity family held up by famous rocker muscian Ozzy Osbourne, wife Sharon and children Karen, Jack, etc.

  • Cooper Day: "I am so going on Oprah."
    Cooper describes his family chaos by sarcastically saying he'll be on Oprah, the talk show. Oprah Winfrey is famous black talk show host and entrepeneur in the media since 1986 when being introduced.