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    True fans...

    By MovingMillie, Jan 08, 2013

    Hello fellow Dick Van Dyke fans, I am currently producing the short film Moving Millie, and thought you might be interested. Moving Millie is a romantic, fun, and inspiring short film paying homage to some of the great classic sitcom comedies like Dick Van Dyke and I Love Lucy.

    Why are we producing this film? is something about the great classic sitcoms of the 1950/60s that stand the test of time. The wholesome jokes and high energy physical comedy has made audiences laugh for over fifty years. It is no wonder that Dick Van Dyke is being honored this year with the SAG Lifetime Achievement Award (not to mention last years recipient Mary Tyler Moore).

    As young artists, we have always admired, and tried to emulate the comedic styling's of these great performers. We found ourselves in an age where crude, edgy, and/or slacker humor is the focus of mainstream comedy, searching for something more truthful.

    We are currently raising money for the project. Please help support our efforts by spreading the word and/or donating to our indiegogo campaign. Find us on under Moving Millie.moreless

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    such a really good classich show

    By cube2k8, May 06, 2010

    i am 20 years old and the dick van dyke show came along time ago way before my time. i watch the reruns over the years and own all the boxsets and seen all the eps. the dick van dyke show was a classic it was about a man and his wife and a kid and he did a tv show called the alan brady show the show was hilrious and had alot of clasic eps were funny things would happen like a pie to the face things like that. but it had alot good moments. and i really enjoyed the show.moreless

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    Way too much talent for one show...

    By Theoacme, Jun 15, 2008

    ...what talent there was on this program - you had a gifted veteran comedian (Morey Amsterdam), a gifted veteran comedienne (Rose Marie), a top comedy writer who produced the show, as well as appeared as the titular star of the "Alan Brady Show" everyone worked for (Carl Reiner), a very funny younger comedian (van Dyke and a future top television director (Jerry Paris)...

    ...but the real surprise was the development of one of the better comediennes in television history - Mary Tyler Moore. She did more in her namesake show - but, in my opinion, she did her best work with Dick van Dyke here.

    Two words sum it up for me - "inflatable raft".moreless

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    Rob Petrie is a TV writer for the Alan Brady Show trying to balance his work life with his home life with his wife and son.

    By drwoowoocl, Oct 20, 2007

    The Dick Van Dyke Show is a key step in the evolution of the sit-com. It could be considered the model for the great ensemble sit-coms of the 70s and the 80s. And it was one of the few sit-coms in which showed both the home life and the work life. And, created by Your Show of Shows actor and writer, Carl Reiner, it took a satirical look at the creation of a TV show. It didnt hurt to have a talented performer in Dick Van Dyke as the star, and a talented supportng cast as well. I always thought it was easy to underestimate the importance of this sit-com in terms of what would follow. It debuted at a time that, not only was television going through changes, but the world was changing. Network TV would be over run with fantasy shows and low rent type series during Van Dykes run, and the variety show, which was still big at the beginning of their run, would soon become passe. This show was more sophisticated than just about anything else appearing at the time. And Mary Tyler Moores resemblence to the first lady of the time always struck me as more than coincidence.Plus, there was just the sublest hint of sex, which was usually glossed over. I honestly believe that without the Dick Van Dyke Show, there would be no All in the Family, no MASH, no Bob Newhart Show, no Taxi, no Cheers, no Frasier, and of course, no Simpsons. And even though it seems obvious, no Mary Tyler Moore Show either. I think its time this show gets its due in the history of American sit-coms.moreless

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    Definitely one of the most influential sitcoms ever

    By tempusfugitrgv, Mar 07, 2007

    Watching repeats of this show, you can see the incredible influence that it has had. Pretty much every hit sitcom of latter years, from Seinfeld to Cheers and other shows have used this one as its template. And what's not to love? Carl Reiner borrowed on his memories of working as a staff writer for Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows to provide the stories of DVDS. Buddy Sorrell was based on Mel Brooks, Sally was an amalgam of Imogene Coca and Selma Diamond and Rob Petrie was, well, himself. Reiner then drew on his suburban family life in New Rochelle to flesh out the family scenes, and supposedly the giant woodpecker episode was based on a true story. This show remains fresh and inventive even today, if it wasn't for the B&W film and the clothes and hairstyles you might just think this was brand new. And Dick Van Dyke might just be the most likable guy ever to grace a TV screenmoreless

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    I wish I could score this higher than a 10

    By blindbetty, Jan 29, 2007

    Far and away my absolute favourite show of all time!! The Dick van Dyke show is a rare combination of great writing, great acting and great values. The result? A gem of a show. The story lines are as relevant today as they were back in the 1960's and the humour is timeless: especially Dick van Dyke's stellar timing and physical humour. This is a show that delivers comfort and happiness. If I ever find myself stranded on a deserted island (with electriciy!), the Dick van Dyke show on DVD is the show that I want to be watching until I am rescued!moreless

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    I wanted Rob and Laura as my parents!

    By aesgaard41, Oct 14, 2006

    Carl Reiner made one of the most best written shows with this series by creating all of the scripts by himself. The man has an innate talent for comedy, timing and characters with the first show known where the characters spend half of the time hurling funny insults at their boss, and the other half showing the life of a happily married couple very much in love with each other. This is probably the first show to show the husband at work where so many other tv husbands vanished to "the job;" for all we know, Ward Cleaver and Ozzie Nelson could of been embezzlers or secret agents. This show went one more level further by showing the scenes behind the writing of a comedy-variety show. Dick Van Dyke is an eternally likeable talent and Mary Tyler Moore was demurely sexy and wonderfully irresistible before her lookalike cousin got a job in that Minneapolis news office. That role was a far distant cry to this one. Forget the Bradys, they were the parents I wanted; they were both wonderful, fair and funny, but who wants to have a crush on their mom? Larry Matthews was every model son as he played the "low-maintenance kid" missing from shows on end. Morey Amsterdam and Richard Deacon were perfect comedy foils for each other as was Rose Marie who played eternally optimistic bachelorette Sally Rogers. Jerry Paris and Ann Morgan Guilbert were everyone's favorite neighbors. All this and appearances by Reiner himself as oft seen Alan Brady, the star of the show within the show, made this series a comedy classic even above The Cosby Show or the Brady Bunch.moreless

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    One of the best shows to ever be broadcast!

    By BuskieBoy, May 12, 2006

    The Dick Van Dyke Show grew out of the situation comedies of the 1950's and brought North America into the new decade of the 1960's. While in it's early days it still had the influences of earlier 50's shows, it quickly transcended the formulaic 50’s comedies to be a unique and rare gem of a show. The Dick Van Dyke Show stood alone.

    Out of the 157 episodes there are very few that would be considered duds. This show was made with quality. Quality writing, acting and comedic timing! And because it is relative “early television” there are no huge budgets or salaries. (Many of the stars wore their own clothes to save on the wardrobe budget!)

    It made use of the standard comedy props like pratfalls, props, slapstick as did many of the shows of the time and those before. Using many of these tools, the Dick Van Dyke show would expose our This show began in a wonderfully optimistic time in America and the world. The future was looking bright, outer space and the moon was the new frontier and an energetic and charismatic president, with a chic and cultured wife were in the White House. In some ways many people felt that the Petrie’s were like the Kennedy’s.

    This show made fun of our foibles, but in a good natured way. It was never a mean spirited show, it was never cynical.

    The highly creative cast and crew used the usual tools to make us laugh, pratfalls, slapstick, silly situations. The big difference and one that adds to the allusion to “Camelot” is the addition of music, songs and dancing. Add to that the suburbia/dinner party feel. It seemed to give the show more class. The Dick Van Dyke Show was very hip for it’s time. The whole cast was talented and it set this show apart. Because Rob worked in the entertainment business, it wasn’t odd for them to be singing and dancing, in some way or another. They all performed at a cocktail party or two in the show. The Dick Van Dyke show was, and remains one of the most warm hearted and fun shows on TV.


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    Best Show ever written and acted

    By CaptLouis, Apr 11, 2006

    Relevent humor today as much as it was when it was shown. It is timeless! Does not matter that it is over 40 years since it first aired. I still laugh every time i watch it and must have seen every episode 20 times. Just a pleasure to watch. Thank You

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