You Ought to Be in Pictures

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    Rob to act in a film -- if he helps to punch up the script.

    By 68Special, Apr 17, 2008

    Rob receives a phone call from an old buddy (played by Michael Constantine of "Room 222" fame -- and frequent 1960s TV guest star) and is asked to star in a movie he's making -- if he'll help punch up the script.

    Rob tells Laura about -- saying he knows everything about it. She asks three questions -- to which he knows no answers, and responds he'd better find out. Very good exchange.

    Laura comes to the set with Rob -- who is atrocious. He can't enter the set (everyone knows to start when the director says ACTION, don't they?), he can't deliver lines and he can't kiss on screen.

    An average episode, which maybe is indicative of the need to call it a day. Great episodes were behind them at this stage.

    But stilll heads above most garbage on TV today.moreless

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