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    The District

    By kristineolivia, Jul 04, 2012

    Hi, I am from Adelaide South Australia and I am desperately trying to find the dvd of The District, could somebody please tell me where on this earth I can purchase The District DVD, I absolutely love watching this show. it was on Foxtel and now Foxtel have taken it off.

    Could someone please help me.



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  • 8.6

    It was an okay show. The first few seasons were great. But then when Ella was gone it went down hill. I loved Jonathan LaPaglia from 7 days, he was great in this!

    By Mew_Mokuba, Oct 06, 2011

    The show was really great. I loved it. It got better with the edition of 7 Days star Jonathan LaPaglia. However after Ella died the show went down the tubes. Every singles episode it was Ella this and Ella that. I was sad to see her die and all but the show to me got old fast. I mean it was fine then all they did from that point forward was harp on Ella. I got tired of it.

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  • 9.0

    Excellent drama series> good plot events, multi faceted

    By RobinAsheRoy, Nov 20, 2010

    Excellent drama series, good plot events, multi faceted characters, narratives which transcend the usual one dimensional world; themes which involve the audience, great acting, empathy with the script, and direction, a creative balance of emotions and psychological input as a contraindication to the pap usually put out by mainstraem media.

    Why oh why has CBS Action decided to only show the first 3 seasons? What person would decide on such a policy?

    Oh I know let's show Julius Caesar up to his assination, and then do a re-run on it. There is no justification for such banality. it beggars belief for this to happen.

    Let's hope this can be changed in the name of sanity, and let's experience what Jack's return can do for the series.moreless

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  • 8.8

    Good cop show

    By jeyk1983, May 15, 2008

    The most underappreciated cop show on tv. I really loved this show when it aired here in The Netherlands. It had such a good story line in it. The actors where so good at their job. It would be so nice if they brought this show back on the air. I am a cop myself, so I could really relate to some of the personal issues that the characters where struggling with. And you had to love the bold shoes that the Chief of Police was wearing. It takes a really bold man to wear those things. I love shows like this, good story line and no over the top action.moreless

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    An underappreciated ensemble crime drama based around our nations capital that had solid likeable characters more often than not superb plot lines.

    By Blackbandit20, Sep 01, 2007

    Never caught the show first run, as it was on Saturday night. Stumbled across the show on A&E one morning and never missed it from then on. Likeable characters and plot lines that were solid. I've always been a Craig T. Nelson fan, but the strong ensemble cast made the show a winner. This was a show that should really still be on, with all the CSI shows on now, this would be a winning addition. CBS screwed up something fierce by dropping this show, just long enough to get into syndication but to short to be anything more than a fleeting memory. Lynne Thigpen as Ella Farmer was such a great calming counter balance to Craig T. Nelson's hyperactive Jack Mannion. And many people forget that Sean Patrick Thomas was in this show from day one show one.moreless

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    I have spent the week watching this show on A&E, and I am sure that even after being cancelled, this may very well be the best show on tv. I am going to buy the dvd for the show. It's just that great, "BRING IT BACK"

    By Elzok1, Aug 31, 2007

    Knowing that one of the cast has passed on makes it hard to think that this show may come back but it sure needs to come back. This show is by far one of the greats. The cast is amazing, the storylines fantastic, and the acting is supurb. Please find a way to bring it back for us. We need good viewing. And this show by far is one of the best. In a time when tv is being blamed for so much it seems a shame not to have a show that goes above and beyond. Hope to see it back someday soon.moreless

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  • 9.5

    The District is one Tv show that deserves a second, third and fourth look. I truly don't remember when it was broadcast the first time around. It is pitiful that Tv doesn't put out more quality shows like this. I disovered this gem on A&E.

    By beejayeh, Mar 21, 2007

    Great ensemble,great acting,great writing. I can't rave enough about this show. If I were to purchase any TV series on DVD, this would be the one. The writing is excellent but it is the actors that deliver the goods with memorable characters and performances.Everyone in the cast delivers such believable human characters it is hard to choose one portrayal above the rest. Lynne Thigpen's portrayal of Ella Farmer is the best character ever presented on television, in my opinion. It really is impossible to not to fall in love with show. Thank you to the writers who gave us so many memorable characters and storylines.moreless

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    This show is great and not only is it great, but it is also a show that is very entertaining and has a lot of action in it. I never get bored with watching this show, I find myself wanting more of it.

    By jackie3030, Jan 25, 2007

    I really love this show. I watch this show every morning at 7am before going to work. I wish I could pick out one episode in particular that I loved, but I can not because I love all of them. They deal more with real life and they are really ease to relate to. The characters in the show are awsome. They have me laughing very hard and with some episodes they have me crying very hard. I just wish that there were more episodes coming on durning the evening like after 6pm. Especially more on the weekends. I wish that there was someone I could contact to inquire about more air time for this show.moreless

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    The District has had to be one of the all time great's.

    By jerr7, Jan 17, 2007

    I hate it when you really get into a show and look forward of coming home from work and sitting down to something you really can enjoy, and then, bamm, there is no more, that really stinks, this is one of those shows I am talking about, I have recorded every one and watched them all from the first till now, they are now nothing but rerun's that I have seen, Nash was another one of those shows I wish they would get back on, that was so good to watch, well the District made up some of that, and now it is gone, get all the cast back together and put this show back on we need Jack back in the saddle again, bring it back, thank you, nash also would be nice, stop killing all the goood shows, thank's...moreless

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