The Division

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Quotes (3)

  • Dana: Captain McCafferty, what do you think has been the single biggest change in the force since you started here? Kate: We have a ladies room...

  • Jinny: I did what I had to.

  • Nate: Here, kitty.

Notes (38)

  • The song at the end of this episode is Angel by Sarah McLachlan

  • First appearance of recurring star Tanya Vidal (Lily). She is actually Lisa Vidal (Magda)'s sister in real life as well as her character's sister on the show.

  • Marc McClure - George Pope James Hong - Ivan Rudnik Fred Koehler - Tobias 'Toby' Mullaney change based on closed captioning Lily Knight - Evelyn Corbett based on photo from (she's blonde in the episode and brunette in the photo)

  • First appearance of recurring stars Jay Harrington (Teddy) and Tommy Hinkley (Alan DeLorenzo)

  • First appearance of recurring star Barry Wiggins (Al Deluca)

  • Rolonda Watts had a talk show called "Rolonda"

  • Cynthia Gibb does not appear in this episode. She is not credited for this episode. (She does appear and is credited for Hide and Seek.)

  • Tommy Hinkley - Alan DeLorenzo becomes Tommy Hinkley - Paul DeLorenzo (same change for Forces of Deviance too)

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Trivia (4)

  • When Jinny and Magda are assessing the crime scene and turn to go down the hill, Magda is removing her latex gloves. As the step under the police tape and head down the hill with their backs to us... you can clearly see that both of Magda's gloves are once again in place... oops!

  • the order of the performers and their roles is flipped in the end credits

  • This is a reunion between Nancy McKeon and Kim Fields, who starred together on "The Facts of Life".

  • Having a wedding in their series finales is just one of the many things The Division and CBS' The District have in common. Here's some more: 1) Both start with "The Di" and their second words both have 8 letters. 2) Both are police dramas. 3) Each started in the same season (2000-2001) and ended in 2004. 4) They have shared an astonishing amount of guest stars.

Allusions (9)

  • Secrets and Lies is a 1996 film.

  • Fear Factor is a television show where contestants face frightening situations in order to win large sums of money.

  • "What sharp teeth you have," is a line from the children's fairytale Little Red Riding Hood to which the wolf, dressed as the grandmother replies, "All the better to eat you with my dear."

  • "Til death do us part" is the last section of traditional vows said at a Christian wedding.

  • Title: O Mother Who Art Thou This is an allusion to the film O Brother Where Art Thou starring George Clooney.

  • Baby, It's Cold Outside is a popular Christmas song.

  • Title: Skips and Stones This is a variation of the saying "Sticks and stones may break some bones, but words may never hurt them."

  • What's Love Got To Do With It is a song by Tina Turner.

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