The Donna Reed Show

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Quotes (9)

  • "We were expecting Elvis but the Army couldn't spare him."--wisecrack made by one of Mary's girlfriends after she tries to convince them that Buzz is recuperating at the Stones' house.

  • "You can't fight city hall" -Donna Stone

  • Mary Stone: Right now when I'm finally old enough to enjoy real friendship with you and Daddy and to appreciate my family, I shouldn't leave. I don't want to. Will you take me back for a little longer?
    Mrs. Stone: We've been waiting for you.
    Mary: Mother, what can I ever do to make it up to you?
    Mrs. Stone: You can slice the frankfurters.

  • Dr. Harriet Robey: Cars may come and cars may go, but motherhood goes on forever. I have rounds to make. I'll see you in the funny papers.

  • Mrs. Haversham: Donna, let me ask you something; when your time comes, with Mary that is, will you do exactly as your preach?
    Mrs. Stone: Pause and a nervous Eh. No.Mrs. Stone and Mrs. Haversham Laugh and hug each other

  • Jeff Stone: (Mrs. Stone and Jeff talk while he is cleaning outdoor barbeque pit, without anyone asking him to do it.) Mom. Do you think if maybe I slip this whole thing up and wash the windows, a little money might exchange hands.
    Mrs. Stone: A day's work is worth a day's pay.
    Jeff Stone: OK, Thanks, Mom.


  • Jeff: Women are like broncos. They like to be broken.

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Notes (52)

  • If you watch the scene where Donna begins the story of how she meets Alex for the first time, Donna's hair looks as it did in It's A Wonderful Life.

  • A scene where Jeff and David race to get to bed before Donna and Alex catch them staying up late has been edited slightly on TV Land. The portion where Jeff removes David's pants is ommited. Too racy for modern times apparently.

  • I watched this episode and saw the credits with my own eyes and there is a goof. In the actual episode was a character named Christopher who was the Langley's bookish son, but the credits at the end of the episode read Christopher CRUIKSHANK when it was Christopher LANGLEY in the episode.

  • Constance Moore a film actress in the 1940's with credits such as "I Wanted Wings" (1941) & "Show Business" (1943).

  • After Alex's lecture to Jeff and Mary where he tells them the new rules Donna says she was the one who was mad that morning, but it was Alex. Alex came to the table mad.

  • The synopsis & note in the episode is used with the permission of contributor John that e-mailed me and is not copied.

  • A fun part is Alex dancing the tango with Mary in the Stone's kitchen to demonstrate his prowess!

  • While recalling their first meeting at a dinner party, it is revealed that the hostess served roast leg of lamb.

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Trivia (89)

  • In this episode, the Stones have plans to go skiing at Mount Owens. At the time, Donna Reed was married to Tony Owen who was also the producer of the show so I guess the name chosen for their destination was a nod to Donna and Tony, otherwise known as the Owens in private life.

  • Hugh Corcoran who played Eddie Barclay, is one of the Corcoran siblings of Disney film and TV fame; sister Noreen was on "Bachelor Father" with John Forsythe

  • Donna was a girl scout.

  • Mrs. Stone is a graduate nurse, per Mary during the newspaper photoshoot.

  • Hugh Corcoran who played Eddie Barclay, is one of the Corcoran siblings of Disney film and TV fame; sister Noreen was on "Bachelor Father" with John Forsythe.

  • According to the book "TV Land to Go" by Thomas Hill (Creative Director and Head Writer for TV Land), this episode is the 41st best episode of all time.

  • We learn from Dr. Woody Graham that Dr. and Mrs. Stone are recent transplants to the "small" town of Hilldale, IL.  He isn't specific on to how long they have been there, but says they have made a very good beginning.

  • At the beginning of the episode, Mrs. Stone says Jeff is 11 and Mary is 14 years old.

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Allusions (3)

  • In the episode, Mary has a dream in which her nose grows and grows (at least twice) to teach her a lesson about judging people based upon their physical appearance.  This is much like the Pinnocchio story where his nose grows to teach him about telling the truth.

  • The episode title is a play on words of a popular 1960 movie, "Where The Boys Are" in which all the college kids went to Fort Lauderdale.

  • During the lunch scene between Mrs. Stone and Jeff, Jeff states his new nickname will be "Windbag Stone," because he spoke up his personal relationship to Don Drysdale and failed to come through with signed baseballs or an interview.  This reference is an allusion to the nickname given by the media (print, radio, and television) to the City of Chicago, as "the Windy City." Chicago is "the Windy City" not because of the wind from lake Michigan, but because of all the talking and speaking done by Chicago politicians.