The Doodlebops

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Quotes (58)

  • Deedee: Knock-Knock Mudge: Who's there? Deedee: Cows say Mudge: Cows say who? Deedee: No, cows say moo!

  • Deedee: Knock knock. Mudge: Who's there? Deedee: Snow. Mudge: Snow who? Deedee: Snow-body but me. Mudge: (groaning) Uhhhhhh. Deedee: Get it? (It)'s nobody but me. Mudge: Now that's just silly. Goodbye. Deedee: (laughing) I'm so funny.

  • Deedee: Hey, hey, we're on the move. Let's go - we're in the groove!

  • Deedee: That's what makes Moe, Moe.

  • Deedee: Knock Knock Mudge: Who’s there? Deedee: Justin. Mudge: Justin who? Deedee: Justin the neighborhood. Thought I’d drop by. (laughs) Get it? Just in the neighborhood? Mudge: Oh, I got it alright, and I’d wish you’d take it somewhere else Deedee: Oh, I’m so funny.

  • Deedee: Knock knock. Mudge: Who's there? Deedee: Snow. Mudge: Snow who? Deedee: Snow-body but me. Mudge: (groaning) Uhhhhhh. Deedee: Get it? (It)'s nobody but me. Mudge: Now that's just silly. Goodbye. Deedee: (laughs) I'm so funny.

  • Deedee: I'm Deedee Doodle. Rooney: I'm Rooney Doodle. Moe: I'm Moe Doodle. Doodlebops: And we're the Doodlebops. Mudge: The polka-dot socks? Kid: No, the Doodlebops. Mudge: The smelly green socks? Kids: No, the Doodlebops! Mudge: If you say so. (sniffs a sock)

  • (After the Doodlebops sing their song of the day.) Deedee: So how do you feel about puppies now, Mudge? Mudge: Beh. About the same. The tune was kind of catchy.

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Notes (29)

  • John Catucci is credited as Giovanni Catucci throughout the series. The kids who participated in the show aren't posted in the ending credits.

  • In Season 1, the Knock Knock jokes are done at the Doodlebops Clubhouse mirror where Mudge resides behind.

  • Song-Everybody come and song along.We are getting along,and we are,together and strong,life is wonderful and you can count on all your friends,to work together,every single day.C'mon and join us together, because that's the way we make things work,we have to care about each other,we have to share with one another,we're getting along,we're getting along.Everythings gonna work out right,ooooooo because we're getting along,everythigs gonna turn out fine,ooooooo because we're getting along,everythings gonna turn out right.

  • Moe: I can't do a solo tonight. (bends down and then gets up again with messy hair) I have to wash my hair. Deedee: Come on, your hair is (pauses and stares at Moe for a moment) interesting as always.

  • Deedee: Knock knock. Mudge: Who's there? Deedee: Tank. Mudge: Tank who? Deedee: (giggles) You're welcome. Get it? Thank you, you're welcome? Mudge: I don't know why I answer this door at all. Deedee: You love my jokes. Mudge: (walks away, muttering) I can't believe this kid. Tank you.

  • Knock-Knock Who's there? Snow Snow who? Snow body but me!

  • Knock-Knock Who's there? Justin Justin who? Justin the neighborhood thought I'd drop by!

  • Songs- Tap Tap Tap Bird is the Word Keep Trying

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Trivia (7)

  • X is for ? Although they're supposed to do the same dances from the book, Deedee does a Xylophone dance. Moe and Rooney dance X Marks the Spot.

  • Floating on the moon The Bus lands on the moon, but everyone’s floating around as if they were in space. Never mind that the moon is supposed to have one-sixth the Earth’s gravity. Also when they were in space, they were just sitting at their seats instead of floating.

  • As they review ideas for trying something different, Rooney suggests trying new instruments, and pulls out his Honkophone from season 1.

  • Think Pink is one of the phrases used in the cartoon series The Pink Panther which has numerous gimmicks where things turn pink color.

  • One of the few times that Audio Murphy is outside of the studio booth. Care is taken not to show only his upper half.

  • This is the first episode in the third season to air with a knock knock joke.

  • This episode does not have a concluding knock-knock joke or joke of the day between Deedee and Mudge.

Allusions (7)

  • Episode Title: Bird Is the Word This is a reference to the song "Surfin' Bird" by Rick Gale & the Surf Riders.

  • Moe: Clean as a whistle. This saying was popularized by the Irish Spring bar soap commercial.

  • Moe: To pull or not to pull. That’s the question. This is based on the "to be or not to be" soliloquy from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

  • As Bus Driver Bobs in the air in slow motion, the sound effect for The Six Million Dollar Man plays.

  • Episode title Space Invaders is a popular video arcade game that was put out by Midway in 1978. The episode itself has nothing to do with the game.

  • When Moe takes a guess on what Deedee is charading, he mentions "She's building a Stairway to Heaven," referencing the popular Led Zeppelin lyric "She's buying a stairway to heaven"

  • The episode title is similar to the book title The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera, written in 1982 and later made into a feature movie.