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  • 9.0

    Hair of the Dog

    By TrueTvWatcher, Nov 15, 2011

    Hair of the Dog was a superb episode of The Dresden Files and I really enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of character development for Harry who found out he was dealing with werewolves. It was a great story with action, intrigue, and magic. The whole idea of the FBI agents working together was pretty cool. This was a moving episode that contributes to the series. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!

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  • 8.2

    Overall a good episode but not one of the best.

    By WolfTigerG, Mar 21, 2007

    Harry Dresden is being targeted by the FBI. But for the wrong reasons. because he has been helping the police and because of what his specialty is. The FBI get a search warrant after Harry Dresden is hired to do some recon by the police to figure out who is killing young girls after they go clubbing at a specific place. Harry is hired to investigate but the the FBI get a warrant and they search his apartment but they cant find his secret room when Murphy, Dresden's police friend, tells his to watch out because of an arrest warrant that Angent Raskin, a warewolve, puts out on him becasue he has made an unwanted friend, but not unwanted in a way that you would think. He has a made a friend of Heather, a girl bitten by agen Raskina nd she wants Heather dead so that she can return to being normal.moreless

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  • 9.9

    Exciting episode!!!

    By DERBEST, Mar 02, 2007

    It was a great thing to see Dresden in action and revealing himself as a true magician...Until know I was somewhat disappointed with the show and with its main character...So a series of murders take place and Murphy asks Harry to come on one of the scenes of the murder...Unfortunately for them the person coordinating the case, was an FBI agent who was the one that caused all this things to happen...Harry must deal with her and her partner before they kill another victim, and may I say, he does it admirably...This episode was also important because Harry Dresden's performance as a magician was more visible here...The phase with the mirror, the one when he escapes from prison and uses an interesting tool to create an illusion of himself, or when he brings Bob to the crime scene to discover the faces of the owners of blood,with are all classical ones.moreless

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  • 9.1

    Harry tries to help solve a sticky wicket involving werewolves. This one really captured my interest and makes me want to tune in again in the future.

    By sistersun, Mar 02, 2007

    Unlike many viewers, I've never read the Dresden novels, and thus had no preconceived notions of what the series would/should be like. I was open to whatever came. The first two episodes I saw ('Birds of a Feather' and 'The Boone Identity') were alright, intriguing even. But this one was seductive: it drew me in and kept my interest throughout. There was a very appealing use of magic and the supernatural, both with the energy spell and with Bob the ghost—how cool was that blood test thing he did?

    The actors portraying Heather and Harry have a palpable chemistry on screen, and I do hope we get to see more of them together in the future. I like the actress playing Murphy as well, but she was not featured much in this episode.

    This episode made me put a couple of the Dresden novels on hold at the library. I'm interested in the back story at this point; I want some more, please…moreless

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  • 8.5


    By legethien, Feb 23, 2007

    This episode, or this series so far, is not earth shattering. It is quite nice though, and to some effect, it captures the essence of the books. To me, this episode specially captured this essence, with Harry desperatly doing the right thing and never stopping being the gentlemen.

    Structure wise the episode was modest, and the special effects aren't out of this world, but they are okay for a show that is just getting started.

    Paul Blackthorne convinced me, at last, of his Dresden, though I still think he has far too few hair.

    I still don't understand what they did with some of the books' characters, like Susan, for instance. I often wonder if they merged her with Murphy's character, since the Susan was the brunette, not Murph (who was blonde). Though, the only really nice asset this show has until now is Bob, to whom they seem to have assigned all the magic (which he didn't do in the books... I'm puzzled by this choice) but is nonetheless a really well achieved character.

    I look forward to more of this show, and hope they will allow it to gain its own place, space and respect (like playing the episodes in their proper order).

    If anything, I'll wait for the dvds to be out and finally see the episodes as they should have been played.

    All in all, this is a nice episode that fans of the genre and of the books should watch with confidence in better things yet to come!moreless

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  • 9.0

    Trivia, lots and lots of trivia

    By ascensx, Feb 22, 2007

    I think this was the best episode so far. Why? We see not only Dresden confronting a classical myth like the werewolf but a lot of information about the mythological creature being used showing that the production is researching a lot and imersing themselves very deeply in the dark corners of some library.

    Also we see a new stallment in the show: a relationship for Dresden in the kind only a wizard could have. Ans mark my words, we're going to see Heather in the future for sure.

    Okay. The episode has its weak points like why Murphy would just as promptly ask for Dresden's help without reaching a wall first. Or the fact that someone who calls himself a wizard is so well accepted by the police department of a city like Chicago. but, hey, every story apparently has its weak points.

    The last point: is Dresden's Hockeystick really a magical weapon? If so, why it didn't help him at all? And instead of running for it and then for the silver pins, he ran directly to the pins?

    Let's stay tuned! It's being worth.moreless

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  • 9.0

    A strong episode, casting away any doubt that the series will hold together.

    By rechan, Feb 17, 2007

    I was satisfied with this episode. Initially I was wary of the series due to the underwhelming debute of "Birds of a Feather". It would appear that the series continues to build with regards to consistent, well-written and finely executed episodes. There are some foibles and minor objections. For instance, if Agent Bushnell had killed eight werewolves previous, then he should have known that handcuffs would not have held Heather. Agent Raskin threatening Harry in the jell cell seemed a little rash and way too risky. There was no legal precidence for Agent Raskin threatening to have Harry arrested in the police station. Those sorts of minor quirks do not pull away from the overall success of the episode. It was also pleasing to see more magic from Harry.moreless

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  • 8.6

    Harry actually does do magic! I was starting to believe that he could only draw spell forms and such but nope! He’s an actual wizard. This show I think is finally starting to find it's way.

    By wwillow, Feb 16, 2007

    Here thar’ be werewolves. Murphy pulls Harry into a case, that with the help of his skull living ghost friend Bob, he’s able to figure out is about werewolves. But not the normal werewolves hunting people down and ripping them a part. Oh no, someone is turning young women into werewolves only to then hunt them down and kill them.

    The FBI, a female agent Raskin, informs Murphy that she’s now taking over the case. Raskin also tells her that this is the work of a serial killer. That’s this is his 8th victim. She then starts to question Murphy about Harry’s involvement in the case.

    Harry in the mean time, meets the victims (the werewolves’) friend, Heather, whom blames herself for leaving her friend at the bar where she met a guy whom it appears a few days later kills her. Harry asks about the bar. Whom was there and what happened. She remembers a woman at the end of the bar that Mina had gotten into a fight with but she can’t remember what she looked like. This is when Harry does magic! He takes a mirror and while touching the back of the girls neck he turns back time in the mirror to the night at the bar.

    Heather sees the face of the woman at the end of the bar – it’s the female FBI agent. Before her and Harry are able to do anything with this new knowledge the FBI surrounds them and the female agent has Harry arrested and takes the girl, bites her and takes her away. Raskin is a werewolf.

    Raskin goes to the jail to murder Harry BUT he’s done magic again and had left a sort of hologram image of himself in the jail cell while he escaped. Mean while her partner is with Heather. She asks him about Mina, is this what she went threw? He says it was and he admits that he was the one that hunted and killed her. He makes her angry, and she starts to “change”.

    We find out that Raskin had been bitten by a werewolf and the only way she could break the curse was to kill 9 other werewolves. This is why she kidnapped, bit, and then killed the other 8 girls. Heather was to be number 9 so her curse could be broken and her and her partner could continue their *happy* life together.

    There’s a problem with this plan though. Her partner, Bushnell was bitten/scratched by Mina while she was in werewolf form before he killed her. He doesn’t tell Raskin this though and they go together to Harry’s to kill Heather, to break the curse. Harry’s not going to let Heather be killed though. He fights with Raskin, and then she turns. She attacks him and just as she’s getting ready to rip Harry’s throat out a werewolf jumps her from behind. Heather? Raskin rips the throat out of the werewolf only to find that it was her lover, her partner, Bushnell. As he lays dying he tells her that she has her life back now, she’s killed 9.

    Raskin gets committed and Heather decides to leave town. Harry gives her some sorta medicine to help her control her hunger with the beast. He tells her that she’s to call him if she starts to run out or if she has any problems. She leaves. Harry’s sad. He tells Bob that he hopes she’ll make it. He hopes that he doesn’t one day have to hunt her down and kill her.moreless

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  • 8.0

    this episode.. reminded me of underworld and i loved that movie!

    By fourza, Feb 15, 2007

    major improvement from last episode ..the lycans concepts its been used so many times in lots of tv shows and movies..not all successfully but this one was a successful attempt.. i love that bob character harry carries around in that weird looking skull ..he's funny with that weird accent.. favorite scenes : 1- when he took bob to the park where mina died and he had to identify who's blood it was my transforming..that scene gave me a jolt.. 2- when that FBI lycon kidnapped heather then suddenly she half transforms and takes a bite of heather..i seriously freaked out here..

    i smell fresh blood ..YUMMYmoreless

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  • 9.2

    Great, but had more potential.

    By ShadowHawk0393, Feb 14, 2007

    After a series of ritualistic murders, someone mentions the word "werewolf" so Harry, of course, gets dragged in. Thing is, it looks like the lycanthropes aren't the killers, they're the victims. I thought this would be better, it could have had werewolves hunting people down, but I guess this storyline is more original. This is the first time Dresden wields his hockey stick seen the the ads and the opening sequence. I thought that this was a good episode but I felt that the Boone Identity was better. I hope that they include a major story arc soon, as it would make the series more interesting. But it probably won't as they are being aired in a different order. Liverpool FC forever!!moreless

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