Drew and the Life-Size Jim Thome Cut-Out

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (5)

  • Drew: Where did you learn to drive like that? Kellie Playstation 2...I can also get out of a castle full of Nazis.

  • (The police are chasing the gang) Oswald: Don't worry guys, I'll handle this. (Sticks his hand out the window and makes a moving motion) Oswald: Go around! There's enough room, go on ahead! Go around!

  • Kellie: What do you think he wants me to do? (Police officer is making a hand motion to roll down the window) Drew: I think he's telling you either "roll down the window" or "get to the point."

  • (Bargaining with the cops) Drew: Okay, look... you let me take the blame for this, and I won't tell anybody you shot the head off a cardboard guy.

  • (After police officers shoot the Jim Thome cutout) Oswald: Boy, they're really bad at saving the hostage!

Notes (3)

  • John Carroll Lynch does not appear in this episode.

  • Two months after this episode aired, Jim Thome ended his tenure with the Cleveland Indians, signing a multiyear contract with the Philadelphia Phillies.

  • Theme: "Five O'Clock World" by Trick Pony.