The Drew Carey Show

Married to a Mob

Season 7, Ep 4, Aired 10/10/01
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  • Episode Description
  • Oswald, Lewis and Steve are shocked to learn that Drew is married to both Nicki and Kate. Drew intends to clear up the situation immediately, but puts it off for two weeks. He alternates between wives, telling each woman that he is away in Toledo on business when he isn't with her. Unfortunately for Drew, Mimi finds out what is going on. Drew begs her not to rat on him. He tells her that he loves both women and is abstaining from sex until he can narrow it down to just one wife. Mimi still feels that his behavior is sleazy, and tries to set him up for a fall. Kate calls while Drew is with Nicki, and he ends up having to agree to a dinner with both of them. He tells Nicki that Kate has gone crazy and thinks that she is married to him. He then tells Kate that Nicki has gotten hooked on anti-depressants. He manages to keep them at bay until Kate finds wedding cake in the freezer that says "Drew and Nicki." Oswald and Lewis decide to look for a house because women are turned off by the fact that they live above a bar. While talking with Drew in the park, they become inspired and decide to build a house there. Drew doesn't tell them that this is a stupid idea because he believes that his bigamy now disqualifies him from questioning anything they do.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Drew Carey

    Drew Allison Carey

  • Christa Miller-Lawrence

    Kate O'Brien (1995-2002)

  • Diedrich Bader

    Oswald Lee Harvey

  • Ryan Stiles

    Lewis Kiniski

  • Kathy Kinney

    Mimi Bobeck Carey (episode 2+)

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  • Drew tries to deal with marrying Nicki and Kate.

    By jchamberlin, Mar 20, 2006

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  • Quotes (10)

    • (Lewis and Oswald are thinking of building a house in a city park) Oswald: The park would be a perfect place to build a house. Oswald and Lewis: Let's build a house! Oswald (Oswald looks to Drew): Drew, this is the part where you tell us it's a bad idea. Drew: No, I have two wives, I have nothing to say.

    • (Mimi and Drew decide on a truce to stop playing pranks on each other and revealing Drew's bigamy) Mimi: So no more nasty surprises. Drew: Uh, have you been out to your car recently? Mimi: No. Drew (takes a basket and musical instrument out of his desk and heads off to go to Mimi's car): If I'm not back in thirty minutes, call animal control.

    • Lewis (after a realtor talks about how a mini house was possibly built by various mystical creatures): Yeah I don't believe in midgets.

    • Kate (Drew sneaks into bed with Kate after returning from his house): Good morning Drew. Drew: Good morning. Kate (looks Drew over): Drew, why are you all sweaty? Drew (thinking quickly): I had a dream that vegetables were chasing me in the forest. Kate: Drew, why is there a leaf in your hair? Drew: Honey, if you're going to give me the third degree for having a leaf in my hair, what kind of marriage are we going to have?

    • Waitress: Why would you want to live above a bar? Oswald: Because they wouldn't let us live in the bar.

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    Notes (2)

    • "Stuck in the Middle With You" by Stealers Wheel plays during a montage of Drew running back and forth between his wives.

    • This is the first Drew Carey episode to be broadcast in HDTV.

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