The Drew Carey Show

The Eagle Has Landed

Season 7, Ep 26, Aired 5/15/02
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  • Episode Description
  • A woman named Kathy applies for a job at Winfred-Louder and takes a liking to Drew. She isn't right for the job, but makes a date with Drew. A bald eagle breaks into Drew's house and trashes the place. No one can attempt to remove the eagle because it is a protected species. Lewis and Oswald decide to start a cookie business. The cookies attract two children, one of whom threatens to expose the fact that they have an illegal house in the park. The guys must give him cookies and do his homework. The eagle moves to Drew's roof. Kate changes her attitude about protecting the eagle after it craps all over her dress. Kathy brings her dog along on the date, but leaves him outside. The eagle snatches it and flies away. Lewis and Oswald find the dog at the pound after the eagle drops it. When Drew tries to tell Kathy what happened, the eagle steals her dog again. She blames Drew and runs off in disgust. Lewis and Oswald try to lure the eagle away with pheromones, but they get spilled on Lewis (and are actually squirrel pheromones). The eagle follows Lewis to the park and makes its nest on the roof. The house becomes a protected site, and the boy can no longer blackmail Lewis and Oswald.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Drew Carey

    Drew Allison Carey

  • Christa Miller-Lawrence

    Kate O'Brien (1995-2002)

  • Diedrich Bader

    Oswald Lee Harvey

  • Ryan Stiles

    Lewis Kiniski

  • Kathy Kinney

    Mimi Bobeck Carey (episode 2+)

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • What a silly episode...

    By jchamberlin, Apr 02, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (8)

    • (Oswald accidentally sprays Lewis with an eagle pheromone, causing Drew and Oswald to run inside, locking Lewis outside to fend for himself) Lewis: Open the door! Open the door, for god's sake! (the eagle does not appear to be attracted to the pheromone Lewis is wearing) Lewis: What, I'm not good enough for ya? Drew: If the eagle didn't show, then what does it attract? (Lewis is suddenly attacked by a pack of squirrels) Lewis: Help! Help! Let me in! Drew: (speaking to Lewis through the door) You know, I'd run for cover, if I were you. Lewis: Why? Drew: Because eagles eat squirrels. (the sound of the eagle swooping down can be heard and Lewis runs off with the squirrels still on him)

    • (Drew is talking to Oswald about his date's dog) Drew: My date brought one of those ugly Pugs, the buggy-eyed ones that look like the one in Men in Black.

    • (A couple of birdwatchers are videotaping Drew's house to observe the eagle on his roof) Drew: Have you been videotaping my house all day? Hofna: Well... you know, more or less. Drew (muttering to himself) I got to start wearing a robe. Hofna: I would highly recommend it.

    • Oswald: I used our car money to buy the cookie recipe. Lewis: You used our car money!? Drew: You guys are saving up for a car? Lewis: No, the money is in the car. It's the only thing we own that has locks.

    • (After Drew tells Oswald and Lewis their idea to sell cookies is a bad idea) Lewis: All rise for Judge Mental!

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    Notes (3)

    • Craig Ferguson does not appear in this episode.

    • Mimi says that she hasn't been this this close to an eagle since she slept with Joe Walsh. Joe Walsh has appeared once on the show as himself and many other times as the character Ed.

    • This episode was billed as "unscripted." The actors made up their own dialogue based on a brief story outline.

    Trivia (2)

    • The bird that was used in the episode was not, actually, a bald eagle. It was an african fish-eagle.

    • When Drew was showing Kathy his photo album, he mentions that he met the Blue Man Group. This was a reference to the episode "Drew Live III," in which the Blue Man Group guest-starred.

    Allusions (1)

    • Drew describes his date's dog by referring to the character of Frank the Pug from the Men In Black film series.

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