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  • Oswald: (in his DJ voice) Here's one for all you lovers in the crowd. Drew: How about one for all the snipers in the crowd?

  • (Drew refuses to hire Kate) Drew: No! It's even worse than when friends have sex, 'cause at least then you had sex!

  • Drew: Boy, a drive-thru liquor store. God bless America! A place where you can drive through and buy whiskey, beer...just the thing for that drunk driver who's constantly on the go. Can't stop now! I've got places to go, people to hit!

  • Drew: Ask me about my day, I dare you. Lewis: Drew, how was your day? Drew: You're not sincere enough.. (Points to Oswald) YOU! Ask me about my day. Oswald: Drew, how was your day? Drew: Lousy. It was like the rubber glove part of a physical exam.

  • Kate (to Lewis): Did you and Pam have a fight? Lewis: No, we were just in the neighborhood and...she kicked me out of the car and drove away. Drew: Did you try to get her to wear that thing again? Lewis: Yeah. Kate: I TOLD you women don't think those things are sexy! Lewis: Hey, if it's not sexy, how come I had to order it from Mexico?

  • Lisa: Excuse me, Mr. Carey? Drew: I'm sorry, my father's Mr. Carey. I'm Mrs. Carey. Lisa: Want to smile so I know you're kidding?

  • Oswald: Did the pizza I ordered get here yet? Drew: The pizza you ordered at my house? The place where I might not be? The guy who couldn't get a date if dates were magnets and his butt was due north?

  • Kate: I'm so lucky that model got sick. That'll teach her to eat twice in one day.

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Notes (380)

  • Mimi Bobeck's character was not meant to be a regular on the show, but was written in after positive public reaction.

  • The very first line of dialogue heard in the pilot is Ryan Stiles (Lewis) saying "...and that's why the French don't wash." Ryan Stiles used this line in a 1994 episode of the British Whose Line Is It Anyway? during a game of "Stand, Sit and Lie".

  • Kathy Kinney becomes an official cast member in this episode.

  • Drew sings a medley of "That's the Way (I Like It)" and "Get Down Tonight" by K.C. & The Sunshine Band as he takes out the garbage.

  • This episode marks Kelly Perine's first appearance on "The Drew Carey Show." He will later take on a recurring role as Chuck the security guard.

  • Drew attempts to sing "God Bless America" as he defiantly tapes the cartoon to his cubicle. This was later included on the show's soundtrack, Cleveland Rocks: Music From the Drew Carey Show.

  • This episode ended with Drew driving Lisa home listening to "I Saw Her Standing There," shameless self-promotion by ABC for the Beatles Anthology which aired the following week. The rerun of this episode did not feature this shameless self-promotion.

  • "Jingle Bells" by the Singing Dogs plays as part of Jules' holiday display.

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Trivia (164)

  • Some of Drew's lines are also used in his stand-up comedy act such as his bit about his high-school reunion.

  • The picture of Drew's house appears to have a door in the front, however actually in MANY MANY shots, it shows there is a wall with coats and hats directly outside the door, and that his front door faces to the side of the house.

  • Drew said Mimi looked like something his nephew drew, but Drew's first nephew, King Gus (ironically Mimi's son), wasn't born until a much later season.

  • Drew is wearing a dark suit when he handcuffs himself to Kate at the store, but when they arrive at the Warsaw for the "wedding," he is wearing a powder blue tux.

  • At the end, when Lewis gets out the caterpillar, they act like it's mounting the french fry (which is seen in a close up). But in the wide shots of the table we can see the caterpillar move away from the french fry.

  • You can't go to jail for sexual harassment--sexual harassment is in civil law, not criminal. Also, the one suing is not called the prosecution (again, that's criminal), but the plaintiff.

  • Oswald mentions having a "kid brother" in this episode, but in later seasons he is shown as an only child.

  • The opening scene with Drew and Mimi's pranks, with his cubicle's definition, Mimi's hair, and the other trivia noted on this page, may imply that the scene was taped during season one.

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Allusions (114)

  • Lewis: Marriage...the final frontier. Lewis wears a "Star Trek" uniform at the wedding and quotes the legendary tagline.

  • Drew, Jay, Lewis and Oswald play the board game "Life" at Drew's house.

  • Drew and Mimi discuss their plans over Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream.

  • Drew: (to Mimi) Look, Luthor--you're an evil mad scientist and I'm a hero from the planet Krypton. But we must combiner our forces to defeat a greater evil! Drew compares himself to Superman and Mimi to Lex Luthor (Superman's nemesis).

  • (Mimi dances around with her hands waving in the air, making fun of Drew) Mimi: Oh, oh, well, I'm going to stay with Baryshnikov, to be a prima ballerina... Drew: Didn't I see you in Fantasia? Mikhail Baryshnikov is an Americanized Soviet ballet dancer and choreographer, often considered one of the best ballet dancers of the 20th century. Fantasia is the third of Disney's earliest animated feature films, which, while now considered a classic, was a commercial disappointment in its time. It consisted of a series of animated shorts with no dialogue, based around classical music pieces, the most famous of which starred Mickey Mouse, titled The Sorcerer's Apprentice. The reference itself is specifically to the segment based on La Gioconda - Dance of the Hours, in which tutu'd hippos and elephants dance ballet, along with alligators and ostriches.

  • Drew: THAT girl! This line is a parody of an old ABC sitcom, That Girl.

  • At the end of the episode, there was a short scene where Drew repelled from the ceiling, hanging horizontal to the floor, over Mimi's desk. This scene was reminiscent of a scene in "Mission: Impossible," starring Tom Cruise. The film debuted only a few months before this episode aired.

  • When Drew is playing pool in the backyard, Lewis refers to him as "Saturated Fats". Saturated fats are a type of fatty acid (obviously a pun about Drew's weight) while also making reference to Minnesota Fats, the famous American pool player.

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