The Edge of Night

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Notes (4)

  • For most of its run on CBS, each episode of Edge contained a two-minute break after Act Three: a one minute network commercial, then a minute for local station identification and commercials. This black-and-white midbreak sequence opened with a nighttime still of the Cincinnati skyline. The show's title appeared behind the skyline in small print and moved quickly into the foreground, filling most of the screen. The color midbreak was a shortened version of the opening title. Edge removed its midbreak sequence in the early 1970's, around 1973.

  • The Edge of Night's" original opening and closing titles consisted of an outdated, black-and-white photograph of the Cincinnati skyline. This filmed sequence utilized a photographic effect to simulate the conversion from day to night, as a large, diagonal band of darkness moved across the screen from right to left. The opening title was followed by the first act, which then dissolved into a freeze-frame of the title and the announcer introducing the sponsor for that day's episode. The original title ran from Monday, April 2, 1956, through Monday, September 4, 1967.

  • "The Edge Of Night" aired "LIVE" every day until December 1975. Nearly all of the location and action sequences were aired as live TV.

  • Of the two soaps that premiered on April 2, 1956 (Irna Phillips’s As the World Turns, which was also a 30-minute soap, was the other), Edge was the favorite for P&G. P&G had so much faith in the series that it was given the late-afternoon spot after the successful The Secret Storm.