The Emperor's New School

Girls Behaving Oddly

Season 1, Ep 6, Aired 2/24/06
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  • Episode Description
  • Everybody at school gets their grades. At lunch, Kuzco, Kronk, and Malina share there grades. Malina finds out that she got an A- and freaks out. Then, because of that she gets kicked off of the cheerleading squad. Malina starts to have an identity crisis and decides to act like school baddie Roxy. Then, Kuzco and Kronk drink a magic potion that turns them into girls in order to get their friend back.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • J. P. Manoux


  • Patrick Warburton


  • Jessica DiCicco


  • Terry Reiff

  • Jason Oliver

  • Fan Reviews (3)
  • It was okay, they colld have done better though.

    By passthechutney, Aug 30, 2006

  • This is what I am talking about!

    By Fan_Biggest_Fan, Feb 28, 2006

  • Interesting episode. Possibly a trio of Kuzco, Kronk, and Malina?

    By AlienKii, Feb 25, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (36)

    • Kuzco: (polishing wind chimes with Malina, Kronk, and Moxie) Oh no, here comes another breeze. Malina: Kronk, Bucky's on your head. Kuzco: I got him. Malina: Ya know, I think I'm supposed to be at cheerleading practice. Wanna come? Say yes. Moxie: Okay, I gotta beef up my extracurricular's to get accepted at Kuzford University anyway. Malina: Kuzford U? That's my dream school. Good luck with the chimes, guys. Kuzco: You see that. Malina's all buddy buddy with Moxie instead of us now. Get the girl potion, Kronk. We're going to tryout for the cheerleading squad. Kuzco & Kronk: (as girl cheerleaders) K - U - Z - C - O, Kuzco, Kuzco, go go!

    • (Malina falls out of other box) Kuzco: Malina? I mean girl in a crate, I've never met or seen before. Malina: Hey, you must be the new, uh, girls. Moxie told me about you. Kuzcolina and Kronkcal, right? Kronk: Yeah, Kuzcolina and he's Kronkcal. Ha, flip that. Malina: Look, I know its hard finding your place around here, believe me, I know. I just hope you guys, girls, don't make a mistake just to impress Moxie. Real friends don't test you, like my friends Kuzco and Kronk. They're the best. Have you met them? Kuzco: No, but I've heard of that Kuzco fellow. He's awesome. Kronk: The Kronk guy's nice too. Kuzco: It's us! We missed you, so we took a girl potion and turned ourselves into girls. Kronk: It wasn't the best idea! Kuzco: It's not the idea, it's not the idea, it's the idea's fault and he was fine. And why am I so emotional? Kronk: It must be the potion. Hold me. Malina: Uhh, maybe you guys should take the boy potion, like soon. Quick! Mr. Purutu's coming back.

    • Kuzco: Okay, if we want to hang with Malina again, we got wind chimes to score. We need a plan. How about this? We tunnel under the school. Actually you tunnel. Me no diggy. Kronk: How would we know where to tunnel exactly? And I don't look like that! Kuzco: Umm, good point. And yes, you do. What if we float over the school and drop in through the air vents, and by we, I mean you. Me no droppy. Kronk: Some of those vents go to the furnace. Why are you taller than me? Kuzco: Because I'm standing on a box...of presents, for you. Kronk: Really? Thanks, pal. Hey, what if we wait until Mr. Purutu leaves his office and just walk in? Kuzco: Na, that's too easy. Wait, I got it.

    • (End credits are playing) Kuzco: Hola! You lucky credit watching viewers. Listen in awe to the premiere single of my awesome polka band, the KuzCordials.

    • Coach Sweaty: Malina, A+. (pen writes A-, and stops) Ah stinking pen! Malina: Really? That's fantastic. Mr. Purutu: Wait right here. I'll be right back. Kuzco: So, you're an A student? Moxie: Yeah, got a problem? Kuzco: No! Moxie: I don't want to be hassled, so I keep my grades quiet. But this whole being yourself thing worked for you, so maybe I'll give it a try. Who said you can't be cool and smart? Kuzco: Uh, I do...not. I do not say that and neither should anyone else. Mr. Purutu: Here you go. You can get started polishing these, shouldn't take long. I mean, I only have 17 more crates.

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    Notes (1)

    • UK Airdate: June 16, 2006

    Trivia (2)

    • When Malina, Kronk and Kuzco are running away from Mr. Purutu, Kuzco is holding the wind chimes. In the next shot, they're gone.

    • Kuzco lies to Moxie by saying that he and Kronk are from a school called Oczuk. Oczuk is actually "Kuzco" spelled backwards.

    Allusions (4)

    • Kuzco refers to his and Kronk's polka band as the KuzCordials. This is an allusion to a real group that used to exist called the Cordials.

    • Kuzford University is a spin off of Hartford University located in West Hartford, Connecticut.

    • The Mid-Crate Express Man is an allusion to a UPS guy with the brown suit and all.

    • Girls Behaving Badly is a TV Show on UPN. This episode's title is a pun off of this show.

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