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  • 4.5

    As much as I love The Emperor's New Groove I just don't like this show

    By MaryKelly88, Sep 21, 2014

    This show seems pretty bad the plots are dumb and just don't make much sense why does Kuzco have to go back to school? him being in school that would make more sense if this took place before the movie wasn't Kuzco supposed to go through character development at the end of the first movie? why is he still selfish? why is Kronk working with Yzma again after he got tired of her and tried to get her with a chandelier? not to mention they keep reusing jokes from the movie and it gets old I know that tv shows based on movies use jokes from the movie sometimes but this show overdoes it sure there are some funny parts and I kinda like the Kuzco's doodles thing and I don't mind the new character Malina the "hotty hot hotty" according to Kuzco but most of this show is pretty bad in my opinion I know there are some people that like this show and I respect their opinion but I'd rather stick with the original movie but I guess this is better than the land before time and all dogs go to heaven tv shows but it's still not goodmoreless

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    This is a core cartooon.

    By NatT96, Sep 28, 2013

    This was a very popular show in my opinion. I can still talk about this show too. Its Nostalgic.

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  • 4.5


    By masterluma0319, Sep 01, 2013

    just don't get it! I mean, it's fine I guess, Who thought that this would be a good idea?! Okay, I digress. As a huge fan of the movie this show was based off of, I suppose it's not doing anything terrible, but it's just not as good as the movie, not even remotely close! All right, let's talk about the characters. Kuzco is still the same old asshole he was in the movie, so I guess he's fine. Yzma is still the scheming, hilarious villain, so she's fine. But with the other characters, what the hell happened?! Pacha's trying to act like Kuzco's dad now, and honestly, he's even more boring and one-dimensional than he was in the movie! The leading girl and Kronk, I swear, they suffer from schizophrenia or something. One minute the girl likes Kuzco, the next she hates his guts, then she like him again, what?! And Kronk kind of switches between Yzma's henchman and Kuzco's friend and even sometimes the main focus of the episode? There's not an explanation for it, like the explanation they gave him in the film for his reasoning to spare Kuzco, he's I don't get it. And the next problem I have with the show is that, the running gags are fucking annoying! The jokes in the film were really funny in moderation, but when you shove it down our throats like they do in the show, it's just not that funny! The lever gag is tired, the secret lab roller coaster is tired, Kronk always forgetting who Principal Amzy really is gets really, REALLY tired, and why the hell do they have this random section in the middle called Kuzco's Doodles? It's fucking stupid! In fact, why the hell didn't they bring back Kronk's conscience as a running gag, at least that could be funny EVEN if you shoved it down our throats. Bottom line is, I guess I just don't like the show, nor the concept for that matter. It's stupid, it's tired, it's cliched, it's just plain STUPID!moreless

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    One of my favorite shows ever

    By girlybot, Jul 04, 2012

    I wish this was still on Disney Channel. This and Kim Possible were awesome. I like Phines & Ferb too. I really don't get Fish Hooks and Gravity Falls.

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  • 7.0

    Not One Of My Top Two Favorite Disney Animated Series.

    By Dawalk86, Apr 04, 2012

    When I first got into checking out this Walt Disney Television Animation/Disney channel original production, I thought it was fine. But then, after deciding to read mostly the lower rated reviews of this to see what I had been missing and why some others weren't feeling it as much as others, I contemplated on re-evaluating my original thoughts on it. I mean, I still find it to be just fine, but not as great as some certain, other Disney animated t.v. programs.

    First of all, what got me to rethink about this is the fact that it's not a completely original series, as it was spun off of the original movie and sequel. Now most viewers tend to dislike most shows spun off of movies and I presently I can understand or see why. All the Disney t.v. cartoons that were spun off from some of the movies often are not as great in most eyes. I think that the completely original programs by Disney are better. There's less problems of not being consistent for one thing with those. Secondly, most of the Disney cartoon series that originated on the Disney channel, I agree just aren't as great as those that originated on other channels before it. It makes me wonder if whether there had been more up-to-par shows and they never initiated on that channel, would it had mattered if their quality would've been marred. I wonder if that may have played a part as the problem and not just the company/studio/network choosing less than superb projects on which to take. Most of those I find to be unimpressive from some of the reviews I've read. I never thought I'd ever see the day that Disney, Nick and Cartoon Network would sell out, I never thought it would ever come to this. If they continue to be too much about business and not enough about other important things in addition to it as well, then I'm sorry and I hate to say it as much as it pains me, but then to the nether-world with them. I'm just not feeling what all those three have become in recent years for the most part. By the way, my two most favorite, Disney animated series are House of Mouse and Fillmore, both of which I put ahead of this and especially some certain, other shows coming out of WDTA.

    I'm not quite sure what other reasons why aside from what I just mentioned I'm not into this one as much as certain others. Things that others have pointed out that they find wrong with this show are the jokes from the original movie being overused. I didn't see that as a problem when watching episodes that involved them, maybe due to not watching the movie enough times to become well familiar with and remember them all. Somebody pointed out that he or she thought/presumed that this series was going to have Kuzco as one of the faculty rather than having to be a student and attend in order to regain his status as emperor and the throne. Now that never even crossed may mind as a possible/probable premise, that sounds much better of what could've been instead. Another flaw that some may find is Kuzco having revert to his old ways and personality. There are more that others have already brought up, except for probably the odd-for-Disney out-there moments.

    Anybody who hasn't already seen this is free to be my guest and check it out anyway if anybody likes, and play judge or critic. Let's just hope that the next, new series, Gravity Falls, will be better than a number of past shows by WDTA/the Disney channel. But knowing how they practice currently, I doubt it. I hope I come across some future program by Disney that will impress and grab me as much as Fillmore again.


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  • 6.0

    The Emperor's New School is a Disney cartoon based off the Emperor's New Groove, a movie that did mediocre in the box office but well on DVD and VHS sales.

    By soulfulsin, Mar 17, 2011

    Emperor's New School is an interesting premise for a show, or, rather, it would be if Disney hadn't based a lot of their cartoons off movies. (This seems to be the trend these days). Since it lacks that in the orginality department, perhaps it shall redeem itself in other ways. Unfortunately for it, ENS has not yet managed that feat. In fact, very little of it can be called original in any sense.

    For its own benefit, at least the jokes are amusing (when they're not stolen directly from the movie) and the characters not particularly bothersome. Like most cartoons, it falls flat on characterization, whereby the only character fleshed out fully is Kuzco. Since the story is based around him, one would only expect so much. However, it would be nice if the other characters were not written unevenly or, in the case of a few, having their back stories contradicted. Things stated a few episodes ago can be trashed later without the writers noting them in the least.

    Historical inaccuracies pepper ENS, too, and most of the time, they're either a minor annoyance- or a big problem. The writers don't seem to want to educate anyone about the Incas. They would rather take the easy way out.

    That being said, I'm not sure why I love Emperor's New School. Some episodes are literally the worst cartoon episodes I've seen, and I've watched Aladdin: The TV series, with its nonsensical plots and contraptions. The characters, particularly Malina, are inconsistent. Maybe I'm holding out for a really good episode or maybe ENS, like Kuzco, has a charm all its own.moreless

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    I love this show.

    By imverybasic, Oct 09, 2010

    How could anyone dislike or never have heard of this show? I think that it is a great show and deserves more recognition and praise than shows like Family Guy or South Park. Of course the gags are repeated from the movie in the first season but, I thought that that was the perfect start to introduce the show and it's too bad that they don't carry that as the show progresses. The movie was all right. It wasn't exactly the best but, it was all right and as far as I'm concerned, I'm glad that Kuzco's voice changed. It's one of the reasons why I watch this show in the first place. What I don't like about the show is Kuzco's selfish and sometimes cruel nature and that he has a crush on Malina. If the writers could avoid those, the show would be perfect.moreless

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  • 5.0


    By Southparkfa, Aug 23, 2010

    This show is about Kuzco, the hero from "the emperor's new groove" finding out he's not qualified to run his kingdom, and being forced to go to school to prove he is. This show started out decent, good storylines and such, it WAS an enjoyable show. But sadly, Disney drove it downhill the minute it realized what the genius they had created. The characters got too stupid, plots were too far-fetched, humor was lacking. I really used to really enjoy this show, a whole whole lot, but sadly the show's quality went far down the lot for me. 5/10 Fmoreless

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  • 7.0

    Started Good, Got Bad

    By futuramarama, May 21, 2010

    I liked most of the first season of this show, but while watching I thought this show tried too hard to be funny at most times, and sometimes joke after joke after joke isn't the best method for quality programming. And then when the second season came I didn't like the show as much. I barely watched more then 2-3 episodes and hated it. So I think that the first season was OK but the second was kinda bad. The finale however was good. Overall this isn't a show I am going to miss a whole lot, now that is has been over for a couple yearsmoreless

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