The Beginning of the Beginning

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    Blair busy Eastland and becomes the Headmistress.

    By factsoflife7, Jun 27, 2005

    I must say, this is my favorite episode of the whole show. To see how all these girls started off so young and innocent in the first season, and at the end to see Blair end up buying Easltand and becoming the headmistress makes this episode a series classic.

    Eastland was in bankruptcy so Blair decides to stop it from falling under, she buys the school. She has a lot of trouble finding a headmaster, so she ends up taking the role of headmistress.

    Things are a little rocky at first. She has trouble with keeping the boys and girls apart, a waiting student who keeps stuffing her bra with socks, and a student determined to get herself expelled. Any Facts of Life fan who hasnt seen this episode is missing out on a lot. Its definetly a classic.moreless

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