The Famous Teddy Z

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Quotes (2)

  • (On remakes of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol.") Al Floss: Best part -- you get to rip-off the story for nothing!

  • (Teddy/Ghost of Christmas Future snaps his fingers, making a Christmas tree appear in Al Floss's bedroom.) Workfinder/Ghost of Christmas Past: What did you do that for? Al's Jewish! Teddy/Ghost of Christmas Future: He still has to clean it up.

Notes (11)

  • also known as "A Day at the Beach"

  • also known as "The Dark Closet"

  • also known as "Mr. Zakalokis Goes to Washington"

  • also known as "Baking with Esther Luna"

  • Alex Rocco played Al Floss on the 30th episode of Murphy Brown which also aired on this evening. In the episode called "And the Whiner is..." it is shown that Al Floss is Corky Sherwood's agent.

  • also known as "Engineer Bob"

  • also known as "Loyalty"

  • also known as "The Awards Show"

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