The CW 2014-2015 Schedule: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

By Kaitlin Thomas

May 16, 2014

You guys, we made it—we survived the Upfronts! All the broadcast networks have unveiled their 2014-2015 schedules, and we've had our first taste of all the new shows that await us in the fall. We've already picked apart the future lineups of NBC, ABC, Fox, and CBS, and now its The CW's turn. Did the network's seemingly endless supply of actors who look like underwear models succeed in wooing us? That's exactly what we're here to discuss. 

First thing first: Here's The CW's 2014-2015 fall schedule.

And here are the trailers for two of the series' four new shows, The Flash and Jane the Virgin. The network hasn't yet released trailers for midseason shows iZombie and The Messengers

Now let's break down the good, the bad, and the ugly. 


As the fifth-place network and a longstanding reputation as the baby cousin of the "big four" broadcast nets, The CW has more to prove than anyone else. And with only 10 hours of original programming a week, it's got to be bold with both its series orders and its scheduling. In 2013-2014, many people expected the network to pair The Originals with its mothership The Vampire Diaries on Thursdays; instead it decided to air the New Orleans-set spin-off at 8pm on Tuesdays as the lead-in to veteran drama Supernatural (which itself moved back to Tuesdays after a couple seasons on Friday nights). The network will deploy a similar strategy in 2014-2015 by pairing Arrow off-shoot The Flash with those still-handsome Winchesters, rather than seating it next to its origin series on Wednesday nights.

At first glance, it may seem strange that The CW would separate the two superhero shows, as they're already planning future crossovers and will almost certainly share an audience. But keeping them apart spreads the wealth throughout the week; Arrow fans are likely to watch the Barry Allen spin-off no matter when it airs, and airing The Flash and Arrow on different evenings gives The Flash a much better chance of drawing viewers who aren't even aware of Oliver Queen (apparently they do indeed exist!).

Plus, Supernatural is heading into its tenth season without showing any signs of stopping. When it was paired with the Mikaelson siblings in 2013-2014, the combo earned the network some of its highest-rated Tuesday nights in years. So the Winchesters' incredibly loyal (and vocal!) fanbase makes Supernatural the perfect show to help launch like-minded newbies. While I wouldn't, for instance, schedule the lovable rom-com Hart of Dixie alongside the demon-hunting bros, The Flash is a perfectly good match for them.

Finally, moving The Originals to Monday to kick off the week signals that The CW is confident in the show's ability to succeed on its own, without any help from the Winchesters or the Salvatores. Come fall, Klaus and his crew will find themselves facing off against Fox's Gotham; the competition will be tough, but since they've already proven that they're every bit as worthy of our love and adoration as the show from whence they came (which hasn't even been very good lately), I have a feeling they'll do just fine.


I strongly believe The CW made a mistake in holding Rob Thomas's iZombie until the midseason, and until I hear a good reason for doing so, I'm going to go ahead and blame Tim because he included Jane the Virgin on his list of 15 pilots he hoped would get picked up based on the ridiculous premise of a woman being artificially inseminated by accident. 

Thanks to some top-secret sources, I can personally confirm that the iZombie pilot script is very strong, with Thomas's trademark wit and humor throughout. And given all the buzz surrounding Thomas after the launch of his Kickstarted Veronica Mars film earlier this year, I absolutely expected The CW to try to capitalize on that by debuting iZombie in the fall. I get the feeling that Marshmallows are exactly the type of viewers who will appreciate the drama, which mixes humor, mystery, and supernatural. 

At the very least, iZombie would've been a better Monday-night bedmate for The OriginalsI have no idea why The CW paired the TVD spin-off with Jane the Virgin—especially since, if it'd matched The Originals with iZombie in the fall, it could've aligned Jane with the currently-held-for-midseason Hart of Dixie in the spring.


The fact that The CW renewed Beauty and the Beast for Season 3 isn't just ridiculous, it's insulting to the CW shows that ended up canceled. Sometimes a low-rated series can eke out extra season if its storytelling is strong enough, but BATB not only didn't have the ratings to warrant renewal, it didn't have the quality. It's supremely frustrating knowing that BATB will live on while The Carrie Diaries—a quality series with solid performances by AnnaSophia Robb, Brendan Dooling, and Freema Agyeman—was cut down after two seasons. I don't know what CW president Mark Pedowitz was smoking when he made the decision to keep BATB and dump Carrie, but if it made BATB look good then I want some, because that sh*t is magical.

Best-looking New CW Series: The Flash

All you need is five minutes to watch this extended trailer to see that the network has a very flashy (sorry, I had to) new hit on its hands. 

Worst-looking New CW Series: Jane the Virgin

To be fair, the network only has four new series on the way, and we've only seen trailers for two of them, but something's getting the "worst-looking" label and it sure ain't The Flash. Adapted from a telenovela, Jane the Virgin is about a virgin who gets accidentally artificially inseminated. UM, HI, WHY IS SHE NOT SUING THIS DOCTOR?

How do your first impressions of The CW's new schedule and shows match up to mine? 

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  • gdg07172004 Feb 14, 2015

    Love The Flash & Beauty and The Beast

  • chelseaboggess Jan 24, 2015

    CW is my favorite channel, so glad they has Beauty and the Beast...I need to catch up on it though! The originals and the vampire diaries also amazing just saying!

  • DrXabregas Oct 10, 2014

    yes beauty and the beast is solid, go away with your critics, love kristin kreuk ;)

    I agree with jane the virgin, without even watch or see any poster i knew it will be crap...

  • BelalHocane1 Sep 28, 2014

    what's wrong with u man, batb iz a terrific show
    they really shouldn't have cancelled tomorrow people and starcrossed
    also miss nikita and the secret circle
    but can't believe that awful crap hart of Dixie survived till 4th seazon while these got cancelled at least the final season gonna have 10 ep
    love the arrow, flash, tvd, reign, oririginalz but supernatural iz deteriorating gradually its spinoff bloodlinez was mindbloeing it's a shame it didn't get pickedup, waiting for izombie hope that it's gonna be better as its a cw show, btw hated that walking dead

  • DrXabregas Oct 10, 2014

    if they wont cancelled tomorrow people and starcrossed we probably wont have The Flash and The 100. We got better :)

  • melwarne Jun 23, 2014

    I cant wait for the Flash to start up. Hope he gets back together with Felicity.
    Miss The Tomorrow People and sooo glad about Beauty and the Beast :)

  • MaschaC91 Jun 08, 2014

    Whooo, Arrow in The Flash :) *hoping for some more cross-overs*
    Really looking forward to The Flash, and the third season of Arrow!
    The 100 is also okay, but the rest of the shows on The CW... Mweh. Used to watch Vampire Diaries, but that got boring.

  • andreabranagh Jun 04, 2014

    Am I the only one focused on the fact that in the picture above, 'The Bad' Damon is wearing an Evil Abed goatee?... I miss Community.

  • dh4645 Jun 03, 2014

    Now that Nikita is gone, I only watch Supernatural on the CW and that should have ended a few seasons ago.

  • LeahLefler May 20, 2014

    still pissed about The Tomorrow People.

  • B-a-n-e May 19, 2014

    Kill BATB and bring back the Secret Circle. Just saying.

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