The Flash: Here's Your First Look at the Speedy Superhero in Action! (VIDEO)

By Kaitlin Thomas

May 15, 2014

The CW has released the first teaser for The Flash, its new Arrow off-shoot starring Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. The series was officially given the go-ahead last week, but that was only a formality—the series was pretty much guaranteed a spot on The CW's fall schedule from the very moment Gustin's character was introduced in a two-episode arc on Arrow earlier this season. And I'm going to be so bold as to say it was probably guaranteed even before that. 

Anyway, take a gander at the new teaser, which features Arrow's Stephen Amell and his facial hair shooting an arrow at a target. Given that the Flash is known for his speed, you can probably guess what happens next, but press play anyway! 

Is it too early to say this is my new favorite show?

Will you be watching The Flash

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  • Dollzz May 27, 2014

    I knew it!
    Have been waiting for barry to come out of his coma and be some kind of hero on Arrow. I hope seeing no felicity meens she ends up with and other hero she likes ;)

  • lifeofpi May 16, 2014

    DC fans rejoice (me included). Great times ahead Gotham, The Flash, Arrow Season 3. Yesssssssss

    Expecting Gotham and Flash to pass the 4 episode test, the trailers look great.

  • Gully_Foyle May 16, 2014

    I loved the outfit Barry had on at the Ferris testing grounds. Well the outfit was awful but it did have a certain Jesse Chambers\Jesse Quick flavour to it.

    (but as the insert image doesn't insert anything you'll have to settle for a link)

  • BereniceAndrea May 15, 2014


  • darkitp May 15, 2014

    Extended Trailer

  • amitojj May 15, 2014


  • DavidDrummond2 May 15, 2014

    Here is an extended trailer for Flash.

  • DavidDrummond2 May 15, 2014

    The trailer has me even more interested now.

  • StefaniaCryn May 15, 2014

    MORE MORE MORE! more superheroes series pls :)

  • cmb3 May 15, 2014

    I understand why the CW wanted the Flash to be a spin-off of an already successful and established show like Arrow, but I also think it will also limit the show's potential. I've never seen Arrow, as I think it looks awful(just my opinion), so I won't bother giving Flash a chance. I'm a big Flash fan, and I've wanted to see the Scarlet Speedster on tv/film for a long time, but not like this. He deserves so much better than what an Arrow, CW produced spin-off can deliver.

  • JasonMelvil May 15, 2014

    Personally I'm predicting this to be one of the biggest flops of next year.
    I'm sorry, but I can't look at that trailer without laughing on how silly that costume looks.

    Superhero costumes just don't look that good in real life. Even the big block busters movies have huge problems making them look decent.

    Buffy, Heroes, Alphas, The Tomorrow People etc. All of those shows made their hero wear ordinary cloths and they worked that much better for it.
    Arrow\Cape were borderline so they got away with it.

    Heck, compare Smallville to any of the other Superman shows...

    This looks like something from a kids shows power ranger style.

  • Gislef May 15, 2014

    I don't think we know enough to make an informed decision on how it will turn out. Hopefully more info will come out, but as I've mentioned before, I'm curious to know what the show is _about_. If it's Barry vs. non-powered villains like Deadshot and Bronze Tiger, no thanks.

    Unless it's a heavy tie-in with the comics (do we expect any less from Geoff Johns, who wrote the Flash comics for awhile?), and we get well-rounded villains like Captain Cold and Mirror Master and Heat Wave and Weather Wizard.

    Otherwise we're going into Smallville freak-of-the-week (weak?) territory. I'm not sure I want to see that, either.

  • amitojj May 15, 2014

    Big Bad who killed barry's mom in extended trailer is Professor Zoom. and weather wizard is in the pilot episode.

  • flashofcentralcity Jun 04, 2014

    are completely right Dr zoom has yellow in red instead of red and yellow so true

  • DavidDrummond2 May 15, 2014

    Well the new extended trailer definitely shows super powered villains. AS for the hero of the "weak" I agree with you there and some of that is to be expected. Let's hope they establish a big bad early in the season. Arrow's first season was a lot of villian of the week territory but it's second season was great becawse a few notable villians from the comics had season long arches.

  • DavidDrummond2 May 15, 2014

    You should probably give it a chance before writing it off. Arrow was a pleasant surprise to me.

  • Zelli42 May 15, 2014

    I actually stopped watching Arrow somewhere in season 1, but the second half of the second season... it is amazing. The only show that kept me interested this year aside from Game of Thrones.
    It gets very "realistically dark". It is the second best intertwining of "normal" characters and their respective heroes identities there is, imo anyway. Kind of like in X-men: First Class(which is my first).
    Completely different from season 1, you are missing out.

  • Gislef May 15, 2014

    Alternately, the 90s Flash series is on DVD and probably on the Internet somewhere.

  • Gislef May 15, 2014

    That said, I'm not sure the 90s series really gives the Flash what he deserves. I'm not sure any live-action series could.

    The less said about the Flash in the live-action Justice League pilot movie, the better. ;) Although I have a review of it floating around somewhere.

  • Daniel-Jackson May 15, 2014

    You should really give Arrow a chance. Sure it is more real-world-based than comic-based (much like The Dark Knight), so it's not as flashy but also not as campy as Smallville for example.

  • dark7angel May 15, 2014

    Looking good!!!

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