The Flintstones

Fred Flintstone Woos Again

Season 2, Ep 5, Aired 10/13/61
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  • Episode Description
  • Needled by Wilma about his lack of romanticism, Fred takes his wife on a second honeymoon to Rock Mountain Inn, accompanied by the Rubbles. When the Flintstones learn that the official, Judge Wedrock, who married them was never licensed, Wilma takes advantage of the situation by making Fred court her all over again.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Alan Reed

    (voice) Fred Flintstone

  • Bea Benaderet

    (voice) Betty Rubble

  • Jean Vander Pyl

    (voice) Wilma Flintstone

  • Jack Raymond

  • William Hanna

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (7)

    • Fred: Well, there it is, Wilma. The old Rock Mountain Inn. Hasn't changed a bit, has it? Wilma: (giggles) Ah, I wonder if the desk clerk will remember us. Fred: After 15 years? Nah. (Later) Desk Clerk: Well, it's you again! How do you do, Mrs. Flintstone? You look exactly like you did, eh, about 15 years ago, wasn't it? Wilma: (giggles) That's right, and thank you for the compliment. Desk Clerk: Yes. But who's the fat guy with you? I don't remember him. Fred: Fat guy? Why, you... I'm Fred Flintstone, her husband. Desk Clerk: Indeed. My, my. Well, Mr. Flintstone, you look like you've been living off the... (chuckles) fat of the land for 15 years. Fred: One more crack like that, and you'll be living with a fat lip.

    • Wilma: (reading) "Justice of the Peace and Coffee Shop." Barney: (reading) "2nd Ceremony and 2nd Cup Free." Fred: Coffee must be to keep you awake during the ceremony.

    • Betty: Wilma says if Fred wants to marry her, he can prove it by acting like any man who's in love with her. Fred: Well, I ain't any man. Betty: That's what Wilma says. Fred: I'm her husband. Betty: Wilma says she can prove that you're not. Fred: Wilma says this. Wilma says that. What about what Fred says? Betty: Wilma says I shouldn't pay any attention to that.

    • Fred: (on the phone) Hello, Wilma? Wilma: Yes? Who is this? Fred: Oh, come on! You know who this is! Wilma: Your voice sounds familiar. Is it Tom? Dick? Marvin? Fred: No, it isn't Tom, Dick, Marvin. It's Fred! Wilma: Fred... do I know a Fred? Oh, you must be Fred Flintstone. Fred: (hangs up) That does it! I ain't going through with it!

    • Fred: What happened, Barney? Why have I got this brontosaurus steak on my face? Where am I? Barney: Uh, in answer to your question, Fred, one: you got clobbered. Two: you got a black eye. And three: you're in my house. How do you feel, Fred? Fred: Awful. How do I look? Barney: Awful.

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    Notes (1)

    • This episode was recorded on 2-7-61.

    Trivia (2)

    • This time the Flintstones have been married 15 years! Two episodes ago it was for 13 years! They were married by a justice of the peace and they spent their honeymoon at Rock Mountain Inn.

    • Fred buys flowers and candy from the Rockville Confectionary Parlor.

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