The Flintstones

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Quotes (303)

  • (Barney flies by upside down in his invention) Barney: Look, Freddie, the hard way. No hands. Fred: And no brains, either.

  • Fred: Barney! Barney: Hiya, Fred, neighbor-pal. Fred: What are you supposed to be doing besides annoying me on my day off? Barney: Practicing golf. Watch this. Fore! (swings and misses the ball) Fred: One more "fore" outta you and I'll give you what for.

  • Fred: Oh, Honey? Wilma: Yes, Fred? Fred: Did you see the Sunday paper? Wilma: No, Fred, it hasn't come yet. Paperboy: Oh, mr. Flintstone. Here's your paper. Catch! (throws paper which is actually stone knocking Fred to the floor) Wilma: Did you get your paper, dear? Fred: (straining) Yeah, and I'm lucky it only comes once a week.

  • Fred: You gotta help us. There were two girls after us and they won't leave us alone. Hot Lips: Okay, Fred, you beat it. I'll sidetrack them. It's crazy, but I'm an idol around here. When Hot Lips talks to them, the forget everybody else. Wilma in disguise: Wait for us, Big Daddy. Fred: Uh oh, here they come. (Fred and Barney run off as Wilma and Betty, in disguise, run into Hot Lips) Hot Lips: Scoodily-wow-wow-wa, contact. (gets hit in the head by Wilma) Wilma: There's some contact for you, you old goat face. Hot Lips: Every once in a while, a moment of truth.

  • Wilma: Take that sea lion voice of yours out of this house! Out, out, OUT!

  • Barney: Could be, Fred, could be!

  • Fred: There's one thing that bothers me Barney. Barney: What's that, Fred? Fred: Well, We're all supposed to do a solo act, right? Barney: Right. Fred: And every year I get up and sing, right? Barney: If you wanna call it that. Fred: Well this year I'd like to do something different. Barney: Well, you singin' is different, Fred! Fred: (sarcastically) Funny. Very funny.

  • Hot Lips Hannigan: I got a square,from way back there who's gonna belt one out for you...Freddy Flintstone,the golden smooog.And on the drums,Barney give us trouble. Male teenager: Oh brother, Someone must've left the gate open at the Old Folks Home. Female teenager: Yeah strictly Prehistoric.

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Notes (235)

  • This was a "demo reel", prepared by Hanna-Barbera in the winter of 1960, to sell the series to prospective advertisers and their agencies. Two of them- Miles Laboratories {Alka-Seltzer, One-A-Day} and R.J. Reynolds {Winston}- were impressed enough with the sample film to sponsor "THE FLINTSTONES" in the fall of 1960 on ABC. However, even though this was filmed in color {as all the episodes were}, ABC telecast the series in black and white during its first two seasons because they didn't have color broadcasting facilities at the time.

  • This episode was recorded on 4-2-60.

  • "The Flintstone Theme: Rise and Shine" was done by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. (AKA: Hanna Barbera)

  • The animation was redrawn and redone for Season 1's "The Swimming Pool". And this pilot can be seen on The Flintstones Season 1 DVD.

  • This episode was recorded on 5-2-60.

  • This episode was recorded on 4-1-60.

  • ''The Swimming Pool" was the pilot that sold the show, but since Fred and Barney fought a lot on that one, ABC didn't want that to be America's introduction to the characters, so The Flintstone Flyer was shown instead and moved "The Swimming Pool" to the third week.

  • Daws Butler has also been credited as the voice of the second policeman.

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Trivia (433)

  • This episode is possibly the only time we see Betty without her trademark blue ribbons in her hair. Instead she wears a white bone in her hair.

  • Throughout the show's run The Flintstone's address was known as 301 Cobblestone Way, 301 Cobblestone Lane, and 345 Stonecave Road.

  • The Bedrock currency is clams.

  • Steve Byrd is quoted as saying, "By the time Pebbles was born in 1963, the Flintstones were no longer pitching Winstons... they were selling Motorolas and Welch's grape juice. No way would Winstons have sponsored a cartoon sitcom with a baby character."

  • Though this show was on at 8:30 PM, it had a large audience of children. This did not stop the sponsors for tobacco or beer from advertising during the commercial breaks.

  • Cartoon characters have been selling cigarettes for decades on television. During the original network run of The Flintstones, it was sponsored by Winstons. You could watch the main characters smoking Winstons at the end of the show.

  • List of tools that the Flintstones used in most of the episodes. Bird Airplane: Bird Alarm Clock: Bird Automatic Door Opener: Bird Broom: Bird Camera: Bird Car Horn: Bird Clothes Pins: Bird Crocheting Needles: Bird Fire Starter: Bird Hedge Clipper: Bird Intercom: Bird Letter Opener: Bird Pen: Bird Pie Maker: Bird Rake: Bird Record Player: Bird Sewing Machine: Bird Whistle: Bumblebee Razor: Cat Broom: Crab Lawnmower: Cuckoo Clock Alarm: Dinosaur Automatic Ball Pitcher: Dinosaur Crane: Dinosaur Drawbridge: Dinosaur Elevator Lift: Dinosaur Mower: Dinosaur Time Clock: Dragon Toaster: Elephant Gas Pump: Mammoth Shower: Mastodon Vacuum: Monkey Lights:Monkey Traffic Signal: Octopus Dishwasher: Pelican Garbage Can: Pelican Mailbox: Pig Garbage Disposal: Porcupine Hairbrush: Porcupine Scrub Brush: Porcupine Sewing Needles: Rabbit TV Antenna: Stegosaurus Food Processor: Swordfish Knife: Triceratops Juicer: Turtle Car Jack: Turtle Checkers Table: Turtle Clothes Iron: Turtle Shopping Cart: Turtle Drum: Turtle Wagon.

  • The year at start was 1,000,040 B.C.

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Allusions (84)

  • This episode appears to be a variation of Laurel & Hardy's 1931 film Be Big.

  • Fred's nickname, "The Golden Smog," is a parody of Mel Torme, who's known as "The Velvet Fog."

  • Gravel Beach Golf Course Direct reference to the famous PGA golf course, Pebble Beach Golf.

  • Gary Granite & Rock Pile Funny reference to popular actors of the day Cary Grant & Rock Hudson.

  • The part where Fred and Barney make up a story to Wilma about Fred being mugged is quite like the I Love Lucy episode titled "Lucy Cries Wolf", where Lucy phones Ricky and the Mertzes,telling them that she is being attacked.

  • The music at the picnic, is, of course, the "Colonel Bogey March" from The Bridge on the River Kwai.

  • Only in this episode Dino has a speaking voice and mannerisms reminiscent of Phil Silvers' Sergeant Bilko.

  • This episode appears to be a variation of Laurel and Hardy's classic 1932 film The Music Box.

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