The Flying Nun

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    Inside story on the Flying Nun.

    By BucksDaughter, Mar 05, 2009

    I faithfully watched this show, and still do if I catch it on TV.

    My Dad, Buck Smith, was the crane operator who "flew" Sally Field's stunt woman. Dad told me the stunt woman was pregnant, so they called her the "pregnant nun." LOL He also told me that often his crane would be set up outside the walls of the convent set, and he would have to fly the stunt woman inside the perimeter of the convent. Unfortunately, once she smashed into the wall! He said he felt really bad about it, but he honestly couldn't see her. It was an entertaining and enjoyable show... whether Dad was involved or not! Sally Field was so endearing and drew you into her antics! She was and is still a beauty. I would recommend this show to anyone who loves Sally Field and has a sense of humor .moreless

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