The Flying Nun

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Quotes (3)

  • (Sister Bertrille roller skates away) Bishop Dillion: Does she always use that method of transportation? Reverend Mother: I wish she did.

  • Sister Jaqueline: Shouldn't you tell Irving that visiting hours are over at 7?

  • During their time stranded on the island Sister Bertrille tries to councel Carlos about his playboy ways. Sister Bertrille: Carlos, there's a saying: "The truth bugs." Carlos: (Correcting her) The truth hurts. Sister Bertrille: (Triumphant) I'll bet it does!

Notes (16)

  • Vito Scotti played the role of Captain Domenic Lopez in this pilot episode but for the rest of the series he played Captain Fomento.

  • The first episode has a different opening sequence than the rest of the series. It comes after an introduction instead of coming at the very beginning, the music is a little slower and less lively, and it shows Sister Bertrille, Sister Sixto and Sister Jaqueline walking to the convent instead of showing Sister Bertrille flying.

  • The first episode is actually an hour long instead of the typical half-hour.

  • The series, and particularly this two-part episode, was based on the book The Fifteenth Pelican by Tere RĂ­os.

  • The theme song lyrics are sung at the end of the episode while scenes of Bertrille flying are seen. They are: You don't need wings to fly Tiptoe through the sky As long as you got heaven by You don't need wings to fly

  • Jean-Michel Michenaud was credited as Gerald Michenaud.

  • In this episode, we find out that Sister Bertrille comes from a family of doctors and that she is the only one not to take up the "family business".

  • Sister Bertrille's home movie is actually clips from the tv series, Gidget.

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Trivia (10)

  • The song the band is playing at Carlos's discotheque is an instrumental version of the Monkees song "Your Auntie Grizelda."

  • Carlos keeps quoting a poet about little capers can grow . . . The quote that Carlos is really saying translates to "My aunt's pen is in the house." This is brought forward by Al at the end when he says reacts to Carlos' quote with a reference to "the pen of my aunt".

  • Running suitcase gag? This episode seemed to edit out at least one gag that ran through the episode. 1) Brother Paul offers to carry Mother Placido's suitcase to the car. She drives away & it's still in his hand -- yet the editing ends the scene without noting this. 2) Brother Paul is going to leave and Sister Bertrille talks him out of it, he leaves his suitcase as he walks away and she has to point it out to him. 3) In Brother Paul's final scene, he walks into Mother Placido's office with his suitcase and then leaves without it. Again, it isn't pointed out, but Sister Bertrille trips over it and falls into the table. You can see the suitcase on the floor.

  • In the pool scene, it's the first and only time we see Sister Bertrille and Sister Jacqueline not wearing their nun outfits.

  • In this episode we learn that Sister Bertrille got her inspiration to become a nun from her aunt who was a missionary.

  • Captain Fomento trips on a skateboard. Up close it is yellow, but from a distance it is red.

  • We learn that the Reverend Mother's first name is Lydia.

  • While playing Monopoly, Sr. Bertrille jokes when she receives a Get Out of Jail Free card.

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